Why is it so hard to be a teenager?

I thinlk being a teenager is the hardest time of your life, and at t he same time the most exiting time.. it’s so scary tho.. It’s crazyy !! So many things happen in my head..:S that’s my biggest issue. I have a great life and i like school and i have good friends.. but I deal with lots of panic/anxiety attacs and crazy crazy crazyy mind things that i don’t know how to explain.. Also sometimes i can’t even think properly.. and i feel like im gonna forgeteverything. Its sooo scary :S Sometimes i feel like im the only one in the wolrd who feels like this its too crazy.. And I was wondering if anyone else has ever felt like this when they were or if you are a teenager..? It would make me feel better to know im not the only one, im scared somethings wrong with me

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I think cause life changes the most during your teenage years. I had bad anxiety, still do. Which I’m on medication to help with that. maybe you should go talk to someone, and then they can evaluate you properly to see if maybe you should go on medication.

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Ok, thanks for your help :)

Answer #3

Most teenagers do have a hard time. Our bodies change, we start feeling shy and insecure, our hormones are imbalanced, we can’t always tell between right and wrong, we want to experiment crazy things like alcohol or clubbing, we have pent up feelings, school and the future stresses us out, etc. I think if you had an anxiety disorder you’d have a horrible time. I have one, and it’s terrible. I worry over EVERYTHING, and I didn’t listen to people when they said I wasn’t quite right. I think it’s just stress or shyness, or maybe you’re an overthinker.

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Maybe because You think Your grown when Your a teenager I guess I mean I’m a teenager now & I’m about to be grown because I will be 18 in 8 months , time flew girl.! But now since I have Jesus in my life things aren’t so crazy as it use to be I mean I’m far from perfect and there is still some problems here and there but with the strength of God You can overcome things .!

Answer #5

It has always been hard. Teenagers are no longer children but not yet adults. You want an identity beyond being your parents child and being old enough to see your parents faults you resent still being subject to their tyranny. Chances are you are experiencing normal teen angst. If you are really having trouble with it you should talk to someone but chances are you are going through the same feelings everyone else is.

Answer #6

Fear. Grownup body, but many teenagers struggle with emotional maturity, I know I did. Emotional imaturity is constanty thinking of yourself, and being a victim. I basically lacked empathy, and thought the world revolved around me. Seek direction from someone you look up to. It is OK to say to someone, “ I am scared, I dont know where to go from here.” It is easy to tell yourself that you are somehow different from the millions of other teenagers on the planet.

The teens that seem to do the best are the ones that either have aquired some kind of faith, or the ones that get “other-centered” at an early age. In other words they find out that helping others in the key to this thing called life. Getting out of ourselves. Do you really think we are only here for ourselves?

Answer #7

Personally my teenage years where really bad because i have asbergers syndrome and it would single me out with other teenagers and people MORE than it did when i was younger.I also had a bad experiance when i was 13 which made me grow up quicker as i learned how touph life is.

Answer #8

cuz we obsess over the litle thing -.-‘ lol

Answer #9

You know, just reading your title had me going, I’m new to fun advice, but when I actually read your description behind your question, my jaw dropped. Your 15 years old? Girl, I am 18 and I did not have the mind set you have now when I was 15 years old. I have the mindset you have, at my age right now. Minus the panic/anxiety attacks, the “crazy crazy crazyy mind things that i don’t know how to explain” Is what I experience the majority of the time. Now, considering you say you don’t know how to explain them, I don’t know how to either, but then again, I don’t know what you mean by your crazy mind things. My personal suggestion is, that if you don’t want to voice your thoughts, meaning talk to someone or get help for what you’re experiencing, then I think you should really free write. Open up a page to word document, and just type your feelings, type everything that goes on in your head, or if you like to write, write everything you feel. Keep a journal with you and just write in it whenever you feel the need too. I love to write, but sometimes, I can’t keep up with my thoughts when I write, so I just open a notepad, or word document, and just write everything on my mind, whether it makes sense or not, because I know in the end it will make sense to me,and only me. I feel like since everyone is so different in this whole world, your question can’t really be answered. Yeah we all have the basic answer, that our bodies change and this and that, but at the same time, our age is just a number right? Just with a “teen” at the end. But no one in this world has experienced what any other teenager has experienced. We all have different family backgrounds, and I personally feel like we bring it among ourselves to think it’s hard being a teenager because teenager has a definition. I tell you, at age 15 I never had the mind like you, why? I partied too much to think about crazy crazy stuff. Now that I’m a little older, and matured a little more, I’ve been really looking outside of the box and would have some crazy thoughts running through my head. This is why I was astonished to see that you, at 15 is feeling this way at such a young age. I can already tell that you are very mature for your age, and a very strong girl, I believe you are smart enough to overcome these feelings/thoughts/anxiety issue that you have, It just takes some time, your still young and have much more of life to experience!

stay strong!

Answer #10

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Answer #11

‘Cause it comes when you are not ready for it. No one cares to teach you what it means to be a teen. You just figure it out yourself, and that’s the hardest part. Most parents are too “polite” to answer teen questions.

One thing you have to know about being a teen is that it makes you over-estimate just about everything. When you start getting like, oh it’s not a big deal, you are no longer a teen. Meanwhile, act like you are not a teen. Get busy and don’t think about it.

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