What tattoo should I get?

For my sweet 16 (which is may 21st) I might get a tattoo. What should I get?

Answer #1

My advice would be to get something that you love and won’t regret later and whatever you do don’t go with a piece of flash, have the artist custom design the tattoo . I think your idea about the cancer ribbon is good, it would be one of a kind and be meaningful to you Personally I am glad that I waited untill I was 25 to get my first, I look back now at what I would have got when I was younger and laugh.

Answer #2

a dragon, make it coloured!! black and red!! or a skull thrown with flame following it!! or you can write your name in a weird font! lol do what ever you like!! but don’t do it like, umm… hearts, angels, girly stuff, etc. cause they’re ugly!!! lol!!! some people like ‘em, I aperitiate that, but flames skulls, etc, would be cooler!!

Answer #3

aha. eww. I still want 1. its not like imma get 1 all over my body

Answer #4

I have my fathers initials (who passed away due to cancer) on the upper center or my back..rite where the spine starts. its not too big and not too small. I love it.

Answer #5

A nice idea: Why not design something? If you like drawing or if there’s something that means a lot to you or some kind of thing you really like and wouldn’t mind having on your shoulder or something for the rest of your life, get that. Butterflies are always nice. A flower? On your shoulder, maybe a wing? Create something! I designed something that I’m really thinking of getting, and everyone tells me that it’d suit. Best thing, if you design one, it’s unique.. until someone sees it and decides to copy it or something. Hopefully won’t happen, but ya never know.

Answer #6

Hmm mine is hard to describe but the only way to say it, is that it is a tribal dream catcher of a sort. Like I said it’s more of an art. Maybe I should just take a picture of it and put it on here but I think that’s too much work =P And it’s only my left shoulder blade. I’ll probably just turn it into a wing of some sort though.

Answer #7

some lower back tattoo’s can prevent you from being allowed to get an epidural.. but my best friend had one and they still gave her the epidural… I guess it all depends. But then again you don’t have to have an epidural anyways… birth is a natural process and plus there are other kinds of medication you can get besides epidural…

Answer #8

My advice is, don’t get one. When you are old, the tattoo looks all deformed and gross. Trust me. My grandma has one and it looks like a big fatty, wrinkly inky thing.

Answer #9

some it depends on where yur going to get it. it it’s on a smaller piece of skin,get a smaller design and on a bigger piece of sking you can get a smaller or bigger desing.

Answer #10

A tattoo should be something that has a significant meaning to you. Something that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Never go with whatever is in at the time. You will regret it later.

Answer #11

whatever you choose, be sure to get it somewhere that’s easy to cover up as having tattoo’s can affect your chances at getting a job. or if you are going somewhere and need to dress up, a tattoo probably isn’t the most classy looking thing. So you want to be able to easily cover it up!

Answer #12

grr.. thats what im asking.. aha. what should I get. and whereee. because I have no clue what I want. but I want 1

Answer #13

we can’t really help u! It’s going to have to be something you like or something that has meaning for YOU! so just look online at tattoo’s or go to the tattoo place and look at the books they have with pics in them…

Answer #14

yeah. well is this tacky?

on my shoulder I wanted 2 get a ribbon thats like the breast cancer 1, but purple on 1 side of the end of the ribbon I want it 2 say ACS (american cancer society) and on the other it says daddy. my dad has cancer so I dun know if I want that.

Answer #15

When you’re old who cares how ugly the tattoo is?!?!? It is not like you’re going to be 80 walking around getting 30 year olds or anything and that tattoo will make sure of it. Com’on now people who really cares whenever you have wrinkly groins? Mine is native american because my wife wanted me to get something with my heritage lol. It is just art though and it doesn’t really mean anything except that I’m an injun lol. Everyone thinks it should mean something but then it just reminds you of something either sad or depressing or like your kids or somethings and I don’t need some piece of art reminding me of my past experiences whenever I can remember them for myself. Pick whatever you want :P

If you pick something on your shoulder make sure it’ll look good with any spagetti strap blouse or whatever. Because you don’t want it to show on your wedding day or anything :)

Answer #16

get something that you wont regret and that means something. I think people that get tatoes just for the sake of it are dumb tatoes are supposed to have meaning not just for deceration in the old days tatoes were usualy given as a marking point in your life something ull always charish and never forget

Answer #17

It either has to be meaningful or some piece of art that you like. I enjoy art so I go with that on mine. As for what it could be you might want to think about how your body is going to change whenever you get older cause it might stretch out or shrink compared on where you put it on your body. Like if you plan to have kids you might not want to put it on your hip or anything. Lower back is usually okay for the simple fact that it won’t change that much. Shoulder shouldn’t be too bad but it might stretch. Then after about 10 years or so it’ll start to fade and blend so you have to think about that.

Answer #18

I think tatoos on girls look good like around the hip area:D but as what to get im not sure it depends what you like

Answer #19

good point. I want to do lower back like middle. or shoulder. because those would be easiest 2 cover up.

Answer #20

ooohhh. got ittt

Answer #21

well a shoulder tat would b easy 2 cover. and you can put make up over it.

Answer #22

a butterfly<33

Answer #23


Answer #24

a SMALL heart, OR a small STAR!!!

Answer #25

I just need some ideas. lol

Answer #26

none?! im sooo gettting 1

Answer #27

what type of tattoo you want to get is really up to you!! though I do think a moon and star (black outlining, orange/blue moon and yellow/pink star) on the lower back of your neck or ankle is SEXY!! PLUS those 2 places don’t strech as much as you get older!! but the idea of the cancer sign is sweet and meaningful too =) **tip on getting it on the lower back: I’ve heard from a friend that you wouldn’t be able to get pain killers if you have a baby!! anoyhoo…good luck on desiding!!

Answer #28


Answer #29

good idea!! AND WHAT THE HECK JACOB! how did you know that I didnt want something 2 show on my wedding day.. creepy. :)

Answer #30

You need to get something that has a lot of meaning to you, who cares what others want you to get.

Answer #31

thank u

Answer #32

heres mine…

Answer #33

I really like the butterfly suggestion. I think its going to be really pretty.

Answer #34

yeah that would be a good idea… I was just thinkin about like neck, hand, wrist, things like that, are harder to cover up!

Answer #35

what tattoos do you have? anyone?

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