The Not-So-Nice Girls

OK, there is this teeny group of girls in my school, and all they do is gossip and spread rumors about others, and insulting what they wear, and do all kinds of cruel things. Nobody likes the lead girl, Irene (not her real name), I think even her other fellows are just too scared to stand up to her. I feel SO bad for them! Irene even ruined all my chances of getting a Principal’s Award (the BEST award at school, not to boast) by being a drama queen, and flouncng all around, crying, saying I did something. Here’s the deal: I never try to be a hint mean by Irene, and she ignores me all the time, except during the rumor part. Nobody has EVER told on her. How can she be SO intimidating?!?! What do I do?

Answer #1

Umm Wow That Sounds Like Me But Im Wayyy Nicer..I WOuldnt Do That

&& Irene Is My Name

So Why Are You using Me?Do I Even Know You?

Answer #2

ok well there is always ONE person in the school that is a bee-och like that..its the way of life! sorry but that is handed to you you gotta stand up to her. ok so I don’t know what grade you are in but that happened to me a few years ago when I was in middle school. sooo I just took matters into my own hands and stood up to her. I was just tired of her being all in charge. you dont have to suck up to them..or be complete and utter bee-oches..just make sure they knw that you are not a person to mess with. dont let them stomp all over you. thats what I did for a while and it sucks. dont be like I will “cope” with..nooo you need to get some people that hate her and gang up on her or something. not like a school fight but do like mean girls the movie. just dont end up like lindsay lohan did..k? lol make sence? if you have anymore questions mail me! (sorry about the bee-oches..they wouldnt let me put the word)

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Answer #4

Girl they just INSECURE if you say “Boo” they’d probably jump! Never let another female intimidate you no matter what. And walk with your head up to the sky. always think of yourself as ‘da sH*t’ lol

Answer #5

SHe is JELOUS!! All you have to do is make sure you stay away from her. Keep doing what your doing and DON’t say or do anything mean to her cause all its going to do is come back and bite you in the a**. good luck!

Answer #6

Dont give her the satisfaction of seeing you being affected by what she does, pretty much just ignore her…shes only doing that to get a reaction out of you, if you seem unaffected she’ll lose interest

Answer #7

Tell her to cut it out. If not, do what every girl would want to do: Beat the F**k out of her and if she tells, HA! I bet the school knows her pretty well by now.

Answer #8

Some people are just leaders, honey. They have people that cling to them because of their stance. She probably had money and/or had many parties, right? Oh, and this may seem like a stupid question BUT- is she hot? because men will blindly follow a rack.

Answer #9

‘pwincezz_irenemarie’ … she was just using the name Irene as an example, its no big deal and has nothing to do with you.

As for the question… All you can really do is stand up for yourself - I mean if you truly want something than you need to be willing to fight for it. Good luck.

Answer #10

She (Irene) sounds like a bullie…Too bad because she will never have real friends… Just be yourself and don’t give her the attention she wants. Probably doesn’t have a real home life… Call her to the floor if she lies and you can prove it. Anyway, these kind of people are all around…you’ll find them everywhere. I simply avoid them because I don’t have the energy to deal with them… Tell her to grow up…she just wants attention…and the wrong kind… take the high road… good luck…make your own good friends…

Answer #11

get your friends to fight her lol sounds cool but then you would get in trouble …unless you get her off school grounds lol let me stop

stand up to her, dont be scared and make sure someone has your back so you wont look stupid on your own.

Answer #12

Theres girls like that at my school they are a year younger than my class but they always act threatening they kept picking on this popular girl in my class calling her names and saying they would beat her up. Now I am actually friendly with one of them they dont care about who it is they get a kick out of bullying anyone so dont take it personally its not your fault.

Answer #13

im the kind of person who that if I have a problem wit someone I tell them and in your case I would stand up to them and I would probably get into a fight if she was that kind of girl

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