How do you get the taste of cum out of your mouth?

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Ummm...I guesss drink something like juice or milk...wwater....brush your teeth & mouthwash..flosss.

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umm this is a little inaporite quiston use mouth wash like listerine somthing that will sortof burn the taste out and if that doesnt work then ur just imagining the taste

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brush your teeth and rinse, gargle with mouth wash..

its not hard.

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you can imagine the taste of about two hours?

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Umm dude...I think you should just get rid of this...I mean I'm not homophobic or against gays butthis is just if I'm like this I don't wanna c what others might umm if your asking for someone else or whatever just use mouthwash and brush...if that doesn't work it's all in your head

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so if that doesnt work is there anything else i could try?

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yep things like that happen

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thats just odd

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no.. mouth wash is very strong and i cant see why it wouldnt get rid of it.

rinse twice.

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Umm dude but umm guess what free country he can ask what he wants he doesn't have to get rid of anything. It is not wrong and you need to grow ul

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Brush your teeth, use mouthwash, and then eat something. If it's not gone by then, then I don't know.

Cum sickness lol
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Hmmm you seem to know a lot about this....

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ive had bits go in my mouth but only my own...

lucking forward to the rugby world cup?


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what do you mean?

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How do you get it in your own mouth. Dont answer that! And yes, I get free tickets. You coming over?

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what ?
i dont understand...

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Talking to Matt. Sorry to have a random conversation on your question!

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Female or male?

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Try to keep like candy or something cold in your mouth, like ice to try to dissolve the taste. You could get a tongue scraper. Brushing your teeth/mouthwash only does so much, & your tongue is where the taste is. Make sure it's clean, it should help..

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i cant get in its a bugger :(

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the question is how did it get there?

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wow. he just said he isnt against gays. you need to realize that he is saying it nicely

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It's a legitimate question...

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It's obvious how it got doesn't really matter, you don't need that information to answer the question.

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lets see, a bj,

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Hmmm. He may need a dietary adjustment, because in good health, it's not supposed to taste horrible. Tell him a health food specialist said he should think about making some changes..

More fruit in his diet will help, as someone already mentioned, pineapple juice is good.

chocolat paste in the mouth would do the trick . it would reduce the effects so it would be easy to wash out the taste and smell .... fyi this one of the thing my gf does

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that is so irrelevant!

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what does she do?

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not really,
why do you think so?

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you could try anything from toothpaste to mouthwash to gum, flavoured candies, drinks, etc. anything that would cover the taste up and possibly wash it away

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well asking how it got there really doesnt affect the answer to the initial question

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thats true.

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Milk. Ironically.

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she uses chocolate paste

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and that works?

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haha, white stuff to get rid of white stuff, haha.

does that really even work?

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