Should I try sushi?

should I try sushi

Answer #1

it’s always good to try new things so… do what you feel

Answer #2

Sure. It’s best to go with a friend who knows a good sushi bar / restaurant and can show you how to use chopsticks. Beginner sushi can be shrimp (because it is cooked and your used to it), salmon or tuna (raw but mild), or california roll (not as intimidating to look at and also no raw fish). Beginners, avoid octopus because it is intimidating and tough. You will get a very small dish into which you pour a small amount of soy sauce. To this you add some wasabi to taste (the bright green paste on your plate). It is HOT like horseradish not like hot peppers. You mix in the wasabi by tapping it continuously with the tip of your chopsticks.

Sushi is meant to be taken in one bite. Pick up the sushi with your sticks along the sides of the piece (not from above - that will cause the sushi rice to crumble), briefly dip the bottom of the piece in the soy sauce, and put the whole thing in your mouth. (If its the shrimp pinch off the tail at some point.) Enjoy! If you cannot manage the chopsticks, use your fingers.

The pile of pale orange shavings on your plate is ginger root. You can tale a small piece in between bites of sushi to “cleanse the palate”, but I mostly ignore it.

Answer #3

I didn’t like sushi, until I discovered that it was the SEAWEED that I didn’t like.

Answer #4

well sure I don’t like fish and seaweed!!! and thats what in it. I HATED IT!!!

Answer #5

You should always try stuff =]

I’m a vegetarian and I also don’t eat fish howver I have vegetarian sushi =] It jsut has cucumber.. peppers.. ginger and stuff. And.. Im telling you.. it’s tasty! So if you’re not a huge fish fan then go for the vegetarian option =D


Answer #6

Yes But Stay Away From The Squid , Octopus , Fish Eggs , & Seaweeds.


but my favorite sushi is crab legs & shrimp…♥♥♥

Answer #7

Not all sushi is raw fish. Some sushi has cooked fish in it. There is even vegetarian sushi.

Since I’m a vegetarian when I go to a sushi restaurant my typical meal is salad, a edamame, miso soup, and cucumber and/or avacodo sushi.

Answer #8

The first time I tried it I thought it was revoulting. it was just avocado, but I found it was just the seaweed I didn’t like.

Ever since, I asked my dad to bring me some home when he went into town, to try it again as I t was very refreshing.

After that, I became addicted, we now go out every second thursday to eat it. I say give it a shot, cause it is really nice!!

Answer #9

unlike what most people think. nori (seaweed wrappy stuff) isnt seaweed at all…

its algae… sorry I had to say it.. I want to try sushi too

Answer #10

There are so many different types and flavors, just ask whats in it. I couldnt stand it before, but now Im a sushi fanatic. Also make sure it is fresh, or you will hate yourself~~


Answer #11

I could live off of Sushi and Sashimi.

Most sushi isn’t even raw.

Answer #12

It wont kill you to try it and if you dont like it you dont like it every one has different tastes

Answer #13

sure I like SOME of it!!! I like your picture!!!

Answer #14

why not

Answer #15

There is nothing bad in trying new dishes and if you decide to eat sushi ‘Blue Ribbon Sushi the’ on 119 Sullivan St New York, NY - sushi-the/A77708B1DA.html is the best place to begin with. They serve amazing fresh sushi.

Answer #16

I didnt want 2 try sushi but then my friend made me try it and its now my fav food thanx krispy!!! ~ SUSHI IS YUMMY ~

Answer #17


I’m a sushi lover, I’m absolutely addicted to sushi!

sushi isn’t for everyone, just because it can involve so many taste buds and textures…if you don’t like the raw stuff, order the cooked ones or fried ones. such as the spider makis or dynamite.

usually first time eating sushi doesn’t taste that good, but definitely you’ll love it by the 2nd time and become addicted like me who can eat sushi everyday!

Answer #18

There are so many different types of sushi. Sushi actually means seasoned rice by the way. Nigiri sushi is a round ball of rice seasoned with rice vinegar with some thing on top either fish, shrimp, egg, fish eggs, this might be good to try if you discover you don’t care for seaweed. Maki sushi is the roll type sushi like cali rolls. There are lots of different combos I personally started with spider rolls which is a cooked soft shell crab. I love the lobster rolls most places and the salmon and cream cheese is nice if you don’t care for a lot of unusual combinations. My boyfriend is freaked by sushi because he hates cold rice so we always get one of the flash fried sushi for him. Most sushi bars have a lot of other things to eat too. Yakidori is like a shish kabob.

Answer #19

Sure, why not? Sushies are yummy. Go ahead try it, hope you like it ;)

Answer #20

I was always scared to try it, it even didnt call my attention. But now Im addicted to it. I LOVE SUSHI! its amazing and very filling!!!

but always eat it from a good restaurant that has its only sushi bar, NOT from a buffet, or frozen, or nothing like that. Sushi thats not fresh its NOT good.

I recommend trying things without fish first, like avocado rolls, cucumer rolls and so on. Once you are comfortable try the ones with shrimp! like the one called: shrimp tempura. You’ll love it!

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