Which hurts more: a wasp sting or brown recluse spider bite?

now for some fun which hurts more the first 24 hour the bite of a Brown recluse spider or the sting of a wasp. I’ll answer from experiance

Answer #1

well when your bit by a recluse it can become more of a problem than a wasp sting…ive been stung by wasps over 17 times and i have to tell you once youve been stung like me that many times you tend to get used to the pain behind it. and yes i was also bit by a brown recluse my house was loaded with them and so was the shead that i had my bike in…the day i was bit i didnt even feel it …the spider didnt look all that bad even though im scared to death of spiders …well it was on the shead wall and i didnt see it and slid my hand across him and he fell slid down my leg and i guess got caught between my foot and shoe and bit me next to my ancle bone on my right leg …well by that time i was doing the jig the hiland fling a continuance to riverdance and so on but i never really felt the bite or knew what the spider was…a day later to our surprise my neighbor friends dad was in the hospital getting his leg scraped out because of a recluse bit and the whole neighborhood was put on watch…FOR ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WANTS TO KNOW IF ITS WORSE FOR A WASP TO STING YOU OR GET BIT BY A RELUSE WAIT ABOUT 10 DAYS AND GET YOUR SKIN SCRAPED OUT OF YOU WITH A SPONGE AND SCALPLE UNTIL YOU SEE YOUR OWN MUSCLE…the bite doesnt hurt but the pain it can bring could possably kill you or scar you for life

Answer #2

brown recluse because a wasp sting goes away fast..a brown recluse spiders acid will rot/melt your skin and it will spread and most people have to have the skin cut off where it happened…id rather be stung by 100 wasps than by 1 brown recluse spider

Answer #3

I dont know which one would hurt more, being as I’ve never been bitten or stung by either, BUT I do know that being bitten by a Brown Recluse is the worst of the two. When a brown recluse bites you, the flesh will start to rot. It could be potentially life threatening, but only if you dont do anything about it. You’d want to get treatment for a Brown Recluse bite as soon as you could. My mom had a friend that told her the story of one of her relatives that was bitten by a Brown Recluse, and had to have his leg amputated because they couldnt do anything to save the flesh, and if they didnt take it off, it would just continue rotting and would spread farther up his leg. They waited too long to find out what it was, and it was too late for his leg by the time they tried to do anything about it. So if any of you ever suspect you’ve been bitten by one, I’d advise you to tell your parents and go to the doctor as soon as you can.

Answer #4

omg.. WASP definitely.. they kill.. I got stung twice on my back.. less than a minute apart.. it kills :O

Answer #5

Never been bit by either. All I know is, I’d probably be dead if a wasp stung me though. Allergic to Bee and Wasp stings lol.

Answer #6

a brown recluse becasue u would either be severley sick but in 24 hours without care u would die!!! ahhh!!! aahhh… but a wasp bite only hurts for 10 minutes lol

Answer #7


Answer #8

I am HAPPY to say that I cannot answer this question. I have not been bitten by the evil spider. I have been stung by a wasp and it hurt so bad I cried. And I wasn’t a child when this happened!

Answer #9

heses an image for yah…i believe he lost his thumb

Answer #10

Short term, a wasp would hurt more. But recluse bites have nasty side effects. Like, really nasty.

Answer #11

Let me get one or two more answers and I’ll let everyone know.

Answer #12

seeing as i study the brown recluse and all manner of snakes and arachnids i have been asked this many times. the wasp sting hurts more, but the brown recluse bite will, over time, cause more damage such as swelling, bruising in the bite area, and gushing pus from the wound..

Answer #13

I was just stung yesterday, on the side of my nose, near my eye, by a wasp. I can assure you, it hurt horribly. Today there is a pus wound and still swelling over my right cheek and under my eye. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! I don’t think that a sting from a wasp and the bite from an arachnid can really be compared. They both are bad for different reasons. As for the person who said that they would rather be stung 100 times by a wasp then bitten once by a recluse, I think you might reconsider after a couple of stings to your face! Trust me on this one!

Answer #14

I am prior military police…(long story don’t ask) and when I was at Basic Training in Fort Leonard Wood, MO we had a few instances of people with brown recluse bites…one guy actually had a hole about the size of half-dollar in his back…you could see all the way to his spine…there was yellow pus and white fat in there too…and the bad thing is it could have been prevented, but the fact is that brown recluse bites don’t hurt that bad because there is a slight neurotoxin in the venom to bind to pain receptors…so you don’t feel pain of the poison…so I would say that a brown recluse hurts more in the long run, but short term the wasp sting

Answer #15

I should of Worded the question a little better. The Wasp hurts more the Venom causes quick pain and swelling meant to criple the wasp pray. The Recluse bite is usually little more than a prick which is quickly forgotten it will go unnoticed for a while till you start noticing a brown or black area where the bite was with a red ring around it. I know this from experiance. . . I’ve been bite 6 times with little more than a spot half the size of a dime But if you have an allergic reaction to the bite you may have an area up to the size of a dollar bill rot. Rarely does a recluse cause Death and when it does it is usually due to infection.

Answer #16

Wasp sting is definately more painful initially. The Brown Recluse fangs are so small, you usually won’t feel the bite, and it can’t bite you on its own. It has to be pressed against your skin (lay on it, in your clothing, etc.)

With regards to allergies, wasp stings have a higher probablility of being fatal; its venom can migrate and enter the bloodstream. The Brown Recluse carries a tissue-destroying venom, which tends to spread slowly from the area of the bite.

Answer #17

brown recluse bites would probably hurt more cause the spot that you were bit at will rot!

Answer #18

I would rather be stung by a wasp because its a easy healer all you do is put toothpaste on it

Answer #19

wasps and brown recluses are so cool!:)

Answer #20

I’d have to say brown recluse bite cause where it bit you on the skin will rot there.

Answer #21

Spider bite

Answer #22

I have bee stung by a wasp twice and and it hurts a lot more than 10 minutes.

Answer #23

Nasty. . . But that does not always happen. . . . I’ve been bitten several time and recieved little more that a pox mark. the man in the picture had a sever reaction to the bite.

Answer #24

Brown recluse spider I’ve been bit by both

Answer #25

I would think a brown recluse…

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