How to check text messages on my fiance's phone?

Is there any way to recover the actual message that is sent in a text message? I am getting ready to get married and I think my fiance is messing around on me b/c I am seeing tons of text messages to a certain person that we have had issues w/ before. They are just text messages, but I did not know if there was any way to recover the conversation that was going on between my fiance and the other person? I dont want to go through w/ my wedding if there is something going on and it is coming up pretty fast (Oct.) and I need to make a decision…any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer #1


Talk to him first.

If you can’t trust him over something as petty as text messages, then you’re not ready to be married to him.

You can’t found a relationship on “maybe” or “I hope so”s.

Answer #2

mind your own buisness.

Answer #3

If the messages haven’t been deleted off his phone then you can check in the inbox and sent box, but obviously you have to look in his phone or ask him to show you the messages if he has nothing to hide.

If you have doubts about him then you need to sort this out before your wedding day.

Good Luck

Answer #4

you should go to the part on the phone that says messages or messaging and click inbox to his messages

Answer #5

I am also want to check my fiance’s messages,is there is a way means please tell me.

Answer #6

I think that you need to trust him…if thats your fianc’e then obviously you love him…don’t let sumthing as petty as some damn text messages ruin your relationship…u need tew trust him…real talk

Answer #7

sorry, but I personally would not get married. if the 2 of you had issues with this person then why does he continue to talk to her? And, of all things behind your back?!! sorry, no trust, no marriage!!

Answer #8

Doesn’t sound good. Since you’ve had issues in the past with this person as you’ve stated, then he has absolutely NO business texting her and he’s not being respectful and honest with you. This is a RED FLAG…and a very obvious one! The fact that he’s sending these behind your back, makes the contents of them irrelevant. Remember…people, by nature, don’t repeat things if they’re not getting something out of…otherwise we don’t do it. Whatever the contents of the messages are, were inappropriate (or he wouldn’t have immediately deleted them) and he most certainly derives attention from this other individual or he wouldn’t keep repeating this. This is a character trait and they usually don’t change in people. If it’s not this person, then some time down the road, it will be another. The best judge of a person’s future is their history!

Answer #9

lol I had to do that too. call the cell phone company an ask of a copy of all incoming an outgoing text messages

Answer #10

depends on what kind of phone he has I had a phone that all deleted messages went under deleted items if I didnt delete them from there they were still in my phone your gonna have to get a hold of his phone

Answer #11

If you contact the company they can give you a list of all text messages. But I agree with cowpunk, if you don’t trust him don’t do it.

Answer #12

im sorry but why are you even looking in the first place? dont you trust your love?

Answer #13

I think you need too buy a spywear thing they sell online too recove them or call the cellphone provider as I’m gnna doo to find out if they have away. but that thing is called a Sim Card Spy and recovers all text msgs. that had been deleted… I was looking for answer and googled and thats what I got!lol good luck=D

Answer #14

If he deleted them from his phone then there’s no way you can see them. But if he hasnt, than they should still be in his outbox or inbox. Good luck!

Answer #15

want to check my on messages

Answer #16

You better make sure - if you enter the marriage not trusting you’re in for Heartache…I wish you the best !!

Answer #17

Well say you just broke up with a guy because he was cheating on you and you want to know for how long. Did you ever think bout that huh? no I dont think so! dont coment on chiz you dont understand!

Answer #18 its 99.00 it might be worth it. It works on laptops and other things. He will lie if you ask him get the proof first! Remember “What you seek you shall find” or “what doesnt come out in the wash will come out in the rinse” So make sure your ready for what you may find. It could be another

Answer #19

hay if it dosent work out with him just send me a text im about to get married soon and my fiance is always on the computer doing somthing on funadvice huuummm! I wondr what she is doing??? LOL

Answer #20

there is absolutly a way I was caught dealing drugs by my dad thru erased msgs but his frien is a private investigator so I dont know how he did it.

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