How much time does it take to upload a video from your computer to the funadvice video gallery?

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Like money??

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Thats why i always ask questions privately by funmailing ;(.lol i asked a question and right after 1 minite i got an answer,and which,s not exacly an answer but another question"Like money??"
But you made me laugh,thanks for that ;)!!

How do you upload videos on Funadvice?

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There you are Steve! :D

can we only upload videos from Vimeo & Youtube?
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Here i am ;),do you know answer of this question Lily ;)?

Who agrees that they should make it so we can upload videos from our computers?

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I ddon't understand the question so.... "No". lol. :D

How can I upload a video to show you guys - besides youtube or vimeo?
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Sorryyy...glad u got a laugh...

Why does it take so long to upload a video from the record from webcam option??!

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Oh well like twenty mins ago it said "how much does it take" but it probably only takes like 5-10 mins

Is it against the Terms of Use to upload videos of wrestling (WWE) here on FunAdvice?
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Okay thanks.Appreciated,dont say sorry ;)!!

Why won't video uploads work?

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have being trying to upload too... but to no avail

Why don't my videos ever work when I upload them from my phone with a status update?

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