Who thinks we need a word filter that can spell?

The latest word I foudn that doesn’t work is “ther.apy”…the word filter sees it as “ra.pe”….

Answer #1

I think the word filter should just be taken down, honestly. If people want to cuss in their answers, they will. And some of the words that are blocked shouldn’t be. I can understand swearing not being allowed, but that’s about it. Why bother blocking sex words when every other question on here is a sex question? It’s just inconvenient.

Answer #2

I don’t think we need filter. I wrote out a long reply when we first had this change and because it had words that were not allowed, and my answer didn’t get posted. The answer disappeared and I spent all that time replying for nothing. And, well, I basically never swear on here or say bad things. So I was pretty mad!!

I can see why they installed the filter (it makes this place nice and clean), but it’s far from being ready-to-use.

Answer #3

We’re working on it, promise. With the new launch, Ericson and his (small) team have 2948292 things to do…patience :D

Answer #4

I can see the need for the language filter, and while it might be a bit more strict than I think it needs to be, that’s really up to the admins of the site.

But I do have 2 recomendations for changes:

  1. List what words you just used that are not allowed 2)Don’t delete your text you have type, keep it in the text box so you can edit out the unacceptable words.
Answer #5


Answer #6

I agree also.

Answer #7

The main, core reason we have the flag is advertising (sorry).

We don’t show any ads for members, but, for logged out visitors, we do show ads…the main thing we’re trying to do is ensure that a question which generates revenue isn’t hijacked (as they were in the past) with language, etc, that would make it stop generating revenue.

I know it’s taking us a lot longer than I keep thinking that this will be sorted, but it’s very close to the top of the list of our engineering queue.

Answer #8

I keep wondering why we can’t just tell the word filter what words to filter, and leave the rest of the language alone. It took me 25 minutes to figure where it was getting “r.ape” in my answer….

Answer #9

Yes, i agree, this is what we’re working on….

Answer #10

Wouldn’t it just be easier to enter in the list of words that can’t be used, instead of dodging and circ.umventing the entire English language? I mean…ra.pe is not spelled ra.py…

Answer #11

You also can’t use m*urder

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