This is just to say...

Well I love this site and helping people, but so far the only thing that’s happened since I began was that one person has constantly been rude and really depressed me, so instead of helping this site has brought me back down to my days when I hated myself just for living. I have some requests from friends that I have to do, but after that I probably won’t get on this site anymore. I just wanted to say goodbye, and is it just me, or is it ridiculous how they allow EVERYONE to get an account even if they don’t plan on helping anyone?

Answer #1

Have you reported the person? Thedude and I read every abuse report. If you haven’t even reported them, how can we help you?

Answer #2

p.s. I hope that you dont leave, though, and that the advisors can help you.

Answer #3

tell (the dude ) about this person and he will definitely do something about it

Answer #4

Carjon, even though I just practically met you (lol), I want to say that this is horrible. Did this person like send you rude fun mail?

 I agree that it's stupid how people create accounts and help no one. they just be rude and stupid. 
 did you try to report this person to one of the advisors? cause they shud do something, not just stand by and look pretty (no offesne to advisors intended).     
 if the best thing for you is to leave this site to resolve the depression this person had inflicted on you, I suggest that if that's what you want to do, you should. anything for your mental well-being. 

This person is a jerk, I hope I dont know him/her.

good luck and take care.=D

Answer #5

Very sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience on the site.

Did you report the mean person? Did you block them ? there is a “block” link on member profiles when you view them…then, they can’t contact you via fun mail comment on you photos, etc.

And…if you did report them, did you follow up with us at all?

Very sorry you’ve had a bad time, I’d like to say we review everything, but we simply can’t…the site is too active to do that. However, we read every single abuse report, every complaint, etc, and take them all seriously.


Jeremy, aka, thedude, Co-founder, FunAdvice

Answer #6

Don’t let someone bully you out of something that you want to do. REPORT THEM Some people are always going to be ignorant and make fun of other people, that’s how they make themselves feel better. Why let someone like that bother you. Just remember that not everybody out there is like that and there really are people on this site that want to help. So don’t let a few close minded fools stop you.

Good luck and I also hope you stay

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