The sims. PS2

in the sims number one on PS2 how do you get promoted to career level four? I know its something to do with a strip poker table but I cant seem to find it in the buy mode…how and where do you get one? do you have to throw a house party first or something to get it? or do you have to get a certain amount of money or something. as I said im just stuck on this one bit. details in your answers would be great. thanks all who answer.

Answer #1

The important things to do to get promoted are:

Gain enough skill points (cooking, mechanical, creative, body, logic & charisma) Make sure your sim is happy. If he/she is unhappy they won’t get promoted. It may also help you get promoted if you strengthen friendships. If your sim’s personality is quite nice and not too lazy, this could help you too. Make sure your sim has had enough sleep and their hygiene is not low. Sometimes completing certain tasks will help you get the promotion.

If you do all of these, you should have no problem getting that promotion. =o)

Answer #2

ok, I’m not on that bit, but I know how to do it: if you have a routine for your sim (I.e. go to bed at 8:30, wake up at 10:00, eat at 1:00 dinner at 5:00) then make sure, you have your party (if you have one-that is) after you’ve slept fully, eaten, had a bath (or shower-depending) been to the toilet so you don’t wet yourself in front of your guests and basically have had fun (I always find reading a book helpful) then your party should go great. I found a trick, if you are at your party and ask someone to be your roomate and they say, “No, get to know me a bit more, then I’ll be your roomate.” (experience) then before you have your party, get to know someone anyone, and invite them to the party, at your party get to know them a bit more then ask them, whoopay! there you are. just make sure you know them a lot before your party. Socializing helps get you promoted, and also being green. I’ve found that if you do all your sims’ fav things like reading, eating a lot, toilet, sleeping in- then they’ll go green a lot which means promotion! and if u’re thinking, “ok, green for one day, promotion!”then u’re wrong, be green bars for three days, maybe even two, and promotion, not just one because then u’ll be disappointed. about the strip poker table, I believe you have to unlock it, probably by having your party and or promotion, keep your money up by selling all the windows the people have like Mom on the first level (she doesn’t need windows in her bathroom, people could peek!) keep selling, u’ll have tons of money and that’s how, if you finish all the windows, promotions lead to more money from work. hope you complete the game (by the way-second last level you get married and have babies!) and good luck! hope I helped, anymore questions about sims, I’ll answer.

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