The most annoying question

What is the most annoyin question that people asks you or ask on here???

Answer #1

Or when people ask stuff like what do you like better?

this or that? Coke or pepsi trucks or cars ds or psp

This is an advice sight is it going to change someones life if they know that I like coke better than pepsi

Answer #2

hahaha I agree w/ confused lil girl those ones are sooo anoying!lol

Answer #3

I had sex, is there a chance I’m pregnant?


Answer #4

can I get in contact with _??

                                        insert celebertiy's name here

those kinds of q’s get on my nerves!!!

by the way anyone know how I can meet Tokio hotel in person??? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA just kidding just kidding :)

Answer #5

what I dislike the most are those Jonas Bros questions … NO, NO,NO

We don’t know there contact info Don’t know and don’t care How many nose hairs Nick Jonas has …

Blah blah blah blah … those are really annoying !! or those

Am I fat? , Am I ugly? am I pretty?




I love this site though

Answer #6

‘Dawnathen maybe people ask those questions to get to no others better!!! I acually made a survey about what people prefer and some liked it so wats the big deal?!?! Oh and the most annoying question I think is: Am I pretty!!? because my b/f or my friend don’t think so!!! I mean come on now there just fishing for compliments!!! It shouldn’t matter what people think!!!

Answer #7

So I spelled it wrong. You know I meant site. Jeez. I’m not a mean person you know, theres no need to nit pick what I do.

Answer #8

AM I PREGNANT? I mean honestly they are the only ones who could possibly know that… go get a pregnancy test!

Answer #9

I’m so fat, how do I lose weight?

Those q’s make me want to scream into the computer


Answer #10


Answer #11

The questions asked to get celebrity contact information. And especially the ‘How do I look?’ questions.

Answer #12


Answer #13

The Questions about Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus..I mean come on..seriously…lay off those silly tweeny questions…please. your never going to meet them…maybe for only 2 seconds..but your not going to date them…lol…

maybe I should keep my mouth shut..haha.

Answer #14

How do I lose weight… easy do the opposite of what you did to gain it… excersize and quit eating junk.

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