The number 60 in the bible

Does anyone know if the Number 60 has any special meaning in the Bible?
Or if the number is used in the Bible at all...

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Not familiar with 60 being mentioned.

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The bible as we know was written in Hebrew and the later translated into greek, with other languages being translated from that. However, the fifteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is samekh.

(Note that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a corresponding number, in which samekh = 60.)

And the root means "to lean upon, to support, to uphold."

That's all I can think of. Hope it helps?

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Not that I can find. . . .

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I Googled this and found no special significance in the number 60. But this website did have fascinating information about significant Biblical numbers:

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I'm not sure about that, but I can check tomorrow!:)

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It has no Biblical significance.

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I don't remember it being a special number. 40 is mentioned a lot.

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Song of Solomon 6:8-9 mentions 60 queens and 80 concubines. Sixty in KJV is mentioned by saying "threescore" which is 3x20. 60 is smallest # with 12 divisors, which makes me think of the 12 tribes of Israel and 12 disciples. Babylon's # system, which is the 2nd most mentioned city/nation mentioned in Bible, had a base of 60. That's all I have right this second. There is most likely more to it.

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*** The bible using the word sixty over 80 times in one way or another by mention it with another number or along.  Significant of the number I don’t know.

(Numbers 7:88) and all the cattle of the communion sacrifice being twenty-four bulls, sixty rams, sixty he-goats, sixty male lambs each a year old. This was the inauguration offering of the altar after its being anointed.

(Deuteronomy 3:4) 4 And we went capturing all his cities at that particular time. There proved to be no town that we did not take from them, sixty cities, all the region of Ar′gob, the kingdom of Og in Ba′shan.

(Joshua 13:30) 30 And their territory came to be from Ma•ha•na′im all of Ba′shan, all the royal realm of Og the king of Ba′shan, and all the tent villages of Ja′ir that are in Ba′shan, sixty towns.

(2 Samuel 2:31) 31 And the servants of David, for their part, had struck down those of Benjamin and of the men of Ab′ner—there were three hundred and sixty men that died.

(1 Kings 4:13) 13 the son of Ge′ber, in Ra′moth-gil′e•ad (he had the tent villages of Ja′ir the son of Ma•nas′seh, which are in Gil′e•ad; he had the region of Ar′gob, which is in Ba′shan: sixty large cities with wall and copper bar);

(1 Kings 4:22) 22 And Sol′o•mon’s food for each day regularly proved to be thirty cor measures of fine flour and sixty cor measures of flour,

(Matthew 13:8, 9) 8 Still others fell upon the fine soil and they began to yield fruit, this one a hundredfold, that one sixty, the other thirty. 9 Let him that has ears listen.”

(Matthew 13:23) 23 As for the one sown upon the fine soil, this is the one hearing the word and getting the sense of it, who really does bear fruit and produces, this one a hundredfold, that one sixty, the other thirty.”

(1 Timothy 5:9) 9 Let a widow be put on the list who has become not less than sixty years old, a wife of one husband,

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