What's the most addicting song to you right now?

What song can you not stop listening to?

Song/songs? What kind of music is it/are they? Mine would have to be..

A Little Piece Of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold Heavy Christain Rock. The Color Theft - Oh, Sleeper! Um..I havn’t heard much by them. Hardcore screamo.(not this song though)

Answer #1

anything by Nelly Furtado!!!

Answer #2

mines gets changed every second, A couple of seconds ago it was ‘bad day’ now it is Akons ‘lonely’, wait, ‘happy ending’ AARGH!!! imagine a mixture of the three.

Answer #3

Lex- I thought I was the only one who listened to Darren Hayes’ newer stuff! Don’t you love the songs “Insatiable”, “Unloveable”, “Darkness” and “So Beautiful”, all of them really?! “So Beautiful” reminds me of early Savage Garden! :)

Answer #4

tear you apart by she wants revenge.

seriously, his voice is so different and it’s so catchy (with the beats and guitar) I’ve probably listened to it 20times in row. download :]

and it’s..I dont even know what genre..I guess it’s kinda rockie? it’s hard to explain, just download it and tell me what you think ;)

Answer #5

I recently re-discovered my Savage Garden/Darren Hayes collection, and have been listening to “Strange Relationship” and “I miss you” over and over for the past few days… I love when you find music again and think “Oh yeah! I forgot about that song… man that’s a great song!”

“Wake up” by Coheed and Cambria” is one song that is the mega earworm for me, as is “I started a fire” by Ash.

Answer #6

“with you” by chris brown

Answer #7

now it’s “boyfriend”

Answer #8

I can’t get these songs out of my head!

Fall- Clay Walker Like You’ll Never See Me Again- Alicia Keys Tied Together With a Smile- Taylor Swift Who Knew- Pink

Answer #9

anything rascal flatts

Answer #10

Revolver -Rage Against the Machine

Answer #11

Mine right now is Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis…

Answer #12

Animal Collective- We Tigers

Answer #13

johanna sung by johnny depp from sweeney todd, my friends sung by johnny depp, pretty women and epihany

Answer #14

Parades by Allred

check him out he is pretty much a little local Treasure to the salt lake city music scene www.myspace.com/allred

Answer #15

Animal I have become - 3 days grace Lovely rita - The Beatles Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult

Answer #16

heartbroken - t2 ft jodie moving to new york- the wombats flux - bloc pary these songs I cant stop listening to xxx

Answer #17

There are so many to choose from. If I had to choose one though, I would pick The pretender by the foo fighters. :)

Answer #18

Castles in the sky! remix by Dj Icey!

Answer #19

also, the song Reptillia by the Strokes <3

have that one ?

Answer #20

no I dont. but ill get it now!

Answer #21


Tattoo- Jordin Sparks, pop-ish. Low- Flo Rida, rap Yestredays Feelings- The Used, rock.

Answer #22

Ah, what kind of music are those two songs?

(I just updated the question, after you responded)

Answer #23

hero/herione and holiday

Answer #24

:) ‘Big red car’, the wiggles. Hehehe, no, I am serious. Also ‘Bad Day’, Daniel Powter and ‘Helena’ My Chemical Romance And, because I am listening to it, ‘Low’, T-pain And the song my little bother- oops, I mean brother- actually, he is both- is playing OVER and OVER again on his base. I don’t even know what it is called. Britz

Answer #25

hmmm mine kinda sick the drugs dont work as that song was about richard ashcroft dad who had cancer so I know what his going through an also fade away seether

Answer #26

“its too late to apollogize” by timberland… “right thurr” and “dem jeans” by chingy “b*tch” by d12 “feel good” by gorillaz!! “gasolina” “kim” “without me” “rockbottom” “fack” by EMINEM!! I luv all his songs!

Answer #27

hmmm mine kinda sick the drugs dont work as that song was about richard ashcroft dad who had cancer so I know what his going through an also fade away seether

Answer #28

Crazy Rap by Afroman

Answer #29

30 seconds to mars- capricorn

Answer #30

scooby snacks -fun lovin criminals & boyz and the hood-dynamite hack

Answer #31

Britney spears: im not a girl, not yet a women << ace song!:)

Answer #32

Im a Barbie Girl in a barbie world laughing plastic its fantastic…

Answer #33

Shadow Of The Day- Linkin Park

Answer #34


Answer #35

crushcrushcrush - paramore

she fu*kin hates me - puddle of mud

low - t-pain

Answer #36

numb By:linkin park

it really expresses how I truly feel

Answer #37

we the kings”skywayavenue”

Answer #38

‘40 days and 40 night’ The Enemy

Answer #39

Reptillia is fantastic- is an earworm for sure!

Answer #40

Start all over by hannah montana

Answer #41

I don’t usually listen to hip-hop, but the most addictive song right now is ‘Petrified’ by Fort Minor. Ace song. : )

Answer #42

I am addicted to the song-> van nuys by sixx A.M. <-

Answer #43

sharpest lives by my chemical romance

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