Way to go swimming without using a tampon?

Is there a way to go swimming without using a tampon?

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Okay so about 2 months ago I sucked it up tampons ... no big deal haha

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Hmmm I have the same problem and everyone is saying use a tampon blah blah but ill be straight up, TAMPONS DONT FIT.. there. haha. 4th of july is coming up and I always swim when the fire works ar going off and this year I cant because of my stupid period. So im just gonna stay off my boat and hope for the best :(

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well the last few times I went swimming with my period I dident ware and pad or tampon and I was fine but after a few minuts I got it again but I donno and my friend just phoned me to go swiming and I said maby tomorrow but I donno and I have already had my period for 4 days and im only 11 so I dont know should I go swimming tomorrow or no? like im reading all of theses differnet ansures and all them are different on says yes you have to wear and tampon and then the other says no you dont ! so I dont really know am I doing the right thing when im going swimming or am I not like my friend jazz she got her period two years in grade 4 well and now im in grade 6 and were the only one with our period and her mom said when you go swimming it stops so ya have been going swimming with out one but now I read these and I dont know now what to do so should I go swimmig tomorrow or not ): ??? HELP HELP P.S I hate geting periods and my mom dont get them cuzz she went to the doc and did someting so I am the only one in my family who getts periods ALSO HELP HURRY !!!

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I have tried going swimming without a tampon before, I wore shorts over my bikini bottom and kept the bottom of me wet, but it was really hard when I got out of the water because the flow will start back up once you are out of the water. You could try doing that! :)

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You could use a diva cup which goes up like a tampon but it just collects the flow and not absorb it. You can wear it for 12 hours and it is reusable. I don't use one but you can swim with one. And there is no chance of TSS.

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I heard your period stops when you get in the water...but idunno maybe thats just one of those retarded mexican myths that grandmas say

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you can go swimming when your on your peroid if your flow is light-medium. The water will stop most of your flow but I woudlnt recomend swimming for a long time like that because you may bleed a little bit and that would create a very akward situation!

hope this helps! :D

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Using a pad whilst swimming will not work

It will soak up the water and will be very noticeable through your swim suit

So if you want to swim and you are on your period, a tampon is the ONLY option.

Except not to go swimming of course =]

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From what I understand, people have swam with only pads on and supposedly the water stops the flow...

but it seems like it would be quite unsanitary, and I wouldn't recommend that. I'd just either sit out of the pool, or use a tampon.

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Well the WATER DOES STOP YOUR FLOW. What you have to worry about is when you get out of the water. If you have a regular flow or higher. WEAR A TAMPON. If you have a very light flow, like at the end of your period. There is NO NEED FOR A TAMPON as long as you check, and you get out of the pool that blood is nowhere on you.

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Okay tmw. I am going to the beach Im 13 and I have a very low pain tolerancy I don't know what to do Im going to the beach but I have a white bikini and Im affraid that a tampon will hurt there are also 2 holes lol the one closer to the back right ?? LOL anyways please reply I might go with out and bleed EVERYWHERE like obliviously Im a virgin so Ahhh I don't know what to do like I dont want to break the whatever its called!

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