How did The Jonas Brothers get discovered?

How did The Jonas Brothers get discovered?

Answer #1

Nick was getting his hair cut when a lady walked in and heard him singing.Then she knew a producer and the producer wanted 2 c if others had talent and they did. Originly it was supposed 2 b Nick only

Answer #2

Nick Jonas was 6 when he was getting his hair cut and then he started singing to himself and a talent-scout was there and he got a record deal and he and his brothers wrote a song and then they were the Jonas Brothers. I MET THEM AND HUGGED ALL THREE OF THEM ON AUGUST 2ND 10:00 AT NIGHT!!! THERE CHEST WAS SOOO WARM AND I JUST HUNG ON AND DIDNT LET GO!!!

Answer #3

Nick was found in a barber shop, a producer was there and she liked his voice. When they to record, kevin and joe came with him, and she asked if they could sing well. When they recorded a song with all three of them signing, the company LOVED it and they got signed.

Answer #4

Because their parents are both musicians, family time consisted of sing-a-longs around the piano in their NJ home. Youngest brother Nicholas’ voice was “discovered” while getting his haircut in a local barbershop. At first the offer from a record label was for solo artist Nicholas. But when they discovered the talent of his siblings, it was then changed to a group act!

Answer #5

well Nick jonas the youngest one was discovered there first but then joe and kevin asked nick if they could write a song together and they sang it and the music agent loved it and signed all three of them”P JONAS BROTHERS ROCK!! THEY ARE HOT!!

Answer #6

they were like in a barber shop. nick jonas started singing. then, someone discovered him there. so, he was like hired to be a solo artist. but, the manager or producer also noticed that he had brothers who were like as talented as nick jonas. thanks to nick, the jonas brothers were famous already! I love kevin jonas!!! :D

Answer #7

Nick Jonas went to get a haircut. While he was getting his haircut a talent-scout was there. He talked to Nick about getting a record deal. Soon the talent-scout found out about his talented brothers. Then they started being the opening act for concerts. Finally they became famous. So on and so fourth

Answer #8

Nick was discovered in a barber shop when he was 6 years old. He was signed to a solo contact, but his manger saw how much talent his other brothers had. So they signed all three of them on. Frankie might play the drums when he’s older. That’s what he’s older.

Answer #9

im not really sure how that happened but that phone nomber im going to write in down and give it to my friend. she is in total love with hem. on her b day she had a kareoke party and the only songs you could sing were theres!!!

Answer #10

I don’t know but I want to know. I think the Jonas Brothers are hot don’t you.

Answer #11

nick went to get his hair cut at a barber shop and he was singing when a lady walke din and told him he was really good and call a manager! Yapp your welcome!

Answer #12

is that phone number real

Answer #13

Nick was singing to himself when he was getting a hair cut and someone heard him singing and he got a record deal and wrote a sogn with Joe and Kevin and they were singing together and than they all got a record deal as a group!

Answer #14

yeah when nick was like 4 he wz getting a hair cut and at the barber shop and nick just started siinging and a producer heard him and she put them on brodway when he was 6 years old then they found out he had 2 musical brothers and then they were going 2 become stras and they almost decided 2 call them selves the sons of jonas.

Answer #15

i love them and jb 11 is right nick was the start

i hope they eventually add frankie to the group wen hes older lol


anyone who loves the JB can message me or comment me

Answer #16

They got discoverd oin a barborshop

Answer #17


Answer #18

Nick was discovered in a his local barbershop in Nj and was originally signed to a record deal as a solo artist.but Nick ,Kevin and Joe, had already written some songs of their own and they wanted to put it on Nick’s album and Nick told the producers that him AND his brothers wrote the songs,they saw that they had talent so they signed them as a group instead. By the way I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!

Answer #19

How did they get famous because of Nick? Just tell me, HOW?

Answer #20

just call them they will respond call them at (818) 748-8887 try it !!!

Answer #21

i dont reallly know but i think they became famous cuz of Nick.

Answer #22

in a barber shop

Answer #23

I think they were discovered in a barbershop, and someone told me that one of them was on broadway.

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