The Ugliest Girl in the World

How can I become eve remotely pretty? I am truly the ugliest girl in the world. I never thought this until for the last six years my family, friends, ans aquaintances have told me that I am very ugly.
I am under five foot. I have a huge nose and curly hair. I am sooo ugly I cry when I lok in the mirror. I have no pictures of myself becase I refuse to take them because I dont want to be reminded of how hideous I am. I wish someting would happen to me so the world want have t sufer any longer looking at me. I am not one of those people who say they are ugly fishing for complimets. I make myself sick when I look at me and I truly need to look better for the sake of others.

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What people put in our head is the fact that there is a definition of beaty but there isnt. And confindence is key. Even if you arn’t aproved by others, buliding confieidence is what is really attractive, if that means wearing a bit of makeup and doing your hair than do it. Whatever it takes to bulid up your confidence but remmber that your doing it for yourself never others. You need to tell your family and friends that scrue you. I like me! Stop listening to them becuase no offense your friends and family are idiots. I’m sory but they are. If they say your ugly than they have no soul. Get a diary to put all of your feelings in and then lock that diary with those feelings and be left with happiness. You are special. WE all are. WE are all unique. Remember that Good LUck!!! :)

Answer #2

I really doubt you are ugly at all, anyone can be pretty with a little effort. For you, I believe it’s just an issue of confidence. Try smiling more often, and walking with a straghter back. Talk to new people, and add to your circle of friends since yours don’t seem to be very good friends. Also, if you want to make yourself physically more attractive, try buying a hair straightener and getting some highlights. You could also buy some makeup, like a little bit of eyeliner, mascara, and foundation should do the trick (: To build confidence, buy an outfit YOU really like at a nice store, like American Eagle and rock it (: Oh, and if you still hate your nose when you’re older, there’s always plastic surgery but I would not recommend that. I’m sure your nose is fine, and even if it is larger, I’ve heard there are makeup tips on how to make your nose look thinner (: Just google them. If you still don’t feel any better, I’d recommend seeing a therapist but I’m sure you won’t need too. Good luck (: <3 Jess

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no one is ugly. People that say you are ugly obviously isn’t so proud of themself. And why would people that’s your family say that to you?!?! that is the meanest thing anyone can say to you. If you want to make yourself look pretty find a nice hair cut for yourself, wear little make up like lip gloss and some eye shadow and some cute clothes you like.

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I think being pretty is what your personality is. I know I know Cliche but you dont know how many “pretty” girls I have seen and they are just RUDE! that makes them ugly in my mind. if your a very nice person than I think that makes you VERY pretty. BUT if you MUST “look pretty” then here are a few things

1 if you dont like your curly hair they have straightening things [[like reverse perms]] but then all it will do is be straight. it usually wont curl or anything 2 if you are rocking your hair color good. but if it is plain get some highlights or dye it. 3 what kind of close do you wear? if your a girl dont wear boys clothes. [[unless its your boyfriends ;) ]] and a mans hoodie is ok sometimes.

God is very happy with how you look. he did not say “oh lord have mercy she is ugly.” God loves you any way you are. and if you realize that and not care what other people think you should be happy another cliche. you cant expect someone to love you or think your pretty till YOU do. :]

Answer #5

I think that personality is what makes someone attractive, not just the physical. I am hardly good looking but I am comfortable with my personality and therefore try to be confident even if I’m not. And if it’s guy’s you are worried about then don’t worry nice guys don’t care about looks it’s personality that appeals.

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Wow, Toribabi91, you beat me to that where you said “God is very happy with how you look. he did not say “oh lord have mercy she is ugly.” God loves you any way you are. and if you realize that and not care what other people think you should be happy another cliche. you cant expect someone to love you or think your pretty till YOU do. “

Anyhow, now you have it from two folks.

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sounds like you have some self esteem issues, dont listen to people who are rude and stupid by saying that your weird, I wore headgear in public 24 hours a day for about to years, I know what it feels like to look bad, but to get through it just look at yourself and say your beautiful, hang with a crowd of friends who arent judgmental and like you for who you are, and love yourself in your own skin, as soon as you accept yourself the rest will fall into place:)

Answer #9

hmm…get some professional help.

Answer #10

Personality Is what makes a girl pretty – Pretty girls that have a bad Personality are very unattractive. Stay as you are .

Answer #11

SHUT UP. I doubt you’re ugly, as very few girls are. Perhaps smile, and get that whole ugly mindset out of your head.

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This is ridiculous…

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thats mean of your fam and friends. but if it makes you feel bad avoid them, maybe straighten your hair, try out new clothes, and try makeup. also…make new friends.

Answer #14

Sigh. It’s easy to say no one is ugly when they are not the ones being so openly rejected by so many. Tell your family that it hurts you to be told that you are ugly. If they persist, understand that the ugliness is coming from them. Then go get some help. 2/3 of all “ugly” in modern standards is just not the best style choices and grooming. If your hair is very curly, to the point of being unmanageable, talk to a good stylist about what can be done to cut it, treat it or manage it. Listen to good advice. Being short is actually considered very attractive in girls, you can wear heals as high as the sky and still not be “too tall”. Play with your assets, learn to dress around what you consider your flaws.

Don’t worry so much about your nose, lots of really, really attractive women have big noses. Go get someone to help you with makeup so the rest of your face can compete with it, then embrace who you are. No, not all of us get to be “beautiful girls”. But the advice above isn’t that bad. Rising above what other people think of you, and trying to look presentable enough that you feel good (or at least OK) about you and can focus on other things will help a lot.

Anyway, we are who we are. And that is lovely, even if it’s not pretty by today’s standards. No one should be able to make you feel worthless over things you don’t control. That’s them being ugly, not you.

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