Itch when I get off my period

Every time I get off my period… I itch… badly…

is this normal? or bad?

my mum says thats weird and she doesnt know why…

Answer #1

patience young lady lol! I’ll message you my hotmail number…however I am rarely online on it, I generally just dip in to get my mail…

in fact I am seriously thinking of blocking funadvise - I am getting so so distracted by it! it’s a bit compelling lol!

Answer #2


hey do you have msn? or yahoo? this takes too long


Answer #3

Health Care here sucks…

no one can afford anything…

but Michigan needs nurses. so if you plan on coming to the states. Michigan would be a good place to go. good weather. lots of snow in the winter… really nice… plus we’re forgotten… not too much crime… everythings good here… cept the economy…

Answer #4

I just… dont like docters… or nurses

they scare me

dentists too

they just scare the crap outa me

which is why I can get my cavities filled, or get my shots… (mainly because I have a fear of needles)

I just dont like em

Answer #5

you should come to britain to do your nursing, actually I am not sure if you have to be part of the EU???

but british nurses are accepted everywhere…the amoun tof nurses that train now, and move abroad is stupid. but the pay here is poo and the cost of living is stupid. seriously, my mortgage is like £1000 a month! thats just for the house! plus all bills / coubcil tac etc

so I can’t wait to get away from britain, and I love the american attitude, and how they’re so patriotic…I wish britan was more like it, thats why we’re in such a mess too

Answer #6

the economy is just plain bad right now. because no one has money, and were a big car manufacuring state… and if no one has money,. no one can buy cars. so its bad.. til we get more money…

the hospitals are great. the one I know anyways… they just renivated… when I graduate, my mums going to study to be a nurse. so we can both be in college like… because I graduate in 3 years…

within the next few years. things should get better, with a new president and all.. I hope

Answer #7

oh my god, thats only about 2 hours from me! I say to hours, I could drive to the completly other side of the country through to scotland and it would only take 9 hours lol!

and I know, but americans don’t seem to accept people in their country as freely as uk..

my husband was in the army, and we wern’t even allowed to fly the england flag “ because it might offend people not from UK” I MEAN WTH?

Answer #8

you know what, I was actually gong to come there! I met a guy in a petrol station from there, he was in a wheelchair, and I stopped him to tell him how sexy his accent was - and he came from there…he said it was lovely…I do need sun though lol! and snows great - kids would love it…

whats with the economy there? whats the hospitals like? do you have specialist centres there?

ummm I think I may ask where to nurse as a question later lol!

Answer #9

No discharge… I cant wear tampons, they hurt, just pads… and within a day when I stop.. it just itches and burns and is dry… I just want it to stop

and I cant go to a doc. im shy. thats why I cant go on birth control (just to make periods shorter, no sex for me anyways, im stopping ^_^)

Answer #10


Im on here more than I am Myspace now…

the only reason I even know about it is because I googled “how to make your eyes look asian” and some one asked it here, and it was on google… and I thought it looked cool


Answer #11

not all of us are patriotic… I for one hate this country


I want to live in England… I mean.. I had a long distance relationship with a guy there for almost a year… tikl he couldnt take being so far from me anymore…

he lived in Salisbury… -sigh- what I would give to be with that guy again

Answer #12

ok, do you have any discharge? like white creamy discharge? it could be thrush…very common after or before periods because of the change in hormones.

either that, or, do you wear towels or tampons? try another brand iff needed…

but if it’s just an itch check it with your doc. although I think the hormones may play a part in it. I used to get thrush when I was due on, not after. but after a few years it went away. was a complete pain in the meantime though! <:O(

Answer #13

and no, not everyone gets it. so someone who never had it may think it wierd..but really for me anyway, it wasn’t.

oh, in addition, thrush discharge doens’t necassarilty means thres loads of it, most of it is internal. if it is thrush btw, you can but canesten or natural live youghurt helps (although I never did that, it just seemed wrong to put yoghurt in my pants lol!)

but canesten duo is a tablet and a cream, you can normally get it free from your doc if you are under 16 or 19 if your in full time education, if not, it’s about £7 from the chemist - but always read the label!

Answer #14

you know, you can’t go through you’re whole life with this fear. one day you are going to have to have something to do with them.

we don’t bite REALLY! what is it about them then? and you really must get your shots done (I’m sure the term ‘shots’ can make them sound anymore endearing lol!) lets say, vaccinations…yeah?

I totally relate to the dentist thing, I have to be sedated when I get a filling! and when I started my training, I put of having my hep b vaccine for nearly a year! and you know what, it actually wasn’t that bad - really!

ok, how about the pharmacist? they will normally recomend seeing a doctor. but you will need smear tests soon and you will need a nurse when you have children. don’t put yourself through any more pain.

they don’t even have to do anything! you can literally go in there and say “I haven’t been to the doctors since I was able to have a choice, so doctor, please be patient with me, this is a genuine phobia”

you really have to bite the bullet hunny, if you ever get a serious problem, it will be your biggest regret not being seen sooner…

pleeease! :D

Answer #15

oh darling. no wonder you don’t like the doctors!

it’s a bit cr4p really. I don’t know what to say. in the UK I guess we take it for granted the health care…its so apparent the injustice of it.

listen, next time you itch, try the canesten duo just before your period stops, it’ll have the cream as I say, but if it is mild thrush, then taking the tablet just befor it starts on the first day it starts might be worth a go.

I was thinking of coming over to the states to do nursing in about 3 years (I want to go to saudi first - moucha pennies!) but I would love to settle in the states…

I’m not sureif I would feel comfortable with the lack of freedom with treating people though. for a country so advanced, I can’t believe their healthcare system is so unfair…

Answer #16


ill talk to my mum about it…

it happens every time for a few days…

I just use anti-itch cream and it stops… til it wears off, and I use more…

we dont have money to go to the docs much…

if we did, id have surgery done on my hips years ago so I can walk without pain,

despite my parents have known I’ve had hip problems since I was born. but the doc said I’d grow out of it. but I havent.

its only gotten worse, and now when I walk. my hip clicks, and moves like 2 inches around the socket… and it really hurts… but we dont have the money for anything

Answer #17

hun, I’m a nurse and I can assure you there is NOTHING to worry about. the doctors see this all the time, it is unlikely he will require you to have an examination, normally the symptoms will tell him. if not, then you can request a female doctor.

nurses do the smears, and it may be necassary to have a ‘sample’ taken, if so, please don’t suffer for the sake of speaking to people who are used to it. I know it’s no consolation but trust me, I catherterise people whose procedures are far more invasive than a simple ‘cotton bud’ sample - honestly.

and as I say, the discharge is often internal and it itches, and I mean itches like you want to scratch the skin off!

pleeease see your doctor or a nurse, as I say, there is NO need to be shy.

what puts you off about docs?

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