Who here thinks FunAdvice should make the green popup bar that appears on answering/etc thinner so we can still see our alerts, ect?

Answer #1

That would be great, I hate seeing only half of my alerts.

Answer #2

agreed. Ok we have 2 people, out of what seems to be an active community of like, 10

Answer #3

maybe a theme engine too. that’d be cool

Answer #4

Yes. I think it’d be good if they did.

Answer #5

Really? It only stays there for a few seconds…

Answer #6

infact even a statistics page which shows the best hour to post for comments.

Answer #7

Hell no, all my font is small as it is on my laptop. Anyway, the green answer box doesn’t even cover the “alert” drop down menu when you click onto it. Maybe they should extend the “alert” box more so you can view more.

Answer #8

on my screen the green covers the entire lable so i can even enter the dropdown

Answer #9

That is strange unless I’m thinking of another “green answer” box. All my green boxes are small but then again my fonts (zoom) is 100% I hate sitting in front my laptop with massive font.

Answer #10

Exactly! It does not bother me as much. I don’t have a problem waiting for a second or two. It is probably the same amount of time it takes me to scroll up the page if I were not going to post an answer, question or update.

Answer #11

Odd complaint, in fact, of the list of issues we have had reported, this is a first.

  1. That bar shows for a few seconds (as mentioned)
  2. I’ve had more than a dozen people say it should stay there for longer…
  3. The alerts link is your “everyting else” page, more or less, on your profile…which is easily accessible from your profile page, always….

….should we really, truly spend time on this instead of improving other stuff?

And, comments like “an active community of 10” are likely to really irk the people who run the site….as if you took 3 seconds to browse the people page, more than 20 people were logged in when you said that.

Answer #12

when u post a reply, it comes at the top of the screen. just below your URL bar and such

Answer #13

it was only a comment showing how many people are here as to before, when we had the old interface. it seemed more active back then

Answer #14

also, note i said “seems”

Answer #15

Doesn’t bother me, it goes away after a few seconds anyways, so unless you’re really impatient…

Answer #16

No. There are much more important things for the admins to fix/do. Like already mentioned, the pop up box only stays for a couple of seconds, it’s not that bad.

Answer #17

That bar never annoyed me in any way.

Answer #18

ive interviewed gaddafi about this:

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