how can you tell if someone taped your phone?

Answer #1

Honestly i dont think there is a way 2 no o_o

Answer #2

isnt there a number you can call? there has to be a way.

Answer #3

There’s a political scandal where I live now, where many people are arguing that the government tapped the phones to obtain the recordings, but, the government is saying that the recordings were leaked by the guys who had the phone call (eg, they gave the police the tape, for some reason). Unless you’re talking about a major, powerful government like the US, China, Russia, etc, I don’t think that kind of tech to see if something is bugged exists in the private sector at all.

Answer #4

uhm theres a phone tap detector but its like 10-30 dollars.Uhm not sure if theres a numba ur service provider might no ask them

Answer #5

im not gooing that serious but i think my my friend taped my phone where she can see everyting i do on my phone.

Answer #6

That’s…impossible, afaik.

If it WAS possible, trust me, there would be a whole country in an uproar over here over every dirty politician tapping everybody elses phones, shoes, etc.

Answer #7

ohh okay thank you soo much!!

Answer #8

what do you mean?

Answer #9

what do you mean?

Answer #10

Your phone company might know if anything is wrong with ur phone . So i say ask them

Answer #11

Uh-hu…”phone tap detector”…if there was such a thing, I’ll give you a thousand dollars just for sending me the link :)

I’ve got a few politicians I can sell them to in half a dozen countries in south asia.

Answer #12

ima google it i want a thousand dollars(:

Answer #13

Thats my thousand dollars D: lol jk

Answer #14
Answer #15

ha ha ha ha! I’m impressed. That seemingly exploits a problem with a blackberry only…not any random cell phone.

And…RIM (blackberry’s company name) would be out of business if they hadn’t fixed this by now…

Answer #16

(: but now i found out my moms ohone is taped…/:

Answer #17

pay up(:

Answer #18

that dude jeremy has 2 pay. Not me :)

Answer #19

Right. So your mom’s phone is tapped (unless whoever did it has a court order, that’s illegal)…and instead of talking to her about it, you’re posting online.


Answer #20

well she always thought it was but never found out. and its 3:37 in the morning here shes sleeping but i will be sure to tell her that it is.

Answer #21

I’m confused:

  1. That’s fake - an exploit in the blackberry software.
  2. If your mom updates her firmware, or operating system, the problem goes away on it’s own.
  3. It’ll be really hard to get a lawsuit going against whoever exploited the issue on the phone.
Answer #22

yeah well my dad is like that.. if you couldnt see..

Answer #23

There is. You hear a click.
I get it once in a while, and I wonder what it was. I have a brother who married an East German girl back in the 60’s, he told me when ever they call his wife’s sister, who lived in East Germany, their phone would always get tapped when calling. So one day, not too long ago, I was talking to my brother, who lived in Georgia, when we got this click on the phone, we both heard it. He said, “did you hear that click,” I said, “yes.” Then I said, “it’s the US Gestapo listening to us.” My brother said, “I wouldn’t doubt it, it’s just like what we would hear when we called my wifes sister years back, and I will never forget the sound.”
But I do know this when President George W. Bush was in office the government put in a computer system that picks up any word that might be subversive and immediately clicks onto the call. It’s part of the surveillance the US does to locate subversives. You now know that Big BROTHER is listening.

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