Who thinks teens actually pay attention when you're giving advice?

Teens feel free to answer this too. Most of the time I dont think I’m being heard. And then one of my teen clients will surprise me weeks later by remembering what I said (or even more shocking, doing what I suggested). So, are you actually paying attention when people give you advice? Or are we just old and out of touch?

Answer #1

Some do, others don’t. It depends on how mature, and appreciative they are. Some teens can be so stubborn, and irrational.

Answer #2

I always pay attention to advice. Mostly from my parents. From strangers, its different. They dont know you, they cant relate half of the time to ur exact story because something will always be different. Teens are stupid, like adults think. Yes, alot of them act stupid. But we have brains and we know our mistakes and at this age if we are really motivated, we are able to fix our mistakes and handle the situation more than most adults.

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woowww lol big type. i meant teens are stupid, like adults think. whoops!

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I think that they listen, but that sometimes they just don’t like doing it or don’t agree with the advice at the time. I mean.. sometimes things are discouraging because they’re hard to do, even though they’re right, you know? That’s the only reason I never accepted advice way back when I was younger.

Answer #6

idk if im “mature” or “irrational” but i pay attention and listen AND take the advise for granted…unless its againsted my religion,or gov…otherwise im all ears=)

Answer #7

oh my lordd….seriously?? arent

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I think sometimes it has to do with how they are raised. Some are spoiled and expect too much from life. Some arent spoiled enough and go wild when they have the chance to pamper themselves.

Answer #10

I know as a teen i would never let an adult know i took their advice - but then i secretly would do what they said because i knew they were right, in most cases. There were times where i thought i was smart enough and wise enough to ignore what was being told to me - hah, and if you know me you know what i put myself through and my story. I definatly should have listened. I unerstand what your saying though, its like the teens on here. Some it seems really get it and value the older generation on the sites opinions and advice, then theres the ones you want to b!tch slap because no matter what you say they dont care or they get mad and start backtalking because you simply told them the truth.

Answer #11

I dont think teens are stupid. I think there’s an invincibility complex, and a ‘I know better than you’ complex. But it’s the age where thinking is still developing. And it’s an age of idealistic thinking. I guess I’m just surprised when I get through.

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lol are u refering to my pathetic typo or ur opinion as an adult? i dont know, alot of adults i meet start getting into convos about how most teens are stupid and irrational. always annoys me

Answer #13

To me it seems that some do listen and take it to heart while others ask questions wanting one specific answer and when they dont get it they get upset and just shut you out. On some level yes they do take in the information but what they choose to do with that varies.

Answer #14

i am going to have to disagree here…first of all i think it is really disrespectful to even mention that “teens can handle a situation better then an adult…”(lack of experience & maturity in many cases)

I am also going to have to disagree to the whole, “strangers dont know us or or can relate to our problem!” I proved to someone on here that me a complete stranger 2x the age just went through the exact situation in a past relationship & i mean to the dot! To say that a complete stranger cant relate to your situation where an actual family member can is completely false…If anything I would have to say it is much easier talking to a stranger that has no motives or intention to waste their breath trying to give you the best advice to their knowledge. They dont even need to know a thing about you to be able to cope with your situation (of course depending on the situation!)

Most adults have been there & done that which is why they are trying to help you or prevent you from going through something they went through…rather then listen, pay more attention to the things they are saying rather then mock them by thinking you (not personally you as in you) know more & causing drama is so unnecessary, Especially when on a site like this one…and most people on here do this for free, not to earn something or get paid for it but just because they genuinely care…(like me for instance) (o,0) please…no one says you have to do as we say but dont mock us…agree to disagree & be less aggressive.. no one here is out intentionally to get you, p!ss you off or put you down…this is a site to help not condemn… If you dont like what advice is given to you ignore it act like they didnt say it…but dont disrespect…no one here owes anyone anything…especially the advisers/admins…they are doing it from the kindness of their hearts…have their own families to deal with their own drama’s & def dont need to log onto here to deal with it as well!

So that is my advice & 2 cents on the matter….thanks in advance to all for reading or not… have a great week! ♥

Answer #15

I dont think anyone is stupid, i think teens/adults all as one equally lack knowledge on handling certain issues at hand that doesnt make anyone stupid…it makes them lack knowledge! just like you cant say all men are *icks….you got some that are & some that arent…same as saying teens or adults…its stereo typing & its a waste of energy by pointing fingers!

