Things to do at my sleepover

I am having a sleepover and I dont Know what do do sooo I was just wondering does anyone here tknow what do do pleasssee help me because its not long before I have my sleepover

Answer #1

makeup in the dark play sleeping beauty truth or dare do each others hair would you rather pillow fight crush notes

Answer #2

put up a tent in your backyard without instructions I did this with two of my friends we eventually got the tent set could play truth or dare,light as a feather stiff as a board,knock and run or burry a time capsuale.hope we helped.:)

Answer #3

Truth or Dare Movies Bake Cupcakes and Decorate Them Makeovers Pedicure and Mannicures Light as a Feather, Stiff as a board Chocolate Fondue Ouji Board Board Games Karaoke Dance Contest

Answer #4

well me and my friend stephanie alway make ice cream sunday’s,have a campfire in back yard roast marshmelows and eat somars give hideous makeovers play bingo go on computer play sims3 jump on trampoline five minutes in heavenburn cds go swimming ride bikes make cakes/brownieschick flicks with a lot of candy and tasty treatsprank call their mom at 2 in moring put hand in warm water and watch pee on them self comment me back!!!

Answer #5

Okay, I loveee sleepovers<3 What I always do is this; (or what I sometimes do)

-Watch some kind of tvseries you all love! For example Americas Next Top Model. Its soo much fun to watch with your girlfriends :D

-Bake brownies/cupcakes/cake. Its fun baking them (start a browniemix fight) and the results are yummy.

-Karaoke If you have it, for example SingStar, do it! Otherwise, look up stuff on the internet and record your friends singing xD

-Makeover Give each person a complete makeover, that means; ;Give them a lovely look by putting makeup on them, ;Do something fun with their hair (pigtails, straighten it, curl it, ..) ;And dress them! :D Dont forget to take pictures!!

-And ofcourse the simple games you can do at night before you go to sleep like Truth or Dare, Would You Rather.., etc.

(If you don’t know Would You Rather..its basically just asking someone a question if they would rather do this or that. For example: “Would You Rather makeout with (insert name of the ugliest guy you know) or swim in a pool filled with sharks)

And ofcourse its always fun to watch a chickflick! Like “Another Cinderella Story”, “She’s the man”, “Sydney White”, “Camp Rock”, “High School Musical 1&2”, “John Tucket Must Die” etc.

I hope you have fun and let me know if these tips helped!!

Answer #6

o Truth Or Dare o Would You Rather o Pillow Fight o S’mores o Computer o Stay up ALL night o Ghost Stories o Facial Fun o TV o Sundaes o Makeovers From Hell o POWER! (Who Can Last the Longest?) o Makeovers o Board Game o Video Games o DVD’s o Goofy Video’s o Computer Games o Prank Calls o Order or Make Pizza o Make cupcakes o Photo Shoot

hope this helped u!!!

Answer #7

I am having a sleepover next friday and were going to go out to eat do crafts play games watch a movie make some books and make some cookies then sat evening is halloween so we are going to go trick or treating together we might do 1 prank call and we will talk about things

Answer #8

well at my sleepovers we would 1)watch comedys/or scarymovies 2)play spin the bottle 3)bake something that both of yous wanna bake 4)tell secrets 5)talk about your crush 6)play on the computer 7)give your friends a make over 8)pillow fights 9)have a little partie

things to do during the day 1)go for a walk threw town 2)have a picnic 3)go to crushes house 4)go to the park 5)make fun stuff 6)make your very own breakfast or lunch or even have a brunch

thank you very much I hope that when you try my advice I hope you have have fabulous sleepover mwahmwah

Answer #9

im going on a sleepover 2 day so these help me 2 thnx :), or you could go on the internet no1 has mentioned that x

Answer #10

well when I had a steelover with my 2 bffs, we had out wated bottles and then mariah started a water fight and me and ronaja joined in

Answer #11
  2. paint eachothers nails
  3. prank calls
  4. fashion show
  5. gossip
  6. truth or dare
Answer #12

ummm im not sure… watch movies, make bst friend braclets, pigg out:), call each others crushes and see if they like ourer friend, look through old yearbooks. the most important thing is HAVE FUNN!!! make it a night that you will be talkin about for weeks:)

Answer #13

1.make your own pizzas truth dare,kiss, promise 3.karaoke 4.make outfits using materials around the house (e.g kitchen role , newspaper) 5.pillow fight 6.try a 80’s or 60’s night maybe hire a old movie and see what your parents used 2 be into?

  1. use a camping tent in your garden it is a laught lol!
Answer #14

talk about boys prank call people make muffins with toppings scary movies on oviguide truth or dare would you rather

Answer #15

one thing what is light as a fether stiff as a board??? and one time me and my friends did this game of like sharades where the person has to guess you know? and we would put really dum or weird ones on little pieces of paper or stickynotes and just drawl them and people would just guess and you could do a two person one or sumthing and my friend who is reaaally strange in a bad way put in one that was like act like a striper or if you have a crush than put one in like of one of you friends and there crush that they always stare at so the paper would say act like (blank) stareing at their crush I don’t know

hope I helped its fun to play but sumtimes it gets boreing if you dont get to be it so make sure all your friends get to act out things and what fdh said is gross

Answer #16

-talk about crushes -play games -truth or dare -spin the bottle -write notes for the next day you go to school and give to a crush!!!lol -sing -dance -and much more

                Happy Birthday!_
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