Who thinks minimum wage is way too low?

I think it should be more like$10 an hour not $7.25 and I know I have never paid anyone $7.25 an hour. I do not see how you can live on this little of money even if you are single.

Answer #1

Well.. minimum wage here in Ontario is $10.25, so I can’t really complain about that. It used to be $6.85 at some point, which was seriously low. I think that anything under $10 is low, though. Most people can’t survive well with a pay like that, unless they take on two jobs. It should definitely be put to a reasonable level.

Answer #2

Minimum wage here is $8.25.. the average price for a 2 bedroom apartment is between $650-$850… So yeah, I’d say it’s beyond too low. I’d have to work at least 2 jobs just to scrape by if I were living alone. :(

Answer #3

I think it is okay for those who are still living at home, or university, but yes definitely i don’t think i could live on minimum wage, depending on how many hours you work. I think they work on the basis if you are not single, you would have someone else paying aswell, and if you have children you get benefits. None of these are enough to pay for leisure things, just the cheapest food, and the least amount of it for your family. I don’t live in the usa, but it is the same problem over here aswell, i think our minimum wage is the same.. they should make it at least $9 in my opinion

Answer #4

Yes, when I first started working I was making 4.25 an hour, I could have never lived on this, but at the time I lived with my parents and this was almost 20 years ago.

Answer #5

So I am guessing a one bedroom would be about what 450 to 650, and if you made 8.25 and worked no over time you would get about 1300 to 1400 a month before taxes. Say taxes are 100 plus your rent, this leaves you with about 600 for the month, then you have food and utilities that would leave you with about 350. That would really suck.

Answer #6

nah i think minimum wage is pretty good at least here in PA. it used to be 5.15, like 4ish years ago, and now it is 7.25. a $2.10 increase. so i think that is pretty good especially to start off at like a part time job.

Answer #7

oh and when i was getting that, for the short time, i was making like $200 every week but i was working 30-40 hours every week with high school. it isn’t much but for teens i think 7.25 is good

Answer #8

Like simplychallenging, I live in Ontario Canada, so our minimum wage is $10.25. Its not horrible, but you definitely are not gonna be able to afford anything fancy.

The problem I have see over the years, is when mimimum wage gets raised everything goes up in price so the people never really gain anything. : (

Answer #9

I think its alright, 6-7 dollors an hour is a fair amount for me but it’s ok because I’m still at home and have some extra sopport, but if we are talking about with someone who is living on their own and having to pay bills and the hole nine yards, then yes it is a little bit low, you wouls need a bit more than that.

Answer #10

i do some people only get paid 7 or 8 dollars an hour when doing the hardest part of work while some get payed 15 to just sit there

Answer #11

Minimum wage here is NZ $12.50 hr. Which is probably the same amount as you guys. I think in some ways it should be higher, because it’s not just students working for minimum wage. Some adults, with families to support work on minimum wage and quite frankly it isn’t enough. Like, I know they should have gone and studied and earned a degree of some sort or higher education to get a better job, but it’s just not possible for some people. Being brought up in a lower class world would be hard, and there’s very little chance of growing out of it.

Answer #12

True, I know with the people we have at an hourly rate in our spa we start them well above minimum wage, I know I could never afford to live on wage, or even close to minimum wage. I wish I could, then I would be able to retire really early. :)

Answer #13

California minimum wage is 8.00………i cant afford nothin…………….I guess everydollar you make….they raised 1 dollar for the products you want…so it does not mean you are getting what you are paying for……..

Answer #14

California minimum wage is 8.00………i cant afford nothin…………….I guess everydollar you make….they raised 1 dollar for the products you want…so it does not mean you are getting what you are paying for……..

Answer #15

minimum wage in nz is $12.75 which in USD is 9.67 however, we are the highest tax paying country as GST is now 15% from 12.5%, and the tax cuts were only 2%, not even enough to cover the GST increase, and now a survey has shown that the property market is one of the highest in the world…our government is getting too greedy, GST was introduced to take out tax, yet both stayed and increased, my opinion, shoot the lot!

Answer #16

$7.25 in Kentucky…..min wage.

Answer #17

8 dollars in Cali, that would get you a little over a gallon of gas, that really sucks.

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