The doctors are stumped! Any suggestions?

I was a healthy 27 year old female until 2 months ago when I got three sessions of sclerotherapy injections (around 50-60 injections) per session. It could just be a coincidence, but I was healthy before this. I do have polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypoglycemia and am lactose intolerant.

Symptoms (listed from most concerning to least)

  1. Randomly almost blacking out. Nothing seems to bring it on. I am not anxious or nervous prior to it happening. I will be sitting there and all of a sudden I start to blackout, become flushed, seeing stars, dizzy and my heart feels like it is beating very hard. I have never completely gone unconscious, but have come very close. It has happened on 6/25, 7/1, 7/8, 7/9, 7/22, 8/7, 8/20, and 8/29.

  2. Chest discomfort/pressure/squeezing in upper left chest. The discomfort is also constant at this point but does decreases when I apply pressure to the area. The pain increases with exercise. It will sometimes reradiate up into the left side of my neck, jaw, and left ear. When the pain/pressure goes up into my neck it pulsates with the beats of my heart. I constantly feel my heart pounding in my chest and the left side of neck. When I sit or lay down by head seems to move with the beats of my heat. It seems like my heart is beating very had, not fast just hard. I also experience a lot of fatigue with this. This symptom seems to increase slightly throughout the day and peak in the late afternoon and evening.

  3. My head frequently feels full and it is sometimes hard to focus my eyes. I frequently feel slightly dizzy. I will get sharp pains in my temples and sometimes a sharp pain or tingling feeling on the top right part of my head. Will on occasion get some ringing in my left eat for a few seconds.

  4. Muscle spasms/twitches in right shoulder. It will usually start out that the front muscle of my right shoulder getting tight and then it will start to twitch forward. Sometimes it will stop there, but sometimes it gets worse and will twitch forward, up and around and then my shoulder blades with contract together. If I am moving around and doing stuff it will not happen. It only seems to occur when I am relaxing or not using those muscles. The first time it happened I had no control over it and it lasted for over 24 hours. It is now to the point that it is infrequent and if I concentrate I can get it not to spasm, but as soon as I try to relax, it will start back up. When I wake up at night my shoulders are frequently sore, tight and sometime my shoulders to the middle of my upper arms are asleep. Occasionally my entire left arm will be asleep.

  5. Discomfort/pressure in my right side. It is 2-3 inches up from my hip bone and near the base of my ribcage. When I stand up it is more towards the front. When I lay down I feel it more towards the side and back.

Tests Completed

7/15/08 – 24 hour heat monitor, no symptoms during test EKG – Done at first ER visit and at Dr’s office 7/27/08 – MRI of brain and neck 7/27/08 – Ativan prescribed by ER for muscle spasms, didn’t work 7/28/08 – Muscle relaxant prescribed by Dr. for muscle spasms, didn’t work 8/15/08 – Naproxen prescribed to see if it is inflammation (helped slightly) 8/22/08- 6 day course of steroids (seemed to help the first two days, then not at all after that) 8/27/08 – Ultrasound of right side Lots of blood work!


