Teen bedroom idea?

ok. my room is small. it has a eggshell wallcolor and a..like.. whiteISH carpet that is kinda grey at the same time.. cant explaine that.. but it has white trim. my furniture is mixed colors. I am on a low budget and I CANT paint the walls so DONT SAY IT! what should I do to make it teen-ish and.. I want it … well I need to make a vanity because I have TONS of hair products and a lot of clothes. so what do I do?

Answer #1

as far as the vanity thing… I would go to goodwill. sometimes they have really nice ones for a great price. and dont get discouraged if you dont find one the first time, keep going back!

Answer #2

Easy vanity - cheap too. Go to a thrift store and buy an old desk that has drawers. They usually cost around $10 - 20. Paint it a fun color or get some cute material and use it like a tablecloth. Or get two small bookshelves and put a wide, thicks board across them. Put baskets on the shelves to hold your stuff. Dollar stores have cute plastic baskets for a dollar.

Pick a cute bedspread and buy a twin or full flat sheet that matches. Use small nails or tacks to put it up on the wall behind your bed. Center the sheet to the center of your bed and hang it at the top of the wallwhere it meets the ceiling. You can even pin photos or stuff on the sheet. Colorful throw pillows will make you bed look cuter.

Answer #3

Okay… so… it’s hard to tell, not knowin’ what you like and dislike… but… you can paint the walls, lol, jk~

Save some wall to put your clothes and hair stuff… You don’t need a big bed (only if you’re plannin’ on heavin’ fun with your boyfriend/girlfriend). Try findin’ some place for your PC, TV and some more random stuff you may want to have there. Well, think about something you like… Me, for example.. I love music. So I have music stuff all over the place… posters, CDs, my guitar…

Ok, I didn’t helped at all, lol. But just fill your room with things that you like…

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