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Yeah ok, so im a little crazy. I’ve never been anywhere outside my country when I was old enough to remember it, and im taking my first flight on my own. Its this huge complicated thing, I have to take a few diff flights to get to my destination and switch carriers… The travel time is more than 20 hrs… Anyone got any advice to help alleviate my fears? I have never been where im going and im kinda worried I’ll get lost or lose my luggage or get stranded in some foreign country. Lol. Help.

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It is natural to be afraid of flying if this is your first time. Just remember, flying is a lot safer than riding in automobiles.

You’ll do okay. Just don’t let things rush you and cause you to get flustered. When possible, just be a little prepared.

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well your first time doing anything on your own is scary…so its normal:) but just be very organized and know where and what your doing at the airports don’t be afraid to ask for help from anyone at the airports double check your flight times and where your putting your luggage as long as your keep everything under your eye, you shouldn’t have a problem just focus and know that everything will be ok and if anything does go wrong it can be fixed good luck! traveling is fun once you get through the complicated stuff

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One: If your luggage gets lost, it just got put on a different flight for the same location. Has happened to me, just be calm if it does happen. Two: If you’re afraid, don’t think of where you’re going. And getting on an airplane is like a bus. You sit down, and the ‘bus’ turns. Once you’re comfortable look out the window. My first flight I was jumping up and down. Drink Mountain Dew and take Pain pills before the flight so that you’ll be hyper more than scared. Stay calm and safe. You will be fine.

Answer #5

Try reading about your destination and buying a guide book like Lonely Planet. This will help you be better prepared to get around once you are there and it will also get you excited about getting there. I’ve flown a million times and I still remember the first times trying to figure it out. It’s normal to be nervous but don’t hesitate to ask for help from the stewards or information desks. They are used to helping people. Instead of thinking of all the awful things that can happen, think of all the great things that can happen ex.: watch a sunset from the plane, meet a really interesting and nice person, discover your actualy pretty good at not getting lost! Have fun.

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