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What is a thrift shop?

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eww its a resale shop never ever been to one dont plan on it

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wot like a charity shop

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some are like charity shops, and others are kind of like pawn shops. Bring stuff in and price it (st.vincent de pauls) just donate it (goodwill/salvation army). Bring stuff in and they'll pay you money for it, that is a real thrift shop. A thrift shop will then sell the stuff that you brought in and sold to them for more than they paid you for it. Go into one sometime... actually, go into several, and check them out.

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lol a thrift shop is like a store were you get old cloths or vintage shoes or toys etc everything expt food and most people think its gross bcawz its like getting hand-me-downs from someone you dont know but think of it this way if you ever go in a thrift store "one mans trash is another mans treasure'' lol I hope it helped if it didnt email me and mabey I can explain another way :)


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no and yes have yu heard of or been to goodwill or the salvation army???

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