Who thinks the "old" coca-cola that they had a long time ago (1899) or (1960) was better than the new one?

Not just the fact of it being in bottles instead of a can, but the taste. I heard it tasted A LOT different back then, because it was made from different ingredients than the coke today.

Answer #1

I personally, am a fan of the old glass bottles. I just like glass bottles though, there’s something about them that really appeals to me, and I like older styled things.

Answer #2

I miss the glass bottles, but thqt’s it.

Answer #3


Answer #4

I liked the bottles like everyone else said, but you can still buy coca-cola in glass bottles where I live so I don’t miss it all to much.

Answer #5

As in the taste…

Answer #6

You can’t buy them where I live. I mean, they will release them but it’s VERY rare that you see glass cola bottles. I usually see them abroad, but that’s it. I loved those glass bottles. You can buy the mini glass diet coke bottles in Tesco, though. But it’s cheaper buying a 2 litre bottle to be honest with you.

Answer #7

I wasn’t even alive in 1899 or 1960 so… -cough- sorry.

Answer #8

Ya they cost a little bit more than a normal bottle would, that’s why I usually don’t buy them and I get bigger plastic bottles. You can buy them at the grocery( I have no idea if I spelt that right)store. It’s kinda cool to have them in the summer though.

Answer #9

i wasen’t alive either haha.

Answer #10

You mean when there were actually traces of c*caine in Coke? I can’t say I was alive one hundred years ago so I can’t tell you =P

Answer #11

LOL yea…

Answer #12

This is a stupid question if its based on taste, none of us are 100years old :)

Answer #13

The ones from like 1960 were only 50 yrs. ago. It is still around…some people have them as antiques and haven’t been opened.

Answer #14

Well if they havent been opened, then they dont know how they taste..duh.

Answer #15

OKAY, what about the coke from like 20-30 yrs. ago…isn’t there anyone on here that is like 30 or 40? LOL

Answer #16

I have to agree I dont think anyone was around back in 1899…as for 1960 that might be a possibility, not me though…

As for the bottles, I def think they looked a lot cooler back then…just something about it I guess nostalgic times!

A few years ago on a specific holiday they would offer free coca-cola glasses with the thin bottom & the wider top if you bought a carton of coke that had 8- 2 liter bottles in them. I have to say I fell in love with the glasses & back then we would drink a lot of coke, so I got like 20 glasses my absolute fav drinking glass & I am so protective of them, I would only have 2 out & not allow anyone to use them but me! (I know I am so mean) :)

I have some old pics of how coca-cola was in the mid 70’s…where they had the big C&C on the cans & bottles! Funny.

Answer #17

Well, I’m 67 and I knew the manager of the coke plant in Freeport Il so in the ‘50s we had all of the coke we wanted. Ice cold was the best, it tasted good. But I think as we age we might lose some tast buds so todays coke does not taste the same as I remember. Coke bottles? I’ve 3 of them from Freeport Il that are from before 1909 that are straight sided, Do a google on ss coke bottles and you will see the different shapes over the years.

Answer #18

Old, well yeah bottle-wise. They still sell those, and I get them every once in a while, but I don’t know if there’s a different in taste.

Answer #19

I can find the bottled coke, sprite, and pepsi from the Latino stores around the city.

Answer #20

Yeah … Me too. Glass keeps drinks Colder and It tastes Better too.

Answer #21

Well, there was coc.aine in the 1889 version…..so I’m sure that one carried a wallop….and was liked by many.

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