Tattooing "semper fi"

Is there anything wrong with getting Semper Fi tattooed if I am a Marines girlfriend? It means always faithful. I have not come across that tattooed on a girl. Is there something wrong with it?

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andrew 89 "semper fidelis has been the motto of the u.s.m.c longer than any of those other countries

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Honestly, Don't do it!!

Semper Fi is a quote for the marine not his girlfriend.

If you were in the Marines go for it. But it would look kind of ridiculous honestly.

Especially because you too are not married.

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1 It's not just a marines thing it's a Latin thing and there are plenty or countries who use it like great Britain all throughout the 19th century ... and all these others for example...

Portuguese Marine Corps

[[Semper fidelis is the motto of Portuguese Marines (Fuzileiros).

Canadian Forces Base Valcartier

Semper fidelis is the motto of CFB Valcartier. The base was originally erected as a military camp in August 1914.

Swiss Grenadier Regiment

Semper fidelis is the motto of a Swiss Grenadier regiment formed in 1943. There was no Grenadier Regiment in 1943. The Grenadiers only formed one company in each infantry regiment.

The Republic of China Marine Corps

Semper Fidelis is the motto of the Republic of China Marine Corps since April 1, 1947.

Hungarian Government Guard

Semper Fidelis is the official motto of the Hungarian Government Guard since 28 August 1998.

Military Institute of Engineering, Brazilian Army

Semper Fidelis is the motto of the 1st company of the Brazilian Military Institute of Engineering.

Serviciul de Protecţie şi Pază

Semper Fidelis is the motto of the Romanian Protection and Guard Service, a company which is concerned with the national security and personal security of officials in Romania.

Submarine Force, Chilean Navy

Semper Fidelis is the motto of the Submarine Force of the Chilean Navy.


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get his namee**

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Well maybe get his or something. :)

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Thanks for the advice :)
I didn't know all of that, that's what I asked before actually deciding that I was going to get it.

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As a former Marine, It's a brotherhood thing really, It's purely your decision, but I would ask him about it first. We have a sense of earning because we have went through so much crap to get our Eagle Globe and Anchor, that I would also say, I wouldn't. Huge pride issue here with it. Sorry to be blunt, but that is from an overall standpoint.

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semper fi is a marine thing. so unless your in the corps then no dont

What tattoo would you get. Im bored.

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