Why are my breasts sore?

I wonder if anyone can help me?...can somebody tell me why I have tender breasts? they hust so bad, I cant even touch the nipple without them hurting badly. I know im not pregnant becasue I havent had other symptoms...what do you think?

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Sometimes breasts are tender to the touch before, during or after your menstration. I find that if I drink lots of water and keep as healthy as I can, my breast tend to hurt a little less. But they are still tender every month during my cycle. Sometimes I take medicine for menstration it does relieve the discomforte but not always.

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yes my breast are sore right before my period not during...the pain hurts more the just right before my period...

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you might be pregnet you may want to get that checked out

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are you about or on your period

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Hmmm, I dont think its usually during or after your period, with me it's right before, when I'm PMSing.

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