What do do for my Sweet 16 birthday party?

so my 16th birthday is january 15th. but my mom can’t afford a party, not even a little one. so I don’t know what to do? :[

Answer #1

Happy ‘Sweet 16’ Birthday !!! - mines january 14th ! but it’s been awhile since I saw 16, LOL - I’ll put my thinking cap on…

Answer #2

invite all your class mates and party

Answer #3

Invite your friends over to stay the night. You guys can cook and watch movies. If someone has a video recorder make your own video. When mom goes to bed pop open that bottle of wine cooler. Make prank calls to boys you like. BE 16!!! You will only be once

Answer #4

Oh, it sucks that you can’t really throw a party. But your bday doesn’t have to suck because of that! How about you invite some of your girlfriends over, and have a movie/sleepover? Just watch a movie you all love (ask your friends if they can bring DVD’s), make popcorn, and just have fun! Then you can all “go to sleep” and have MORE fun :P I lovee sleepovers.

You can also just give a get-to-gether at your house or at a local pool, or something that doesn’t cost money. Ask everyone to bring something to drink or snack. (Just tell them that its kinda a celebration of your birthday but bcause youre low on cash, that you don’t need gifts but would appreciate it if they would bring something to eat or drink to the party xD)

Do you know MTV’s show My Super Sweet Sixteen? You could get ideas from that. Ofcourse, those parties are wayyy too much, seriously over the top, but you could do something fun with it. For example, you should totally arrive like 15 minutes later then your guests, and walk over the “red carpet” (just some red papers on the floor, or stuff) Then take pics with every friend, and for a present, you should ask your dad to give you the carkeys, and then open a toy barbie car, or stuff. Just make fun of it:P

I don’t know if this helped.. I hope so! Good luck!

Answer #5

Tell you friend (or ask) them that you would love to have a surprise party and maybe they’ll plan it so you don’t have to pay???

Answer #6

I don’t know your a cheerleader.. have cheer themed party.. thats what im doing

Answer #7

invite all your class mates and party

Answer #8

You should GO real big!!! :) have your friends over and make them provide you a lil party. if they love you they will help you out. HAPPY 16th.

Answer #9

Do you work??? If you do thake your closest friends to the movies with your money. My sis does that all the time. ;)

Answer #10

just be happy for what you already have maybe your parents will suprise you and get you a car I don’t know,or maybe it’ll be a suprise party

but dont feel sad about it

or just go get drunk with your friends that’s usually fun lol

Answer #11

Have You Ever Seen “My Super Sweet Sixteen” Its On MTV All The Time !!

Watch It And You Mite Get Some Sav IDeas !! :)


Answer #12

Well if you have the money throw a sweet 16 birthday bash like you see on tv invite onlt the most popular people and you friends and go all out it will be fun

like for my B-Day I held it at the Diamond Lake community center and I had djs and everything and people was talking about it for months.

But if you want to keep it simple just throw a house or block party and go wild cause its YOUR birthday and you do WHATEVER you want to do

                                                                              Bye---Lisa signing off
Answer #13

I was gunna say what swercyma said, that’s what I’m doing for my 17th..cept, I’m not going to call boys who I like..we’re gunna play truth or dare and stuff..at my 14th birthday party we did this and someone put a candle, somebirthday cake, all three types of pop we had, icecream..looots of frosting and crunched up chips in a cup and everyone had to drink outta it..one of my friends got the candle and it was halariouse!!!

Answer #14

-Mystery Dinners (kinda like a real life game of clue, where YOU are the characters, you can get games online, or make one up) -Camera Scavanger Hunts.. you can end at someones house, or a resturant for snacks afterward. -Make Music Videos.. also way fun to watch when you get older! -Roller Discos! Go roller skating in your finest disco atire! :) -Progressive Dinner Parties: Start at one person’s house for salad, move on to someone elses for the main course, and so on -Dance offs. you can’t go wrong. -Game nights -Ice skating, sleding -Pick a letter in the alphabet, and plan a costume party around it.. for example a “P Party”… guests come dressed up as Pirates or Pumpkins.. they get to be creative and everyone has a good time.. Have food that starts with that letter (potatoe chips, pizza..) and activites too -BYOR My brother and his friends all get together and “Bring Your Own Ramen” They put it all in one pan and have a feast! .. they do it over a bond fire.. with a caldrun.. huh. -Getting together to play soccer or volleyball is always fun too.. get together at a local gym and play some serious dogeball or bball… come in “uniforms” -feel like getting fancy? Have a Polka-Dot Tea pary, have guests wear polka dots! -Skit night.. do a “who’s line is it anyway” thing where you get props and they have to make up skits to go along. Or have teams.. that get together video tape skits and share them at a party. -Ice Cream sunday night.. everyone brings their favorite topping… lake party? -you’re canadian.. curling? -Broomball.. WAY FUN -volunteer. -Arts and Crafts Night. Make picture frams, scrapbook.. -Season fanale party.. pick a show and create a party!

my favorite is the letter party. happy birthday!

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