How can i thaw out my steaks quicker, would it be okay to set them in a sink of warm water while they are in the pack?

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Not warm - cold.
Placing them in warm water will begin the cooking process and place them in the *danger zone* for too long. You'd be surprised at how quickly they will defrost in cold water.

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Hmm...okay thanks you Colleen. :)

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Should I put them in the water upside down, or right side up?

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I'm not sure it matters, but I would say upside-down.

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If they float, turn them upside down

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Okay thank you very much. I appreciate the help. :)


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The pleasure is all mine :)

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How do I know when it is completely thawed out? I touched it, and it is mushy, but I don't know if it is completely thawed all the way or not...

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It will feel soft and pliable....if you remove them from the package, you should be able to tell

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opps srry i answeared the wrong question!!

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i flatten them out before freezing...stack them with cooking paper in between and then put them inside a freezer bag.
that way they dont become an 'ice-block'...

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Put it in the Microwave and press defrost!

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Microwaves in my house are as rare as ufos.

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Yip, tepid or room temp water...I defrost all my meat this way...then I wash/rinse it after.
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