Do you have a tattoo; if so, are you looking forward to the premiere of NY Ink?

It started out as Miami Ink, then branched off into LA ink with Kat Von D and now it appears to be coming full circle with the premiere of NY Ink. Personally, I don’t have a tattoo but I enjoy them.

Answer #1

i dont have one.

Answer #2

Since you do not have one do you still have an appreciation for tattoos?

Answer #3

the aint just my thing i guess.. but i think some are cute. u know, am not just into them. but well yeah! looking forward to the premiere of NY ink doesnt sound so bad.

Answer #4

I’ve got one, I love Miami ink, Kat Von D is a huge c*nt, and she’s really not that cool of a person. As for NY Ink, Im content with Miami Ink, though I havent seen it in a long time, not too much of a tv person.

Answer #5

Well, if you give it a try hope you ejoy it.

Answer #6

Nope i don’t have a tatoo! I don’t mind them tho…..I truely hate it when ppl judge ppl becuz of tatoos….hatterrzz

Answer #7

I understand about Kat Von D, I use to be a fan. I am a big fan of Ami from the old Miami Ink and look forward to seeing some of the old gang from that show minus Kat Von D. Miami Ink disappeared when Ami and Kat had a big falling out on the show.

Answer #8

I have I have 5 tattoos, but I have never really been a fan of the ink series. I just never really got into them.

Answer #9

I haven’t met too many individuals that have negative things to say about tattoos but then again it’s not something one discusses in normal conversation I guess.

Answer #10

I guess I look at tattoos as a form of art, an expression of oneself. I’ve met some people who I’ve asked about their tattoo and they’ve been kind enough to share. I became interested in Miami Ink because it’s not as easy as it looks, quite challenging in my books. I know when one has done art work and sees the end product, it certainly brings a certain satisfaction.

Answer #11

I quite like tattoos if they’re not stupid, like they mean something, not just some name or picture you’re gonna regret having on your body. I don’t have any as I’m not even 16 years old yet XD but I would like a couple when I’m older. I haven’t seen Miami Ink and haven’t heard of NY Ink until now but I have seen LA Ink and I thought it was alright. What do you mean about Kat? Why is she a c*nt?

Answer #12

I don’t have one yet, But I LOVE tattoos. I love seeing the creativity come out on people through their tattoos and the color some are so unique! Also on guys it’s super hot seeing them.

Answer #13

I agree with you on the art part. Each of my tattoos holds a special meaning to me and have a lot of thought behind them. I’m still working on my sleeves though……I’m not sure what it is about the show, I’m just not a fan. I’ve watched a few Miami and LA episodes, but they just don’t capture my attention. :(

Answer #14

It was Satansheadbangstometal who called her that so you’ll have to ask him about it. Kat Von D has had many a fall out with numerous individuals on her show LA ink who then left. Her fan base suffered as a result i’m sure. I haven’t come across any stupid tattoos yet, but i have come across some that should have gone to a better tattoo artist as the colors did not do their tattoo justice at all. Ami was my favorite character from Miami Ink, and so was Corey. It’s too bad Corey made his exit along with Kat from Miami, he could have come back full circle with NY Ink.

Answer #15

Yes, i love tattoos as well though i don’t sport one and never will. I love the art aspect to the whole thing, color and creativity, especially the more intricate the better. A story on human flesh! …. yep! know what you mean about tats on guys however at my age the art aspect yields more interest, unbelievable, huh? :)

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