5/29/08 – First sclerotherapy injections for large varicose veins 6/24/08 – Second sclerotherapy injections for large veins (around 50-60 injections) 6/25/08 – First ER visit. I was at work sitting at my desk at around 3:00 PM when my left forearm got tingly then the tingling was replaced with a cramp on the underneath of my forearm. My heat was beating very hard, I also got flushed, dizzy was breathing heavily and felt like I was close to passing out. Paramedics checked my blood sugar and it was fine. 7/1/08 – Spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy injections (55-60 injections). Completed at 2:45 PM 7/1/08 – Second spell at 5:30 PM. Again my left forearm got tingly then the tingling was replaced with a cramp on the underneath of my forearm. My heat was beating very hard, I also got flushed, dizzy was breathing heavily and felt like I was close to passing out. 7/8/08 – 9:00 AM. Again the same symptoms. 7/8/08 – 9:40 AM. Again the same symptoms. 7/9/08 – 10:00 AM. Again the same symptoms 7/9/08 – 12:30 PM. Again the same symptoms 7/9 – 7/26 – Felt slightly better, but felt like I kept having heart palpitations off and on and was fatigued 7/27/08 – Second visit to ER. When I woke up in the morning around 6:30 am I was having very strong and uncontrollable muscle spasms in my right shoulder and shoulder blades. 8/4/08 – Got Mirena out and heat palpations immediately stopped. I felt great the next two days. 8/7/08 - 2:30 PM - My heat felt like it was beating very hard and fast, I also got flushed and dizzy. Went away in a few minutes. 8/8/08 - Slight chest pains in upper left chest. Felt like it was squeezing 8/9/08 – 8/10/08 - Worsening chest pains in upper left chest and up left side of neck by jaw 8/11/08 - Worsening chest pains in upper left chest and in left side of neck by jaw. Had to frequently pee, almost seemed like a bladder infection, but it went away the next day. 8/12/08 - Went to aerobics class, had to leave class early due to sever chest pains and pains in left side of neck. Pain in chest decreased when heart rate lowered but the pain/pressure in the neck did not. 8/13/08 - Went to lift weights had to leave. Squeezing feeling in chest, sharp pains in chest, pain/pressure up left side of neck, pain radiated into left shoulder and left arm. Pain in chest decreased when heart rate lowered but the pain/pressure in the neck did not. Last time I could exercise 8/14/08- Worsening symptoms, Heaviness in chest, squeezing feeling, Pressure in left ear, muscle spasm briefly returned in right shoulder, shoulder now feels weak and fatigues easily. 8/15/08 – Started naproxen for suspected inflammation, seemed to help just slightly 8/21/08 – Pain/pressure in right side started, loss of appetite, went from 128lbs on 8/21/08 to 121.5 lbs on 8/28/08 8/22/08 – Started 6 day course of steroids for suspected inflammation, seemed to help the first two days then stopped being effective. 8/27/08 – Ultrasound of right side. No findings. 8/29/08 – 9:15 am and at 11:30 am while driving stated to become very dizzy, flushed, started to see spots, heart started racing, felt like I was going to back out.

8/30 – 9/1 – Was very fatigued and chest discomfort increased with any bit of physical activity. 9/2/08 – Present – Have felt like I have more energy, but if I try to exercise I quickly become fuzzy headed, dizzy, fatigued and have chest pains. I have gotten my appetite back and have gained back 2.5 lbs. I still occasionally get some slight pains/cramp on the underside of my left forearm. And occasionally get the shape pains in my temples and on the top right of my head

Answer #1

I agree with the editor: panic attacks can cause a lot of those symptoms. I had a problem that started with migraines that eventually turned into chronic lightheadedness (lasted over one month), palpitations, nausea, vomiting. I thought I had a terminal disease, turns out I was having panic attacks!! I started lexapro and xanax and I feel so much better! I wish you luck!

Answer #2

allergic reaction to the shots maybe? I dont know!!!

Answer #3

it is your back I bet. do some research. I have the eact same thing. Stop with all the med go natural. Get your back to a therapist!!

Answer #4

this looks like a case for doctor gregory house if only he was real maybe he could figure out what was wrong with me

Answer #5

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!       Maybe you have an allergy to something you occasionally get around or maybe an allergy to something you are occasionally eating.

When experiencing those events in the future, write down anything that you have been around that you weren’t around during previous days and anything you’ve eaten that you hadn’t eaten over previous days.

Answer #6

I’m sorry I won’t be of any help, but I just want to tell you good luck! You’ve done amazing by recording all of this information. I hope you get the care you need.


Answer #7

Is it possible that it could be anxiety? Or panic attacks? They can make you feel short of breath, dizzy, spasm-y, etc.

