How can I get prettier for the guy I like?

I really like this guy But he says I’m ugly! How could I change to change his mind about me?

Answer #1

You shouldnt have to change anything for some guy. And if he says your ugly is that the kind of guy you really want?

Answer #2

yeah should be your self and not somthing that someone evlse wants you to be! i hope this is good advice for you hope it works!-stephani

Answer #3

You don’t need to change. Nobody is ugly, and if he’s rejecting you because of your looks, you don’t need that fool, anyway.

Answer #4


Answer #5

he’s rejected you alredy hunny just forget him loads more other dudes!!!

Answer #6

Who care about him. Be yourself

Answer #7

Try a taser.

Answer #8

Sorry, but I find your situation absolutely disgusting, It makes me want to barf just thinking about it. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when guys have unrealistic expectations out of girls, but you know what I hate more than that? When girls are stupid enough to play right into their hands. It doesn’t sound to me like you think you’re ugly, you’re just doing this to impress some guy who you won’t see or here from again once you’re out of school. Instead of focusing on people who are either dissing you or completely ignoring your exsistance, appreciate the people in life who not only love you, but actually give you the time of day. As far as this guy THINKING you’re ugly is one thing, but actually straight-out saying it is just plain low. People are allowed to and will think whatever the hell they please, but most of us have enough decency and respect to keep those snide little remarks to ourselves. You need to stop degrading yourself and focuse on a guy who shows you love and respect and thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are. And I’m sure you are beautiful, there’s beauty im everyone if you really look, even the most unexpected people. it’s all about how you perceieve yourself and others, this boy’s perceptions are clearly very jaded. If YOU think you’re ugly, send me fun-mail and I can help you more with your self-esteem, because seeing as I’m having problems with it myself at the moment, I can truly empathize. Anyhow, the bottom line is that this boy simply isn’t worthy of you or anyone else and beauty extends far beyond looks. Females nowadays view themselves as toys for men. They want something, we abide. It’s absolutely disgusting. If there’s one thing I’ll never be, it’s another desperate b*h, who does all this st for the attention of guys. Trust me, be yourself and show respect to others and guys will distiguish you from all those stupid girls out there and you’ll find someone who’s really right for you. Best of luck, peace! P.S. Who the hell do guys think they are with all their crazy expectations out of girls that they’re not meeting themselevs? Sure, this guy may be easy on the eyes, but in the long run, that’ll get him nowhere. Do you really want to be around someone who is likely to be lazy bum with no job or sense of right from wrong in the future? You need to look beyond looks.

Answer #9

Well, to tell you the most straight-forward opinion I have…Is to forget about him. He doesnt deserve a girl like you. You can find a much better guy than him. One that will love you for who you are inside. Sure guys want a pretty face right? But actually, alot of the guys notice that even if that special girl ahs a pretty face, and they personality stinks…they push them out. Well what I’m trying to say is…be who you are, Be the person you wish you can be, not for your looks, but for what really matters, your personality. Be someone you could be proud to be. Someone that people can look up to. Not exactly super heroes or anything, because noone can be a super hero. Be a role model. Set things straight. Don’t get involved with things that don’t concern you. The best person in the world that you can be…is you! Beleive it or not, your the one who controls your future, make what you want for YOUR future!

I’m positive that somewhere, out there there’s someone who loves you for who you are and wouldn’t want you to change at all! You just havn’t noticed that person, or maybe that person could be one of your closest friends. But when you find that one who loves you fro who you are, you won’t need to change. ^.^ I hope this helps!

Answer #10

ALL THESE ANSWERS ARE SO BAD! except dingolingo Im trying to get prettier too,, I know im already pretty and have a good body but I wanna get BETTER and make him want me even morE! dingolingo your answer helped meee: )

Answer #11

Greetings fellow user, You may be having this problem for the folowing reasons, also I hope you enjoy my help, and rate my advice, Thank you very much, and enjoy the help below!

  • In my humble opinion, you don’t need to change at all, you need somone that likes you how you are, except for in the cases that your not taking a shower. or something like that. Maybe also, it may not be a good idea, just to be stubborn and say he has to acpet me for who i am, You can also try losing some weight if your over weight, or if you just want to be healthier, but you shouldn’t have to change lifestyle just for that guy. -Hope my advice help you, Don’t forget to rate =)
Answer #12

Get hair extensions - men love with with long hair

Get your lips plumped with restylane (0.5 ml)

Get your nails done

Get a facial so your skin looks smooth and spotless

Learn better and creative ways to apply make up

Exercise and eat healthy (not too many carbs) to lose a bit of weight, most people look better a few pounds thinner!

Wanna know more no B-S real secrets behind female beauty?

Answer #13

No one should EVER degrade another human being like that. He is UGLY for saying such a thing. You should forget him.

Answer #14

i agree with the others who have posted here. you dont need to change just to get this guy to like you.try to forget about him.

Answer #15

listen forget him ya no that he may not bee cute and 20 years and you find this other cute hunky strong funny man and ask yourself what have I done marrying this ugly man? sum people may have another opinion about how cute he is .

Answer #16

Ugh what a jerk. Listen hun if a guy calls you ugly leave him alone. I hope he gets a ‘’pretty’’ girl and treats him like crap. Obvoiusly he isn’t good enough for you if he thinks your ugly. Don’t push yourself to get ‘’prettier’’ for an ignorant guy like that. Find a guy who respects who you are and what you look like and your life will end up 1000 times better than his will. :)

Answer #17

If he thinks your ugly, let him go! He’s not the guy 4 you. If you have to try hard before your even in a relationship, then you should stop and try to find someone else who like you for who you are! However, if you REALLY want to get him, don’t try makeup. It clogs pores, and doesn’t do too much for you. First try smiling more. It always enhances beauty. Also more confident. If this still isn’t working try putting your hair up in new more attractive fashions. And before you do ANY of this, think if he’s worth it. Will he be this important to you in another 20 years? How ‘bout 15? 10?

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