Swallowing Gum... ?

What exactly happens when you swallow gum? I don’t do it, it’s too freaky lol I’m scared of whats going to happen. I dont think it would make somebody die… ?

Answer #1

Go to Webmd.com to get the facts. A doctor said it doesn’t really take 7 years. It will come out like everything else does.

Answer #2

I heard about this girl who sollowed her gum and it stuck to her stomach and then 34 pieces got stuck to her stomach and the had to cut open her stomach and get them out and im not lieing

Answer #3

you poop it out in 7 years!!!1

Answer #4

actually no it just goes through your digestive system.

Answer #5

My mom told me when I was little that if I swallowed gum I would get diahhrea. I never tried it. :)

Answer #6

Wow, some of these answers are kindof scary…gum does not digest …just dont do it..lol

Answer #7

No it doesn’t take 7 years for your body to digest. It’s a myth. It just isn’t healthy or good to swallow it. Nothing will happen.

Answer #8

I herd it will take a looonnnggg time to digest in your body.

Answer #9

it doesnt take 7 freakin years to digest and it doesnt kill you xD its a 3 cemeter wide object made of sugar and glycerol. The worst that could happen is a weird feeling going down your throat.

Answer #10

my mom told me if I swllow gum it will say in my throat for 7 years

Answer #11

OK people here is a disgusting but true story that will break the shell of some of these myths everyone is saying are true, THEY’RE NOT! When my sonwas two he chewed and swallowed an entire box of big red, that is 20 packs 5 sticks per pack, or 100 sticks of gum. He is still alive today, he didn’t have to be hospitalized, He didn’t get diareah, he didn’t get constipated, poison control was contacted and I was assured I had nothing to worry about. Next day however when he had his morning BM, We had a somewhat complicated diaper change as the gum strung out of his bum for at least 15 min. of wiping. So there you have it ooey gooey pooey, but no long term negative effects. Saftey first people! Sarah

Answer #12

if you swallow gum it will stay in your body for 7 years and then it will go out but its really bad to swallow gum soo always throw it :)

Answer #13

No you wont die..But if the piece is really big you could choke but when you swallow it your body doesnt digest it and it takes 7 years to come out lol!!

Answer #14

Fact: I have been swallowing gum ever since I was old enough to chew it. I am an avid gum-chewer and I still swallow my gum to this day.

I’m 34, I haven’t died or had to deal with any digestive problems. I haven’t suffered abnormally from diarrhea or constipation. I don’t have a bowel full of compacted wads of chewing gum.

While I don’t promote the swallowing of gum, it’s proven to me to be quite harmless.

Answer #15

the whole thing about it staying in your body for seven years is just something that parents tell their kids so they won’t swallow it! duh!

Answer #16

your digestive system can’t digest gum, so it just slides through you and you pass it out in a couple of days

Answer #17

Ah man, you might not think it’s true, but your parents are right when they tell you it messes you up even worse every time you swallow a piece. I swallowed so much gum that one day I just got the worst stomach ache ever, like I had to go to the ER. :\ And they give you some nasty medicine that makes you puke a couple times, and then they pumped my stomach and gave me a bunch of medications to eat the gum away from the lining of my stomach. It really does fxck you up, super bad.

Answer #18

if you have swallowed 2 much it van make something bad happen to you caz it cloggs up your system and it could eventually cause death. a little bit wont hurt u, but every time you swallow gum I tcomes out like 5 years later, and thats a fact 2. so like if you swallow a peice of gum when your like, 10 it will come out of your system when your like 15 or something. I don’t know dont do it though!

Answer #19

I’ve swallowed countless pieces of gum. It isn’t dangerous. Stop worrying. Only time it could be dangerous is if you choke on it. and listen to ichi please.

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