Who thinks Miley Cyrus is getting a bit out of control?

I do….I don’t think she is a “bad” person, but I think she needs to straighten up and act somewhat decent.

She shows too much skin for her age, she is dancing on poles, she is dirty dancing with like 40 year old men at parties, just a bunch of inappropriate things for her age….Seriously, she isn’t even 18!?

No, I don’t think she should have to represent Disney for the rest of her life, but I think she should act decent! Kids do look up to her, and most of her fans are between the ages of 6 and 16…I mean, they don’t know what to think! One minute she is singing nice songs, as Hannah Montanah…starring in a “kids” TV show…and now, not long after, she is dancing on poles, dirty dancing with older men, and wearing revealing clothes….and she isn’t even 18.

Don’t you think the kids are going to be confused? Maybe even want to be like her? What are your views and opinions?

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me… :p

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me !

Answer #3

Define out of control. I personally don’t give a f*ck about the things she does. It’s her life and her career

Answer #4

No, I dont think kids are going to be confused. Kids are growing with her. When she was young, they were young. Now that she’s older, they are older (and lets give them a little credit for not being completely stupid). She doesnt have the same fan base any more. And very few child stars actually make it out unscathed. It’s not unusual, it’s not new, and it’s been going on for a long time. Apparently without any ill effects on the youth. They said the same thing about Britney Spears, and all her fans made it out just fine. People get overly dramatic about stuff like this. Celebrities have no responsibility to be good role models. Parents have a responsibility to be good role models. If your kid wants to look and do what Miley Cyrus is doing, it’s not her fault, it’s yours.

Answer #5

I cannot stand the b!tch. She is so done, & this shows it, shes doing this to gain attention. She is a worthless person, who cant act or sing. The only reason she got the role of Hannah Montana was because of her dad. Shes as smart as a piece of grass. She looks like a guy :| I made my sister stop liking her, i blocked Hannah Montana from our tvs & i threw everything of her out. She now likes Selena Gomez. I love sexual references, but not with someone who is being looked at by KIDS. Shes overrated & done. die b!tch die.

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Wow Irene you’re harsh when you’re all worked up about a celebrity lol

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Am i? haha :P I just think shes useless, i support celebrities when they support something i believe in, like Lady Gaga supporting equal rights & such. But this thing? no just no haha

Answer #10

Yeah lol but I think you should instead wish death upon more useless people out there like m*rderers or rapists

Answer #11

Oh i do :) i tell everyone “die b!tch die” doesnt mean i want them dead, just gone :P haha

Answer #12

well the pole dancing and dirty dancing or whatever thing is a little weird for her age, but the revealing clothing isnt. we all wear those type of clothing i mean what do u expect? u want her to dress like a nun? and the same thing could apply to britney spears and other celebs i mean this is just a fact of life now. parents will control their child if they start to be like her, but honestly its her life not ours we shouldnt judge. maybe she has something going on in her life, after all i heard her parents are getting divorced. its not our place to call her any names or define her by her actions

Answer #13

seriously whotf? is Miley Cyrus, she only exists if you believe she does.

Answer #14

i do!! she’s an actress for disney, she is a singer for little kids, and these little kids are looking up to her, and she’s pole dancing. thats what i would want my kid to look up to, isnt it?!?! uhmm… no. she’s honestly acting immature, in my personal opinion. she thinks she’s acting more mature, when in fact, she’s not at all. she’s showing her immaturity by doing all these dirty things and then acting like its no big deal if these young people are seeing it and what they will do in view of that. it sickens me to be honest.

Answer #15

Agreed…personally we all forgot how out of control most pop stars are at 17! Christina Aguilera…(started off Disney girl… her genie in a bottle and a few others were the goody too shoes songs till she came out…i cant call all her other songs any better then MC’s new “cant be tamed” video….actually I think its brilliant as well as the song which seems to be catchy….(not a MC fan this is the only song i even cared to hear…nor do i plan on listening to anything she has out there) But another example is also as mentioned Briney Spears…at first when she released her first songs like hit me baby one more time & others she was considered the goody goody girl as welll…then Crazy came out & bam no more good girl! Not to mention also an ex Disney girl… I think it’s just the way she came out that may frustrate a lot of peeps…but that doesnt mean she is doing anything less then what has been done before & will continue to do!

As for the Disney reputation & Hanna Montana, maybe if it seems to bother so many people they shouldnt let their kids watch it til she has her contract up…they wont fire her because they have a contract with her atm…and to release her from it means to pay a lot of money in damages…so they arent going to do that….if I were attorney I would so be all over that if they tried to! But hey that is just me…:P

Answer #16

i think so,, i herd she’s getting a boob job, and parents are letting her..

Answer #17

i personally think shes dressing way too much like a slt and acting way too much like a prostitute. not really anything shes doing seems appropriate for soemone of her age, however as ty said, its nothing new. heaps of kid celebrities go down this road and at the end of the day, we control what we want to see and dont want to see. if you dont want your kids watching her dance around like a skank, dont, no ones forcing you to watch her, or anyone else. though a lot of kids do watch her, and yes want to be like her. her fan base hasnt grown up that much though, there still young kids and teens who admire her. shes gotten pretty out of control, the extent of her flashing skin and acting like a slt on stage has even made her boyfriend jelouse enugh to leave her. we cant control wht she does, but we can control what we watch.

Answer #18

Yup. I mean, I’m sure she’s a good person and all but I can’t stand her. Really. Her guts are the things I hate the most. I mean, come on, how long to relationships last if you’re a teenager, when you’re a celebrity teenager? You take like MySpace angle photos to give to your honey then you break up with them, sure, they’re gonna get leaked. People are watching you all the time, yeah, if you take pictures, people are gonna want to see it. You drive home drunk and you’re famous, yeah people are gonna show it on the Internet. She also shows wayy too much skin, her video ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ is making women look like objects, it’s just gross. Her pole dancing is ridiculous, to do that at that age. Not saying she has to cover up completely just, stop stripping, for the god’s sake. She took a photo that offended Asians. And worst of all, her estimated fan base is of 6-year-olds. Parents go, ‘oh, it’s Miley, she’s a good role model, my kid can watch this,’ and so on but now my 8-year-old cousin thinks that’s OK to take inappropriate pictures. It’s just, people go, ‘Ooh, Paris Hilton, Linsey Lohan, they are bad role models.’ Well yeah, they are meant to be the bad girls, they aren’t there for kids but Miley seems to be bad when she’s not supposed to be.

Answer #19

Irene… you are a genius. :] Well done, you’ve made my day :]

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me :D

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