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So I am very much wanting to be a wwe diva, I love working out and I love karate and the whole sport would be so amazing to be a part of and meet so many different people. I was wondering though…how do I learn to wrestle and become a diva…I am 5’8 135 pds…trying to get to about 118-127 im not fat at all I just want to lose some body fat and gain about 7 pounds back in muscle. Also, do any of the wrestlers get to see their families like a normal job? Thanks everyone! I appreciate all advice.

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Beth Phoenix is 5”6”.

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OMG I want to be a wwe diva too. plus I can give you a lot of advice!!! well you want to learn how to wrestle well you need to find out where your town local wrestling promotions are. and the guy above me is wrong you can be short as 5’1. and hes so wrong bout beth phoenix. I know a lot off wrestlers and a few wwe divas and trust me they aint big as they may seem. in fact beth phoenix aint got man muscles or anything but shes fit pretty good but not were it looks like shes on steroides o anything lol. but you need a lot of expeinece to be a diva in the ring and out of it. and no the wrestlers dont see there family that much. there always on the road. if you got a passion for wrestling like me and the heart for it then it wont seen as bad for the trainning and stuff. well message me back if you got any questions

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               love, the future_womans_champ
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ok well yea you have to be at least 6 feet to be a wwe diva but if you get to grow that tall, you can become a diva by signin up for the dive search thing lol but it only comes once a year so get ready:]

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You might be a bit short for a Diva, but I am not too sure about that. The older WWE used to have a 6’ height requirement for even trying out with them. I am not a wrestling fanatic, but I did some searching on a hunch on the size of the Divas, and they seem to be quite bigger than 5’8 135lbs. I would guess on average of 6’+ and 185lbs+. Beth Phoenix, a Diva I checked on their site was a monstrously large human being, much less a woman. However, If you think you got a shot, go for it. As for family time, I am not too sure if they get too much time to go and live their lives, It is like a circus or a concert that travels constantly. I would imagine there are times to go home to be with family, you don’t see the same wrestlers every week constantly.

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Well I’m trying to be a wwe diva myself. I seek potential in striving so far since I work every day hard in the gym not tring to bulk up but to improve my endurance. First of all, you won’t end up in wwe just like that. You’ll have to go to a wrestling training gym, then work your way up. FCW’s got ties to wwe that’s how kelly kelly might of got in. So try out with them if you’re far into your training and already with some ‘school.’ You don’t need to be freakishly tall to be a wwe diva. Melina is about 5’4” and Trish Stratus was about the same. Heck, I seen some training school that allowed people who are under 5’2.” To train with them, if you can make it pass that I’m sure you can get in on the action if you work your way up. Plus you need some fighting experience since there are some incidents that some people can badly injure themselves if they got no clue what they’re doing and just use their assumptions. And they do not get to see their families much since they do travel A LOT! Well, I hope to see you or anybody who is striving to achieve their dream of becoming a wwe diva one day in the ring. Best wishes, good luck I guess. ^^

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hey I wanna become a wwe diva too my advice for you is the same thing I do. train hard work out and gain strength. I watch raw smackdown and ecw to learn moves and I usually concentrate on the womens matches and learn the moves they do. and for height look at mickie james shes short but divas champ height and stuff doesnt matter but you have to be pretty hot if you wanna be on wwe no offense but if your ugly go to tna. if you follow your heart into wwe I really hope to see ya there hopefully we are opponents sometime

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