Who thinks anyone convicted of a r@pe should be sterilized?

Answer #1

I believe so, but this is a very sensitive topic and you will find many varying opinions on here. I believe that people who have raped should be sterilized.

Answer #2

I think people who have been convicted of raping someone should be put in jail for the rest of their lives without a chance of getting probation or bail. Clearly they’re not safe to be out in public.

Even if they’re sterilized, they can still go out and violate the next person, and the next, and the next. So they just need to be put away so that they aren’t a threat to people anymore.

Answer #3

You are right this is a hot topic.

Answer #4

True, but I think they need some pain to with it, how about if the member was shortened to the point where they could only use it for on thing and that is to pee.

Answer #5

I think they shud

Answer #6

Yes, I think they lost their right to breed, or have sex for that matter.

Answer #7

I personally believed that people are capable of change and everyone should be forgiven… but i do believe when it comes to r@pe that the rapist should have to live with more torment that being in jail then going on bail blah blah. I personally think that they should be in jail for they rest of their lives and be tormented, because their victims will never forget being r@ped and it will haunt them for the rest of that persons life, so the rapist should live with the same mental, and emotional pain.

Answer #8

U got that right!!!!!!

Answer #9

“R@pe” can mean a lot of different things, from a brutal premeditated blitz by multiple strangers (the least common kind), to a date gone bad with too much liquor and not enough communication, to consensual sex in which one party is 17 years old instead of 18. There can be no suitable “one-size-fits-all” punishment. Most r@pe victims have some kind of relationship with the perpetrator, often a very intimate one. Far fewer rapes would be reported if victims knew the penalty would always be draconian and could not be tailored to suit the real situation. Moreover, the relationship is often one that will likely continue in some way, or whose loss may destroy the victim’s entire web of relations, as with a close family member. It can be much more important to protect and restore as much as possible of that social web (whose support the victim may need more than ever) than to fleetingly satisfy the blood lust of strangers for some abstraction of revenge.

Answer #10

Rapists should be hung. End of

Answer #11

The goal if criminal justice is rehabilitation when possible and segregating from the law abiding society when not. We are in a very dangerous area when we use the criminal justice system as a means of revenge. No amount of pain or suffering by the rapist will un-violate the victim. If we adopt the rapist’s cruelty than instead of making society more just we become more like the rapist. Our hatred drives us to ignore their humanity and use our power over them to make them suffer just as they did to their victims.

Answer #12

No.. people can change and you don’t know what was going on in their mind when they did that -.-

Answer #13

Wow, this is lets just say a very difficult subject…at least for me to talk about. I am speaking from the side that was, I believe that there is no punishment that would make it enough to allow that person who acted this way feel enough of the shame, disgust, mistrust, fear, paranoia, and I can go on….etc…How that can actually paralyze as well as scar a person for life, constantly reliving that moment over & over & over again…the smell, the sounds…you never ever get over that feeling of insecurity as well…that perhaps while walking down a road, alley, even subway station or merely taking the stairs alone…every footstep, your heart starts pacing as if it is about to pop right out of your body til you begin to breathe heavily & finally break into tears petrified for your life… What will prison do accept keep him from doing it to another woman or girl? if it was their first fel0ny they will have brilliant lawyers explaining how they were under so much stress or worse was done to them for years & were not in their right frame of mind…yes people they will play insanity…go to an institution while everything dies down & then be allowed to head back into society for round 2…(cries) How do I know this, I took law to try to make up for it, to be a prosecutor so in some form or way I could be that person who punishes them over & over again…hoping that at least I would get someone who’s done it to someone else…kind of like k!lling 2 birds with one stone sort of speak…til I learned how precedents, and so called rules & regulations dont apply for the guilty only the innocent…where they are the ones still being tortured & treated like the v!olators rather then the victims they are…and when it sickened me enough to see how that was happening I merely quit…that’s right…because it wasnt worth it anymore…a shyster defending lawyer will bend over backwards for his greedy self righteous reasons, “money” rather then quit the case for the sake of “justice”! The same sick twisted defending attorneys that allow the guilty to go scot free for a nice fat check! While that innocent v!ctim is hurt, scared, v!olated, for life or worse off, de@d..and they go scot free! Like I said, there is no price to pay, for that victim suffers in shame & resentment constantly blaming themselves for the rest of their life with those memories & carries it with them til the day they die.(if they arent gone…self medicating themselves or worse…traumatized and trying to find some way to cope with it. (I should know, I still do)

Sterilizing them means nothing…accept the fact that they wont hv kids to go with that….this subject really breaks my heart! :(

Answer #14

Exccelant answe Temptress

Answer #15

Well said and I wish I had some points left to give, but this is why I feel that these people should be at a minimum castrated, branded, scared for life.

Answer #16

thank you, it isnt easy to deal with & every day you learn to take baby steps to attempt living some sort of stable life, even if it means giving up certain things to maintain some sort of sanity. (especially when you are barely 16 & a virgin before it) :(

Answer #17

Speaking from the side that has been a victim then I think yes. I know it may seem inhumane but, I think it is a serious offence in my point of view and they should be taught a lesson that it’s bad to do things like that. Just going to jail doesn’t put things right and its the same with people that kill others

Answer #18

I dont kno. i think some people learn their lesson. yes theyv changed a persons life forever but for those whov come to realize wt theyv done is terrible and they feel really guilty then why punish them further? theyv learned their lesson and wat to start over so let them. they should be punished for a good meaning of time but not forever.

