what is a really tasty beer?

going to go beer shopping for the first time in my life… going to have a party-ish, i like some darker beer (but not dark like angry bastard or whatever it is.)… any ideas on what i should get?

Answer #1

To be honest, no beer tastes “good”. They all have a foul taste.

Answer #2

Guinness Draft is amazing and it’s dark. They have these things in the cans and bottles that make the foam creamy as if you bought it on tap at the bar, sad thinng is, is that they’re now taking those plastic things out so that the foam isnt as creamy, look out for “Now better” or whatevr because those ar the newer ones.;)

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Answer #4

I don’t like the taste if beer, but I have only found one that I can stand to drink. Miller Highlife.

Answer #5

I see you are from Oregon. When I was there I tried a beer called the Rogue Chocolate stout and the Rogue Juniper Ale. Both of them were delicious, probably the best American beer one could expect to drink.

Answer #6

Icky, that stuff isnt beer, its p1ss water. You need darker beer. :D

Answer #7

They do if they have preservatives!

Answer #8

So not true, try fruit beer!

Answer #9

Fruity beer? You mean like grape flavored Smirnoff or something? I thought fruity stuff was wine coolers, not beer.

Answer #10

Fruity beer? You mean like grape flavored Smirnoff or something? I thought fruity stuff was wine coolers, not beer.

Answer #11

My friend who likes dark beers likes leffe brune. Thats all I can really say, since I only drink kriek beers personally!

Answer #12

No, as in made from fruit! Like belgian kriek beer made from cherries. I love bellevue kriek and kriek boon.

Answer #13

I don’t normally do beer but when I do I Corona, its nice and smooth

Answer #14

Hmm, I’ve never heard of that before. I guess they don’t have that where I live. :/

Answer #15

Leffe is very good.

Answer #16

While in Hawaii I used to drink Wailua wheat Ale with Passion fruit it was GREAT.

Answer #17

Lol, that’s what I drink…that’s probably why I say beer is nasty. :P

Answer #18

My bro’s crazy about Guinness, he’s got a ton of memrabilia:D

Answer #19

It depends on what you like. Beer is a complex mix of flavors. There is sweetness from malt, bitterness from hops to keep the beer from being cloyingly sweet, and specialty grains that add flavors like toast, biscuit, acrid, smoky, nutty, pungent. The strain of yeast also has a big effect on the beer flavor. Yeast that can convert nearly all the malt sugar to alcohol will make a dryer beer while one that doesn’t will leave more residual sweetness. Some yeasts ferment very clean while others add their own flavor to the beer. Ales are fermented at warmer temperatures and have a complex flavor while lagers are fermented at cooler temperatures and have a cleaner flavor. Certain grains are added to change the mouthfeel of the beer (thickness, ability to form and retain a head, etc.). Some beers have a comparatively high percentage of alcohol while others only have a little.

Some people like beers that are on the sweeter side, these are called malty beers and good examples are Bock beer, brown ale, and mild ale. There is even a beer called milk stout that uses unfermentable milk sugar to make it extra sweet. Stouts and porters use dark roasted grains to give it a toasted grain flavor. Other beer drinkers like beers with lots of hop bitterness, aroma, and flavor. Pale ales and India Pale Ale are good choices here. Beer drinkers who like a balance between malt and hop flavors should enjoy Bitters, Special bitters, and Extra Special Bitters.

The reason whey there are thousands of kinds of beer is because not everyone agrees what makes “a really tasty beer.”

Answer #20

I looked it up and that sounds great!

Answer #21

i like heineken export.. its not dark, but still.

you need something with a high ammount of malt but too much and it tastes like dodo.

Answer #22

It’s hard to find good imported beers in some parts of the U.S.

Answer #23

That would suck. In NZ we have heaps of boutique beer shops and Belgian beer bars.

Answer #24

lol…I have drank it a couple times. I prefer liquor over beer.

Answer #25

Old Rasputin is probably one of my favorites, it’s an imperial stout so it’s a heavy beer and somewhere in the ballpark of 12.5% alc content so be careful when partying with it!! But it’s wonderful, I also have become somewhat keen to the samuel adams winter lager.. The seasonal beers always get me! But also Good people which is actually a locally brewed beer for me is great, and of course you have like your blue moons, yuengling, sweetwater which are all great beers if you don’t have too much money but want something yummy!! (Oh and that last part rhymed :D)

Answer #26

Guinness is the sh1t, bro!

Answer #27

Short answer: if ya get a buzz off the 2nd, from then on taste don’t matter

Answer #28

I live about 40 minutes from the Belgian border and there’s a very large beer distributor there, I go as often as possible! Belgian beer is the best in Europe, in my opinion.

Answer #29

AxelB: In almost any town there is at least one store that stocks a variety of beers. Amazingly, an Asian market near me has the widest selection. I did notice one of my favorite stores no longer stocking maibocks which I enjoy from time to time and was told that since hard lemonades were getting popular they had to quit selling some of their less popular beers to make room. Blasphemy!

You can always do what I do; make your own beer. It’s a bit of work but I enjoy it and I enjoy the brew.

Answer #30

It definitely seems you can find a wide variety of beers in U.S. markets. In fact, you can find more variety of beer in most U.S. markets and restaurants than you can in German ones. But it just seemed imports were a bit limited to a select few familiar brands. This might have changed in the last few years and many American microbreweries are improvising brews that compete very well internationally anyway. And yes, brewing your own beer is very fun, since it lets you experiment without worrying about purity laws!

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