Tattoo without parent knowing..has anyone done this?

ok so I want a tattoo and I would like 2 no if I could get it done without parents knowing or haveing to sign anything.

anyone have any ideas

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I havent done that yet. the only thing I have on my body that my parents dont know about are my nipple rings. its pretty scary because they have always told me if I pierce anything on my body, other then my ears, they will rip it out.

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True they're not fashion accesories... I think they know that. But what if it's something that REALLY has meaning, something that acts as a memory of some kind to them? They'll like having that the rest their life so it doesn't matter.

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yea. that is what I think. Its your own body and you should be able to do what you want with it, no matter what your parents say. I want my tongue pierced but my parents say if I do they will kick me out. I am still going to get it pierced ha I just need to find some where else to live. And yea I have a tattoo and my parents have no clue, I got it done on my hip and I just make sure to where cloths around them I have had it for 2 years now and im still safe :) so if it is something you really want then I say go for it :) but dont do it yourself that is really dangerous and probably wont turn out good at all.

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you should not get a tattoo...because once you get a tattoo your blood will be useless for other person like your relatives if the nid blood transplant.Dont wait the time that your father will needing your blood and you cant do anything about it...what a shame.what kind a son are you if you done that.. they say "pagsisisi ay laging nasa huli"

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thinboy is an idiot... wow... ignore their advice fer sure lol

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I got two buh thats cuhz I know people thah do it.yu shuld do it.I love tattoos.

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I think you have 2 be like 18 to get a tatoo in the U.S. you can only get one at a younger age if your parent or guardian comes with you or they give permission or something like that.

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Your parents sound like idiots metalgirl... sorry, I mean no offence by it but they do lol
There's nothing wrong with piercings OR tattoos! It's your body so you should be able to do whatever you want to it.

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You can do tattoos yourself, but it is dangerous and unsanitary, so I wouldn't recommend that.
If you know people who do them, ask. But otherwise, you have to be 18

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hahaha yeah..

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actually while thinboys advice came off as stupid, a bit of it is true
if you want to be a blood doner,
tattoos prevents that for about a year after its done
so you dont get the other person infected
other than that
legally you need to be 18
never do it yourself
and it probably wont be easy to hide
unless its in a very private place
if its something you want on your arm, legs, ect
theyll probably see it
its easier to wait for a while so you can fully make up your mind
decide what you want
and are prepared to still want it 5,15,30, 50 years down the track
because there not fashion accessories

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It could work... but chances are they'll find out so you might want to just tell them and have them go with you to permission, or wait until you turn 18, that way you can have them done right, butwon't need parental consent. NEVER try to do a tattoo OR piercing by yourself. It's not safe or smart... save that for the professionals who actually truly know what they're doing. The only way a homemade tattoo would be ok, is if it was either drawn on or it was a fake one you see in stores or something.

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im not a son...

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um if you have a tattoo and you gonna give blood it don't matter any more as long as you had around 3 months with it they will take your blood now man people need to update there shit but yea get a tattoo find a shop where to get it with out parents thats what im doing

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