What names to call my boyfriend?

what are som names 2 call my boyfriend?

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I used to call my ex nay nay boy because he was called that as a babi and I added the boy at the end to make it cuter but I call my new boyfriend kawaii because it means cute in japanese and hes SUPER cute and I luv japanese

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as they said it should come by itself. a great guideline is that it could be something that has a cute or funny story behind it like I call my girlfriend monken because of something that happened with her friend.

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... How about his name?

You dont need a pet name.. one will form on it's own... My boyfriend calls me Miss Cutie.. and I call him Mr Cutie.. it's not normal.. we were just having a cute fight when it happened lol

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what about babylove, or hunnybun..or babyboy..sunshine?

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u kan kall him bby or boo. like me and mii boyfriend kall eachother mrs.murk and murk or laydee murk, mrs.knox or mommie and daddi

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im not sure but I call mine lil bear because I call his dad mr bear :D thx to the size of that man!

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I call mine papi he calls me his mami I call mine sweetie or nene

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thats "cute"! lol

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I call mine bubby cause im normally known as bub

also a nice one I read once is boys (or males) also like to be called handsome so whenever I greet him I often say hey handsome or cutie, sexy,, mr. (enter last name here) it all depends on the guy really..

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My boyfriend calls me Baby and I call him Baby and he says I love you and I said I love you too.

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mr. horny pants

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I call my boyfriend
hun and he calls me sweety,sweetchecks or sweetstuff haha lol and I love my nick names and I love him <3

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I call my girl Mrs Spunk Bucket. She loves it and calls me Mr Massive Dick and if she doesnt ... there is trouble!

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I call mine nobcake.

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haha, pet names can often be very nauseating. funny nicknames in a relationship are wayy better cause then you both laugh at each other. it winds them up too :)

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Here is a list of cute nicknames:

•cutie wootie patutie brat
•Angel Bum
•Angel Cake
•Angel face
•baby cakes
•Pooh Bear
•Booger Muffin
•Boogie Bear
•suger cookie
•Cheeky Monkey
•Chunky Bunny
•Snuggle Bunny 
•Cutie Patootie
•Cutie Pie
•Monkey Buns
•Peanut Butt
•Pickle Head
•Pooh Bear
•Puddin' Head
•sweet cheeks
•teddy bear
•gummy bear
•cutie pie
•jelly bean

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He Calls me Beautiful And I Sayy Hey Smexii LMAo...just Think Of A Cute Name to Give Him :D

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booskie (boo-skee)
baby boy

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brownie cuhs mine boyfriend
darkish & he yummiee (:

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my boyfriend calls me babe and I call him hottie or hot babe

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well I used to call my ex "cute head' lol, I was standing at the door and he's inside, when sticked his head out of the window I said: hey cute head, and I kept on calling him that!! he used to call me "sweet red" "because my face is red most of the time..
now I still like him, but he cheated on me, so now I call him "headless" :(

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I calll my boyfriend
Tiger.x or trouble
bubbie bubby bubz bub hunnnieee
hadsome sweet baby babe
anyways heaps :P

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my boyfriend gives me a new name everyday xD
I just stick with "my love" I cant think of anything else

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ummm well
I called my ex
Tiger.x ummm trouble .
bubbie hunniiieee hun .
umm bubz babe bub
I dont no everythinng

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My boyfriend grins like a fool when I say "hello gorgeous". He absolutely loves it :D He calls me pretty girl or beautiful or just baby

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A simple 'Babe' is always a cute winner, but putting a spin on it, for example, 'Baby' or 'Baby Cakes' is really sexy and sweet.
But if you call each other these all the time, you might want to switch to even more romantic stuff-how about a simple but lovely 'Sexy', 'Beautiful' or 'Handsome'? When I ever call my man this, he goes wild! I think it's because 'gorgeous' or 'sexy' or 'handsome' is telling him that he is exactly that and it also reassures him.
Also, if you have an embarrassing name you want to call him, such as 'Cutie-Pie', you may want to leave that behind closed doors-calling him this in public is just embarrassing and somthing his mother would call him whilst pinching his cheeks.

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Just call him hun.. that's sweet and simple :)

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