Third-party harrassment from a Collection Agency.

We have received an average of 2 calls per week from a collection agency over a presumed debt owed by someone who does not live at our home and has never lived in our home. We insist to the caller such, and they reply that they do not believe us. One caller recently called my wife a liar and that they would see us in court.

We have been to the police and have contacted the State Attorney General’s office who have both said we can do nothing without knowing to whom we are to send a written notice to cease and desist.

All we have is a nebulous name, “Organization Divis,” and a phone number, 904-396-6994, from our caller ID, seeming to indicate the call originates from the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Question: how do we get a legal address to which we can write?

Answer #1

anyone ever heard of cca or know of the number 708-342-2405 from IL.?

Answer #2

The next time the agency calls ask for an address and if they give you a hard time, demand to speak to their supervisor.

If they don’t follow through with either then I would say it is fake and that you should have the number blocked as it could be a scam.

Answer #3

Here’s their name and address:

Operation Division 4019 Woodcock Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32207

Good luck getting them!

Answer #4

Hey, I just received a call from the same number. Missed the call, but googled it to see where it originiated. Saw your question and thought I’d let you know what I found out.

Aulden White Constructors 3333 Hendricks Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32207

Don’t know if that will help you, but that’s who has that phone number.

Good luck!!

Answer #5

Based on information found on this is what was found. GC Services Limited Partnership Attn: Tax Dept 6330 Gulfton Houston, TX 77081 Other company names are listed as OLS enterprises, inc, GC Financial corp, ols enterprises, inc and Dls enterprisies, inc. There is also someone that has filed suit against this company. I hope you guys get them.

Answer #6

If you tell them not to call you anymore, it’s against the law for them to call.

Answer #7

Operation Division

4019 Woodcock Dr Jacksonville, FL 32207 try this address, we have been getting the same calls.

Answer #8


   FIRST!!! most people don't realize that collection agencies can do nothing.  I mean NOTHING!!!, All they really are, are barking dogs.  If they threaten they will file it with the credit bureaus, all you have to do is say I'll file a protest,( a letter) It puts in on hold. They can only do this if they have POWER OF ATTORNEY.  In law there is what as known as LEGAL STANDING.  Only the creditor can file suit NOT THE COLLECTION AGENCY.  If they buy the debt -which they never do because they know that it is possible that they might lose.(WHY DID'NT THE CREDITOR FILE A CIVIL ACTION/ LAW SUIT THEMSELVES?.) THE REAL REASON IS ITS NOT WORTH THE EXPENSE.@  You see the reason the creditor  gave it to a collection agency in the first place is because they know that its to timely, and expensive to get a lawyer involved. Collection agencies are after there 33 percent. They really are nothing but scum bags who can do LEGALLY NOTHING!!! 

CAN A COLLECTOR KEEP CALLING YOU IF YOU ASK HIM TO STOP?? NO!!, do they, no, I’ll tell you why. FIRST, IF THEY TALK in a rude tone and like there talking down to you, they are HARRASSING YOU!!! No one can legally yell,scream, be rude, say ugly things about your credit, say you’re credit is bad, your a dead beat etc. YOU SEE!! They do this to get you mad, they say things like, can you give us a post dated check, SAY NO!!, or ask you to borrow it from your friend or family member. The collection agent is trying to get a commission so by getting you mad so to speak, the PSYCHOLOGY is to get them off your back so they hound you hoping you will use money for groceries, electric, mortgage, car payment,insurance,etc. money that is spoken for to pay them and get them off your back.
THIS IS YOUR ANSWER TO GET THEM OFF YOUR BACK!!, you say that you are going FILE A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AGAINST THE COMPANY AND THE AGENT WITH THE STATE ATTORNEY’S OFFICE IN YOUR STATE AND THERES. THEY DON’T WANT COMPLAINTS LIKE THAT. THIS REALLY WORKS, WHY? ITS LEGAL, HARASSMENT IS A CRIME!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THAT. EMAIL ME AT KORIZZONO@GMAIL. COM IF GOOGLE WILL LET YOU! I’M A businessman with a strong legal background in central florida, I know how to help you deal with creditors and collection agencies. I know most people want to pay their bills they just can’t right now. It isn’t their fault the last Adminstration put us in this mess and caused our economy to lose so many jobs. I can help you, simply email me. Its the least I can do to help people while we go thru the crisis.

Answer #9

people just pay your bills and then maybe you wouldn’t have this problem. You want to run up credit card bills and then when it comes time to pay the company all of a sudden you don’t have the money. If that’s the case then don’t apply for the credit card.

Answer #10

i just got a call from the same number looking to get in contact with a neighbor! the guy only gave me his name. i asked for the business name and he said the neighbor will know who he is.

I’m even more suspicios now that i see these two posts here

Answer #11


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