Answer #1

why would you like to thin your cervix?

Answer #2

Your baby will come when he/she is ready and its not smart to try to induce your labor before your 40 weeks since your baby needs all the time it can get in the womb developing and growing and preparing for the world. There are some things you can do to naturally progress labor…but if your bodies not read it wont make a difference. Sex and walking are the safest and most effective ways, if your already have contractions both of them can speed them up.

Answer #3

cuz im in labor n my contractions are 5-7min apart but im not dialated n i want to kno how i can help speed it up so i can have her now

Answer #4

were not having sex and ive been walkin lots but nothin wat else can i do

Answer #5

have sex and have your partner ejaculate inside of you that will help(:

Answer #6

were not havin sex now wat else can i do?

Answer #7

Why is sex out of the question? A mans ejaculate and an org@sm helps thin your cervix and speed up labor. Other than sex and walking there isnt any other way that YOU can thin your cervix and dialate. You wait it out…labor isnt a quick process and can take days. If your still having close contractions and not dialating talk to your doctor about your options. There are medicines that can be inserted into the v@gina to help you dialate…and if your body still wont cooperate you may have to have a c-section.

Answer #8

If you are in labor, why are you on the computer? Why aren’t you at, or on your way to the hospital?

Answer #9

cuz they sent me home since im not dialated

Answer #10

Ive ask my doc n he said he don wanna do anything yet and because were on a break rite now long story

Answer #11

wait? you can ask for something that can help speed up contractions or opt of a c-section….besides that i don’t know i would probably call you ob/gyn for advice(:

Answer #12

You’re having contractions contractions are 5-7min apart!!! :O Doesn’t that mean that you should be at the hospital?

Answer #13

Then you go home and you wait it out. Like i said, labor isnt a short process and it can take days of contractions before you actually go into active labor and start to dialate. Contractions dont always mean the babies coming and its possible they could even stop since you arent even dialating. Go home and relax, if your water hasnt broken yet take a nice warm bath and try and take a nap. Your going to need your rest for when active labor starts.

Answer #14

The only other “safe” thing I know of besides what is mentioned above is nipple stimulation. However, you may want to consult your physician and really read on how to do it properly. BE WARNED, IF it works, contractions can become VERY VERY painful. Yes, I know they are painful anyway, they can get worse. Also if your doctor felt it was necessary for the baby to come out, they would induce you at the hospital. There are medications that are given to do so, so if they are not doing that or keeping you in the hospital, then you are NOT ready to have the baby. Inducing it yourself can be harmful to both you and your baby. Trust what the Dr says, they know best. They have seen and been through it many times.

Answer #15

i thought so but im not dialated

Answer #16

Not only that, but the contractions you are feeling may be Braxton Hix contractions (false labor) that just means your body is preparing for the real thing. You really dont want to be induced though, it gives you way more pain than when you go into labor naturally. If the Dr says no TRUST them. They know whats best for you and baby.

Answer #17

no they are the real one’s i just got out the hospital they just waitin to see if i can dialate myself

Answer #18

How far along are you?

Answer #19

Ask your MD for an ultrasound to check for mal-position, perhaps the ‘baby to be’ has an alignment that is delaying delivery- it is common in first preggers among young Moms.

Answer #20

The only other “safe” thing I know of besides what is mentioned above is nipple stimulation…

Where the H**L did you discover THAT???

Please explain to me how contractions are not painful- I have assisted at more than 1000 births and no Moms ever said that they were having a good time…

Answer #21

Get an ultrasound, mizzprego- that will answer ALL your questions.

Answer #22

I never said that they weren’t painful. I was just stating that it can get worse. I have had 3 children, I KNOW they hurt. My first two were a breeze, but my last was horrific, I wanted to die. Anyway, I actually read that in “What to expect when you’re expecting” and I asked my OB about it and she told me that it is very common to do that, but she did not recommend it at my point in my pregnancy. I was induced with my first, it was painful before the Pitosin but worse after, although I was still able to sit and play solitaire, so each person is different in their pain tolerance.

Answer #23

have sex and have your partner ejaculate inside of you that will help(:

AHH mscupcakes, Sorry that’s wrong- where did you discover that advice?

The correct answer is to get an ultrasound to see the fetus’s presentation and then decide if a C-Section is needed.

Answer #24

an ultrasound for wat

Answer #25

she is head down everything is fine im just not dialating

Answer #26


Answer #27

Well, the only thing I can say is call your Dr if you are still concerned. The Dr will not steer you the wrong way. If you still are not satisfied with the answer you get, go back to the hospital.

Answer #28


Answer #29

Exactly, each Mom is different and for that reason each birthing event should be evaluated on an individual basis and the decisions about analgesics and induction should be arrived at after ALL the best investigations for each event. This way there is a greater chance of a happy outcome- less infant and maternal morbidity & mortality.

Answer #30

http :// com/books?id=nGVDbFqVSSwC&pg=PA351&lpg=PA351&dq=Nipple+ Stimulation+in+What+to+expect+when+you’re+expecting&source=bl&ots=GNP2FFPCQW&sig=GJx3h3Z_Xkj0QUTY6PdCdpKQIjs&hl=en&ei=YgfmTLx9mOCdB6DlnO0N&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved= 0CBMQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

This covers both the nipple stimulation and having sex. While you may have assisted in births, it seems you don’t know everything there is to know about it. (Not trying to be rude) Different Drs and places will have different advice and techniques for pregnancy.

Answer #31

http: //[link removed]. com/photo-gallery/ways-to-induce-labor/sex. aspx

http:/ /[link removed]. com/photo-gallery/ways-to-induce-labor/nipple-stimulation. aspx

Sorry the link above is weird. These two are better.

Answer #32

Grr…Ok…not being able to post links sucks… http: //www .whattoexpect. com/photo-gallery/natural-ways-to-induce-labor. aspx

Answer #33

No offense taken, as a man I of course have less insight than you…

Answer #34

BTW it is sometimes imprudent to believe EVERYTHING that you find on the INET- Just a thought…

Answer #35

BTW it is sometimes imprudent to believe EVERYTHING that you find on the INET- Just a thought…

Answer #36

Any med, nutritional, lifestyle issues to be addressed?

Is this a juvenile or unplanned pregnancy, are there socio-economic issues? Just curious…



Answer #37

Not to be rude Michel - but your disagreeing with a TON of gynecologist and books on childbirth with your statements. Im currently pregnant with my second child and ive had several gynecologist as well as the number one selling and recommened pregnancy book tell me that one, sex and ejaculation do help soften the cervix, two nipple stimulation does help bring on contractions. Its also not really a commen occurance to have a ulltrasound to see the position of the baby when the mother is starting to have contractions. I never did nor did any other mom ive talked too. The position of the baby can be felt by a gynecologist by pressing on the outside of the stomach and this is done weekly before she even goes into labor.

Answer #38

No, I did not find it on the net. It was in a book, that I got from the Dr. I just happened to find the online version of that book. I know not to trust nor believe everything on the internet, I am not THAT naive…lol =)

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