Talk me into buying an apple! Please : )

I’ve been using a PC for ever and really like Macs software and applications. I’m thinking about finally making the switch but am still a little hesitant. Can someone please make a case for making the switch? Please talk me into it : )


Answer #1

I made the switch over a decade ago, although I still have to use PC’s at times.

I’d never use a PC again by choice. They are just so “clunky” and awkward in comparison to Macs. And I can leave my Macs running for months without a single restart… no freezes, nothing.

I’ve had the same experience with wireless internet access as mentioned by thedude: the Macs connect instantly, but it often takes forever to finally get Windows machines set up properly.

And it’s the same with almost everything else. Plug in a printer or scanner and it just works. Plug in your camera and minutes later your browsing the photos, editing and adding effects on your Mac.

PC users are usually amazed at how easy Macs are to use once they get the basics down. Yet at the same time, they are ultra customizable. If you can use a PC, you can definitely use a Mac… your biggest problem is likely to be expecting more steps to do something than are needed!

Then of course there’s the virus issue… all that scanning and checking you have to do on your PC, slowing you down? You’ll leave all that behind with a Mac…

Great, stunning interface, super easy to use, stable, reliable, everything you need already built in and ready to go… my question is, when you can get all that on a Mac, why would anyone consider buying a PC? :P

Answer #2


Well yes I have been a mac user now for 19 years.. Everyone used to take the piss out of me, when all the games and the software was mostly for PC

And well, I stuck through it, and made 76 vinyl records and became a teacher of advanced music Tech..

Oh how the tables have turned now, most PC users are frustrated and fed up with windows, and all are looking to turn to Apple


And yes, sorry to say, but true, I agree with a lot of other comments on this page. How the hell anyone can use windows when you have OSX is beyond me for sure..


Answer #3

From my friends who are mac fans, they have said that Mac’s don’t freeze up or have as many “breakdowns” as windows. If you’re a developer / programmer, Macs allow you to run applications locally like linux, apache, perl, php, ruby, etc, that would run the same way (same code) on the web server you’d be using.

Also most everything works well out of the box, like the wireless internet access on our son’s Imac - the windows machines still won’t cooperate, and the Imac wireless internet has worked without a hitch.

I’m sure there are other reasons to make the switch as well - for example, for my day job, we’re going to switch after we have the capital together to replace all the machines, because we do sometimes require a local development environment & things work differently on Windows vs Macs + linux. Macs + linux stuff tends to work the same, so the local development issue is a big one for us.

In terms of the “fun” side of computers, the Mac applications seems as well thought out or better than the windows one, and the integrated desktop search is much better than the search function on windows for local files.

Hope this helps.

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