Answer #1

Personaly i have eatten dog and loved it. Sure the killing method is attrosious but its social accepted where i ate so so why not? isnt dog just another form of meat?

Answer #2

I personally wouldn’t because in england everyone treats their dogs like another family member and a best friend….but if some cultures do then i respect that :)

Answer #3

I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t mind the trade that much if the animal is killed quickly and painlessly.

Answer #4

personaly i wouldnt eat dog cause i hav had dogs all my life so it would nbe like eatin my best friend but some people like to so i cant blame them!

Answer #5

I think its an upbringing thing. If you were brought up somewhere where dog was normally eaten then it wouldn’t be a big deal. For myself, the thought is disgusting as I see dogs as cherished pets, friends and a huge service to mankind. In my mind they are an animl that deserves to be treated with respect. No other animl works with and helps man as much as dogs- they guide our blind, help our handicap, find our lost and injured, sniff out bombs and narcotics, brave frigid water and extremely cold temperatures to save us. They help our sick and guard us from harm. To me thats not an animal to be eaten, but one to be loved and respected.

Answer #6

I imagine that it is a cultural issue, personally I prefer a hot dog…

Answer #7

eating dog is not bad. i never had eaten dog but it isn’t bad. yes, it’s just another form of meat. another form of meat that is sorta…unique i should say. so don’t worry. it’s just meat ppl eat just like any other.

Answer #8

hey i have 3 dogs, but i love eatting dog. i agree animals should be treated with respect. but dont mean we cannot eat them, sheesh i come from AUS and my father did not mind me eatting dog but he would never do it. so, you saying the days with out big harvesters and big tracker opperated plows, cows, oxen were not cherish or respected? So u are thinking that all other animals such as cows pigs chickens and other animals accepted in western socity to be eatten as lesser animals? if it wasnt for cows or oxen ur ansester would not have survied to give life to what is ur family tree.

Answer #9

I would not do it, just because for me a dog is a pet and stuff, but for those who see it as food I don’t see why they can’t, but I muself would never do it, it just seems too sad, and also gross.

Answer #10

a dog? why would you wanna eat a sweet little doggie thers plenty of other meat. my opinion, but hey if you really wanna eat a dog go for it

Answer #11

peole in the countries that eat dog see dogs as pets too. not everyone i know frm those countries. eats dog. and they breed them for eatting its not like i would chase ur lil pet pomeranian around say Get in the pot now xD

Answer #12

peole in the countries that eat dog see dogs as pets too. not everyone i know frm those countries. eats dog. and they breed them for eatting its not like i would chase ur lil pet pomeranian around say Get in the pot now xD

Answer #13

so have I, but why not eat dog, if it is socialy accpeted in countries that eat them? So do u think other animals that we accpet eatting are lesser creatures?

Answer #14

We have been brought up in a culture where dogs are considered pets. But really- what’s the difference from eating a dog and a cow? They are both animals, with feelings. They both see and hear, get frightened, recognize their owners. It’s just that we have been eating cows forever, but not dogs. If we had been eating dogs forever, and somebody asked a question about eating a cow, we would feel the same but vice versa with the animals. Personally I don’t eat any meat, but that’s just me. There are a lot of countries where eating dog is completely normal and is just like chicken or bacon here.

Answer #15

I believe all animals should be treated with respect, but animals like cows, chickens and pigs do not work side by side with man anymore and even when they did they were not sleeping in our homes and generally not being hugged and kissed. Cow/Oxen have certainly helped man out by pulling plows, but they have not put their lives at risk digging through building in search of humans or standing up to a bear in defence of their humans. Dogs have died refusing to leave their dead human’s grave, I’m yet to hear about a cow, chicken or Oxen doing that. Dogs have a loyalty to mankind that few other animals show. As I said in my original answer, thats just my opinion and has a lot to do with how I was raised, I don’t eat anything I cuddle.

Answer #16

Dogs dig for bombs and stuff like that because we tairn them too. its not in their DNA to do such things. as for the loyalty dont u think that was programed into them also. i wonder if u bout an 8 week puppy left it to fend for itself with no human interaction, whould it be the same and a ture domesticated dog that spents hrs and hrs with thier humans ? Doubt it.

Answer #17

i think there is not such thing as one animal is better than another. they all hve feelings emotions love and loyalty sure they man not show it the same as dogs but they still show it.

Answer #18

that is so sick

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