What is up with this teacher?

Okay I’m a little freaked out by this teacher lately. He isn’t my teacher but the first time I noticed him is he’ll always be sitting in front of his classroom near my Cosmetology class and I always past him when I’m walking there. I sorta noticed him kinda staring at me but I decided to ignore it and that it could be nothing. Then one day he’s actually in the Cosmetology room and he’s sort of making lots of jokes and he also was asking the class who’s the loudest and who’s the quietest. Of course people point to me when he asks who’s the quietest since I’m very quiet and really shy and don’t talk much. He just replies with “I can tell by looking at you”. Then he asked me if I was smart like one of the smartest in the class. Then I remember him talking about hair? I’m not sure. I couldn’t hear exactly what he said but I think he said something about my hair. Then when he’s leaving the class he just points to me and he goes “You’re special”. I was the only person he said that to. I found it weird but decided he was probably just trying to be friendly. Now I always see him when I’m walking to Cosmetology and he’s always staring at me and I’m pretty sure he stares at all the other girls who walk by. He always comments on how quiet I am and he’s like “Are you like this in every class?” And I tell him pretty much and he just said he was curious. Then just recently for school I was having a day where I was more dressed up than usual. Just a shirt with a skirt and black tights and I walk by him, he’s staring again and he just goes “Look at you all dressed up today. Pretty”. Then the next day, he’s staring again. Finally I just go “You stare a lot” because it was the truth. And he just goes “I stare a lot? Nah I’m just spacing out”. I totally doubted that. Then he just goes “Do I make you nervous?” I sorta replied with kinda. Then he walks into the Cosmetology room and goes “I didn’t hear you. I said do I make you nervous?” I sorta just made a weird face and I’m thinking why the hell does he care so much? Then he just goes “I’ll take that as a yes”. Then he walks out. Now I’m not sure if I’m just exaggerating about him. It’s just weird how he is and the worst part is that he’s not attractive whatsoever which freaks me out even more. Anyone have any idea what could be going on here?

Answer #1

wow what a creep:) seriously u need to talk to ur parents and go down to the principal office..i have seen grls on here with the same problem heck on tv too..where this teacher falls in love with one of his underage students.. i am not trying to be mean but hes scary me already

Answer #2

I KNOW! I’m like damn am I the only one noticing how totally creepy he is

Answer #3

get some evidence on him..make sure u let some grls know how he is and so they can keep an eye on him and it won’t be just u telling the principle

Answer #4

Thats…. really weird. Even in you ARE just being paranoid, he still seems like a douche. Maybe talk to parents or a school conselor about it?

Answer #5

Sometimes it can be that he cares? I have had teachers do that, because like you I am very quiet in class, and teachers wonder why I’m this way, if something’s wrong or stuff like that. Some teachers are aware of their soroundings and they seem to be creapy but sometimes they don’t mean it that way. Also he might be traying to be friendly because he sees you all quiet and meaby he is traying to get you outhere? Meaby he is just one of those crazy teachers, there are many of those believe me. I don’t think that there is something wrong with a teacher complementing how you look, Many teachers have done that to me, they say, ‘ I like how you do your makeup’ ‘ that shirt is cute on you’ Sometimes they are not traying to be creapy they are just traying to bust your confidence. If he really is making you feel that wierd, best thing to do is to tell someone so they can talk to him about this, meaby his way of doing thgs aren’t working out.

Answer #6

You could be right. I just don’t like it when he stares. When people stare at me especially if it’s someone I don’t really like it really creeps me out. I’m probably not gonna do anything for now unless things get even more creepy.

Answer #7

Yeah it’s understandable, I don’t think nobody likes it when other people stare speacially a teacher :/

Answer #8

I am 44 yo. And a man pluss a teacher. Hitting on you tel him to back off.

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