Answer #19

the issue is you never know if its true… And being sterile doesnt make you not want to r@pe someone. After you are sterile then there is no semen, so no proof. And if they catch you again, what are they going to do, sterilize you again? I know this first hand, as personal as it can get… That there isnt always physical proof aside semen, and even then if he says it was concent its just words against words, and you arent bruised enough, they could say it was just rough and you have a vendetta against the person… like an ex, and assume you are just trying to get back at him…

Answer #20

Chris, is that what you heard temptress saying?

Answer #21

What I meant was there is no sort of punishment for one that commits a crime like this especially when done over & over again. Nothing can compensate for this…they go scot free, the victims wind up continuing the payment plan for life…Those of us whom had it done to us only know that feeling which is why so many women dont even bother saying anything about it, we already know the outcome, the guilty go free & the victim’s continue to suffer…Nothing can compensate for that kind of agony…not even cutting his sh!t off…not even hang!ng him for it is enough compensation, it’s way too easy no pain to be forced to deal with…imprisonment does nothing but bore him, allow him to commit others acts of v!olence in the prison…stabbing people, using more dr*gs, not having to pay for anything bcz meals are given to you, barely doing some chores when it’s ur turn…that isnt punishment…its like a very, unsafe hotel in the middle of a really bad neighborhood. You make friends & have a jolly time working out…just watching ur back. I dont call that justifying it…i dont care if he has to live there til the day he d!es…you see right now i still am in the anger stage where I can only see revenge of him having that done to him for the rest of his pathetic life. WIll he learn something from it no…will he be forced to relive it like we do over & over again…maybe, if he is even in his right mind to comprehend what he did…perhaps after he was brought down to earth from his little world in his mind and was able to visualize what he did, then feel like sh!t about it only to have it done over & over to him til the day he d!ed making sure he didnt commit su!cide during that time…(which he prob would eventually) Harsh yeah…bcz right now I am still cooping with the pain & hurt…question is, is it ever enough? Will we ever feel like it was enough…I am working on that!

Answer #22

If it helps, yes. But that isn’t always the case.

Some r4pists - the evil stranger lurking in the park who is usually the sex offender monster pictured in tabloid press - r4pe because they uncontrolled hormonal outbursts combined with a ruthless personality. These folks might be rendered a little more harmless if they are sterilized.

Some r4pists are sadistic psychos. They don’t r4pe for their own sexual satisfaction but they do it in order to humiliate the victim. They would invent another method of torture if they found another victim. So sterilization would be completely useless. they have to be locked away for good.

Most r4pes are committed by people who are in a relationship with the victim. Either a relative or an ex-boyfriend ex-husband, even the current partner or someone considered friend or anyone else who is normally in social contact with the victim. These crimes are often not about sex but about domination. A sterilization might not hep at all to prevent future crimes.

And also it’s not like every r4pe crime is equal… I mean, in some countries of the world an 18-yr old guy can be considered a r4pist for having consensual intercourse with his 17-yr old girlfriend - if her parents sue him. I personally do not think that someone like that deserves any punishment at all.

Answer #23

True there are bad situation and false claims, but I think with anything if their are great consequences then there is less likely the chance of this happening. I know this is really wrong to say, but death to all, let god be the final judge. This will also get you out of jury duty.

Answer #24

Well if they took their little stick away, this might deture them.

Answer #25

Yes there is proof and there still is c_u_m, just no semen.

Answer #26

This is still on the books for stealing a horse in Texas.

Answer #27

I don’t. I think every “rapist” has a different story than the next. I don’t really see things as either they are, or they aren’t. Everyone’s situation is different. That doesn’t r@pe right, though, by any means.

Answer #28

I’m glad you know it’s “really wrong to say.” {;^) Venting one’s anger is important, but it makes a lousy basis for law or social policy. For example, have you seen the “great consequence” of capital punishment driving down the incidence of mvrder in states that have it? On the contrary, states with the death penalty tend to have higher mvrder rates than those without. Filletofspam wrote, “If we adopt the rapist’s cruelty than instead of making society more just we become more like the rapist.” Yes, and that’s part of how we develop a culture that breeds more rapists, killers, brutes, and war.

Answer #29

**make r@pe right

Answer #30

I think they should be castrated. sterilising them would just give them the same pleasure without getting someone pregnant. Its still the same drama for the victims.

Answer #31

What do you think, that castration will make them gentle, loving, and calm? You don’t need an erextion to rrape someone. And what is the effect on your children who see that you castrate criminals?

Answer #32

I think they should be sent to a Seminary!!!!!!!!!

Answer #33

sounds barbarian to me though. This world will be filled with disable and depressed people.

Answer #34

I would be reluctant to push for someone being punished via being sterilized. Even if someone was to be convicted, who is not to say, this person, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years down the track is proven innocent due to new evidences or the person crying rap-ed falsified they were ra-ped and later had a ‘change of heart” and admitted to the truth. How do you ‘unsterilize” the person again?

Answer #35

What about as a deterrent? It does scare some people into thinking twice knowing they will lose a limb or their live or something else. I was thinking more in that line. I don’t think doing it as revenge is useful to society.

Answer #36

Most criminologists do not believe that severe punishments are an effective deterrent. Crimes were still committed when convicts faced grizzly deaths like drawing and quartering, burning at the stake, and the breaking wheel. If criminals performed a cost-benefit analysis beforehand they probably would have never committed the crime in the first place. Criminals do not expect to get caught so they only factor in the benefit rather than the cost.

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