Answer #8

I went through almost exactly the same EXACT symptoms you described several years ago. I thought I was dying. I had every doctor (and there were several of them) telling me it was all in my head. Man was I ticked, I was a mother of 3, had been working at the same place for 15 years, and had a healthy marriage. I finally went to a DO (doctor of Osteopathic) and she really did some research. It was Panic attacks. She gave me several articles about women, hormones, and symptoms of panic attacks. It’s kind of like when you get startled by something and your adreline spikes. With a panic attack, it just doesn’t go back to normal. I couldn’t believe it, but after reading “my” symptoms plus ruling out the medical issues, I felt I had to try to get them under control. She put me on a light dose of anti depressants. After 3 months, I took myself off of them and just want talk myself through any episode. It’s been about 12 years since they started and I very rarely have one anymore, but when I do they are mild and I just go on with my life. I hope this helps…

Answer #9

Another thought too:

Standard sclerotherapy injections contain “lidocaine”. They do have injections that “do not” contain lidocaine. Many of the symptoms you are describing, are indicating a possible allergic reaction to lidocaine…muscle twitching, vision changes, etc.

Probably a good idea to check with your doctor about a possible allergic reaction to lidocaine. It also, very well, can be the primary cause of your symptoms.


Answer #10

There is a condition where a sack of fluid can form around your heart and cause similar symptoms (pain and dizziness). I don’t remember what that condition is called, nor do I know if it would necessarily show up on an MRI. I’m just aware that it exists.

I also believe that a high “bad” cholestoral count could cause similar symptoms.

I have read in the past that problems with liver and kidneys can cause “upper body” problems somtimes.

Might I suggest just trying two simple things? They would cost you absolutely nothing, and the worst that could happen is that they don’t work. And, if they would help out… then it would be a “plus”.

Overall, it sounds to me like your body is not getting enough oxygen. Lack of oxygen in your blood stream would make you dizzy. Lack of oxygen in your blood stream would cause muscle cramps and pain. Lack of oxygen in your system would also slow down your digestive system (poor oxidation of your food in your digestive track). Lack of oxygen in your blood stream would begin to create problems for you when you are at rest and your respritory system is slowed up. Lack of oxygen in your system would also cause problems when you exercise and your body needs more oxygen to function. And lack of oxygen to the brain could cause headaches, and, cause your heart to beat faster as it trys to get more oxygen to your brain.

What I would simply suggest are these two things to try:

1). Sleep with a small fan blowing directly on your face at night.

2). Practice deep breathing exercises throughout the day. These exercises are

  rather simple and come from breathing exercises as described in the study of
 "Thi Chi".

  Basically, you inhale slowly through your nose... and you basically suck in as 
  much air as you can .  You draw in enough air so that your stomach moves 
  outward (below your diaphram) as the bottom of your lungs fills up with air.

  You hold your breath once you are full of air for maybe about 10 seconds.
  Then you open your mouth slightly and allow the air to escape slowly.

  You simply repeat this process throughout the day for about 5 minutes at a time.
 (In fact, you can even practice this laying flat on your back in bed if necessary).

What these two things will primarily do, is increase the oxygen level in your blood stream and give you more energy overall because of that.

My guess is that you will begin to notice that you have less fainting episodes, less upper chest and neck pain, and less headaches.

One final note, increase your water intake a little more as well. Water is two parts oxygen and it helps oxygenate the cells of your body.

Like I said, to practice these two things would cost you absolutely “zero”. And there is a pretty good chance that you may find them most beneficial in combating all the pain and drugs that you are going through.

I Hope This Helps Some. Good Luck !


Answer #11

To the lady who is experiencing these problems…u r not alone and I can tell u what’s wrong with u. If u still have this problem (considering this was written 2 years ago-email me at think I can help. I know many people who were in the same situation as u including myself.I saw ur post and joined this site in hope that I could help me if u still need help

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