Cant we all just agree to disagree on certain issues rather then point fingers?! :P

Answer #16

Really? Because one of my best friends had a growing alchohol addiction and dealt with it better than his own uncle. And the reason i said strangers cant relate to ur situation is becuase they dont feel exactly how you do. They dont have your background, a stranger doesnt know u. But hey whatever.

Answer #17

hahah i like how u think. but if the world thought the same way, i think we would not be suffering as much as we would be now.

Answer #18

lol, no i wouldnt make fun of typos. And yeah, I know many adults feel that way. Which is why I get the ‘you’re crazy’ look when I tell them that teens are my population of interest. I still dont think there’s a more hopeful or adaptable population to work with. Younger kids are a little harder to communicate with.

Answer #19

For me it can depend on the person. If I don’t think they know anything then yeah I won’t listen. But if I trust them and think they are reliable then yes I do listen. I think it all depends on the maturity of that teen. I mean there’s kids that I know who would probably not listen to anything worth a damn

Answer #20

Lol.. lets think of it this way,.. A teenager, about 14 15, hates his parents and any adult figure. He doesnt like the advice they give him, he doesnt pay attention. His parents want him to listen, but he nvr does. Then one day, the whole world changes. Everyone is facing a post apocolyptic world, and half of the population has died. The boy is on his own, no one to take care of him. No one to tell him what to do in the sitaution. He has nowhere to go, no where to sleep. Its a dog eat dog world, and i bet by then he wished he would have listened to his parents and not hated them. Bcuz i find without adults, this world would be crazy. I find without the advantage of having kids that eventually grow into teens, who grow into adults well, the world wouldnt be here. I think without adults, all of the kids would be lost. Which is why i dont ignore advice grown ups give me. and i think thats how everyone should be

Answer #21

It defiantly has to do with bad parenting…

Answer #22

i actuallynwhenever u or anynadvisor gives menanynadvice honestky as adults u guys have more experience then us and i alaways follow ur advice tho… i ususally think tho if the advice ur givin me is stupid or not

Answer #23

I think that it depends on the teen. I took my parents and teacher’s advice almost to the letter, but I wasn’t very popular amongst the kids I went to school with. Some teenagers are mature and can see when they should take advice, but generally teenagers are a bit rebellious and they won’t let anyone know that they took the advice.

Answer #24

I take advice that adults give me :) As long as it’s from an adult that I respect then I’ll take it and follow it. Adults are more experienced than I am and most of the time they’re right so why not? But if the advice they give me doesn’t help me and does more harm than good then eventually I’ll stop listening.

Answer #25

it depends on there atitudei listen :)it just depends somethimes they do sometimes they dont :)

Answer #26

ok I am going to answer this to you in parts…

  1. perhaps your best friend had more will power to deal with his addiction better then his uncle…not all people have the same strength to deal with certain situations…like me for instance…i used to smoke for a long time…and quit cold turkey…but others in my family like my cousin had to get the patch, also tried the gum & then the elec ciggi…not all can deal with certain matters as well as the other…its not an age issue its a will power issue.

  2. the reason why I said that strangers deal with advice better is because they have no hidden agenda behind the advice…its straight fwd to the point not run around & no short cuts…like it or not. you dont need to know anything about a person to be sympathetic to the situation that have been through…has nothing to do with age either…it can be due to personal experiences in life or someone that you know that went through the same situation, so without even knowing anything about a person but hearing their situation, stranger or not, you will get the best advice that person knows how to give you. You may not be able to hear it because sometimes people(strangers)may be a little too direct where as a familiar family member or family friend might sugar coat it us not to hurt your feelings…but that doesnt mean that their advice might be better or worse in depending on the situation at hand & if they have any experience on the particular matter!

Personally I choose a stranger over a family member any day to give me the best advice…straight, no beating around the bush & to the best of their knowledge! Now, with that said, that doesnt mean I dont have any brains, that I cant distinguish if I happen to agree or disagree with that advice…if I will wind up taking that advice for that matter…but I know i got the best advice I could get based on facts only rather then a sympathetic sugar coated answer!

I hope you got the point, I understand what you meant but still think its a lot easier to get advice from a stranger then a friend or family member…all in all! :P

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