What are your first thoughts when you think of a country, particularly Scotland?

Answer #1

Men in kilts, well I think I have the right country for that lol

Answer #2

The Lock Nes Monster, Kilts, Higland Games, Great myths and legends, Fairies

Answer #3

It sound intersting, I want to go there.

Answer #4

Men in kilts, trumpets, cold, snow, Ireland!

Answer #5

skirts and red hair

Answer #6

gorgeous women, whisky and nessie and thats it…. oh and my mates dead parents.

ive got pics from when i was a kid on loch ness wearing a parker.

oh and that plank braveheart geeza

Answer #7

And bagpipes

Answer #8


Answer #9

My neighbors are Scottish and they are really lovely people. I love their accents, and the country looks stunning, but a little cold :) Those are my first thoughts, but pretty much what everyone else said are my thoughts also.

Answer #10

kilts..pipers..hilanders.. Beautiful lakess.. The big lake monster:).. Legends..

Answer #11

glosgow rangers and celtic and kenny miller

Answer #12

no underwear wearing men in Kilts xD

Red hair Lockness, and instead of yes they say AYE xD sorry if its steriotypical but it aint that bad a steriotypes….and the HIGHLAND GAMES :D

Answer #13

(a) Best drink ever invented : Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky;

(b) 2nd 3rd 4th …. etc. best drinks various other Scottish Single Malt Whiskies;

(c) Definitely the best landscape scenery anywhere in the UK, possibly the best in the world;

(d) Friendly generous people (despite reputation for “thriftiness”;

(e) Best Football Managers anywhere ever (Ferguson; Busby; Shankly)

(f) Some of the best footballers ever including Denis Law & Kenny Dalgliesh et al.;

(g) Gloriously rousing Bagpipe Music;

(h) Robbie Burns Haggis neaps and tatties;

(i) The Great McGonagall.

Oh, the list goes on and on. If I wasn’t English I can’t imagine a better nationality to be than Scottish.

– Slàinte Mhath - McMajikthise.

Answer #14

I went to Scotland two years ago, so I remember Edinburgh (a beautiful city), the random men playing bagpipes on the street, their high-end sense of fashion, their playful bickering with our English tour guide and their beautiful accents that I secretly wish I had. I love Scotland :)

Answer #15

also, craig ferguson.

Answer #16

Kilts, sporrans, bagpipes, the highland fling, whisky, Loch Ness, tossing the caber, Burns night :) there are lots of things that are typically Scottish.

Answer #17

Scotland Yards

Answer #18

You forgot the “The Big Yin”, Hogmanay and Uphellyaa! Then the Festival of Fire (Beltane) is coming up at the end of April!

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