Whats the best female piercing?

Can anyone tell me [with experience or knows someone who has it] what’s the best “female” piercing with the least threat of losing sensation ?? I’m thinking about getting one, juss weighing out the pros and cons like I do w/ all my piercings, lol.

Answer #1

Yeah thats true, and it can be from many reasons…

But I know that Canada, France and Germany all same the same stuff… I’ve heard some rediculous stuff in the US though… I had an industrial done in the states and the piercer was trying to convince me it’d be healed in one week.. =| idiot…

Wow 2 weeks haha very silly I agree…

Yeah it does, how its done, how thick the gauge is, muscle vs. fat tissues, how much it’d be moved around, how well its looked after, etc.. theres so many things that can affect it…

I only have 25-30ish atm I stopped counting haha Mine have healed anywhere from 1.5months (septum) to 1.5years (navel), I’ve had many navels reject as well… and all my lip and lob piercings took around 2 months… cartillage ones took 3-4months…

Hmm I’ve never had a set time for ALL piercings… but I check around and if somethings supposed to be healed in say 3months I’ll change it in 4 if I feel like its healed…

Answer #2

yeah, the lady who pierced my navle also did mine really crooked to the left side. I figured I looked better without it so I took it out. too bad the scars still there because it was half grown out when I finally did!

Answer #3

lol, yeah my navle rejected as well and took around a year to heal, I had it in for about 4 years and then decided to take it out a few years ago and the girls who were told there tounge ring was healed in 2 weeks were from the US

Answer #4

the tounge can take up to 6 months as well, no piercing should be changed or taken out in 4 weeks. perhaps people in different countries think it takes less time, but every piercing requires at least 3 months to heal

Answer #5

Uhmmm not according to any of the professional piercers I know… Most say 2-3months some say 4-6weeks…

I know an earring takes 2-3months as well… But a genetalia dosen’t take 3-6months as far as I’ve heard… a navel takes that long though…

haha yeah the christina is hot xD

Answer #6

Haha no problem xD

Answer #7

actually a gentile piercing can take 3-6 months to heal, and possibly more. an earring takes around 2-3 months but not a genitle piercing

Answer #8

well then its difoicult to say nipple piercings can cause a loss of sentaion and so can getting your clitoral hood done there is no way of saying which one has the least chance

Answer #9

@terrible tash..THANK YOU. lol :]

Answer #10

The nose duh! It praticly looks pretty on everyone (eccept guys) lol…deginatly the nose

Answer #11

the ear, or another part of the ear even the ear has risks, but its without a doubt the safest place to get done, unless you get it done by some inexpirienced idiot at a salon or mall

Answer #12


thanks :] lol

Answer #13

belly button,nose

Answer #14

ohh no I have my belly pierced already, srry I relly should’ve specified..I MEAN GENITALIA. lol srry and I know the queston is anonymous but it’s me..I don’t know how to not make it anonymous lol..but yea I mean female private parts..I’m thinking about gettn it

Answer #15

I’ve heard people from different countries say the profsioanals there told them things take less time than they do when asked over here like some girls I talked to were told there tounge piercing will be fully healed in 2 weeks (which is silly) the healing time obviously depends on the person, some people might find it healed quickly while others found it healed much later than what they were told I’ve got 34 piercings and they generally healed in over 3 months, my nose piercings took 6 months, my navle when I had it took a year, ect and the earrings I have only took a few weeks but its generally best to wait at least 3 months before changing something or taking it out, unless its a genitle piercing, then you should wait longer

Answer #16

Hmm thats definatley weird…

Cause I’ve asked around here in Toronto, I’ve also talked to pros in Montreal, Paris and Hamburg lol and they’ve all told me 2-3months of 4-6weeks…

Well tongue takes 4 weeks… but theres nothing to heal faster then that, except for maybe one of the oral web piercings…

I think its cause the skin/tissue is different down there… ? I’m not all too sure…

Answer #17

No way not the tongue… That takes 2 months at max… Its cause of the saliva… It speeds the healing process up…

Well I agree with that, I wait for 2weeks-1month after its supposed to be healed to change anything…

I don’t know I’ve lived in many places and always heard the same thing… So =S

And not everything takes 3months… My septum was fully healed in 1.5-2months… that healed the quickest for me.

Answer #18

Theres a lot of female genetalia piercings that you can get. None of them will cause a loss of sensation though. [[Well it won’t as long as its done right, but if its done wrong you can lose some, most or all sensation…]]

The VCH, Triangle, Fourchette, Clitoris and the HCH are said to increase pleasure/sensation whatever you wanna call it =P But the VCH and the HCH are more common. The Triangle, Clit and Fourchette are rare to do because of placement and not eveyone has the skin for it.

Haha some more common ones to get are probably the Christina or the Labia… They’re surface piercings so they don’t add any sensations.

Personally I like the way the christina and the VCH look the most though =]

OH! & any piercing down there will take around 2-3months to heal.

Answer #19

everywhere I’ve looked..it says genital piercing takes no more than 3 months..like my belly piercing. so terrible tash is right..

Answer #20

I’ve had 2 navels reject… one was on the top and the other was bottom left diagonal… I had one that I had to take out from an infection… & I had to take out one I got in the states… It was done too high up and it was SOO crooked, it had like .5mm width from entry and exit point… Navels are just problematic for me… But I love them haha

The US tends to have mad bad info… Like the piercings I’ve got there are generally fine, and the good reputable shops are very sterile… but I wont believe anything the piercer says… they’re very mis informed…

Answer #21

all the profesionals I’ve talked to say 3 months at least, nothing, not even an ear takes 4-6 weeks to fully heal

Answer #22

yeaaah..I’m feelin the look of the christina..A LOT.

Answer #23

hmm belly button

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