survey-about you 2.age 3.height color 5.fave band 6.fave store 7.fave clothing brand 8.animal 9.celeb 10.advisor 11.fave tv show 12.fave actor 13.fave actress 14.fave tv show character 15.grade your in 16.fave hobby 17.fave school subject 18.least fave school subject

Answer #1

Shae 16 5’3 Dark Brown I have lots. PacSun, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hot topic, etc. I have a bunch Dog Pete Wentz ? Dog the bounty hunter Leonardo Dicaprio Kate Hudson I don’t know Junior Volleyball, swimming, hanging with friends, shopping Literature Biology

Answer #2

Liz 13 I don’t know blonde taylor swift aeropastle american eagle aeropastle american eagle Rhianna ? American idol 90210 Robert pattinson/orlando bloom kristen stewart/keira knightly I don’t know amanda bynes 8th drawing algerbra gym

Answer #3 -abby 2.age -13 3.height -about 5’1 color -red brown 5.fave band -good charlotte 6.fave store -bluenotes, hot topic 7.fave clothing brand -I don’t know 8.animal -dogs 9.celeb -rob pattinson <3 10.advisor -I don’t know 11.fave tv show -intervention 12.fave actor -rob pattinson 13.fave actress -I don’t know 14.fave tv show character -peter griffin 15.grade your in -ummm 8 16.fave hobby -ski-dooing, listening to music 17.fave school subject -E.L.A 18.least fave school subject -Math

Answer #4

1.Clint 2.18 3.6’1 4.brown 5.rammstein or dope 6.suncoast or gamestop 7.not sure 8.dogs or cats 9.dunno 10.? 11.supernatural or reaper 12.hayden christensen revenge of the sith 13.anne hathaway I guess 14.dean from supernatural broadcasting 16.math

Answer #5 2.age-13 3.height-5’8 color-brown 5.fave band-3 doors down 6.fave store-wet seal 7.fave clothing brand-victorias secret 8.animal-horse 9.celeb-tyler perry 10.advisor-oprah 11.fave tv show-cribs 12.fave actor-will smith 13.fave actress-jennifer hudson 14.fave tv show character-spongebob 15.grade your in-7th 16.fave hobby-friends and phones 17.fave school subject-p.e. 18.least fave school subject-social studies

Answer #6 Luna 2.age 15 3.height Uhhh…short color Brown,black, and purple 5.fave band Sum 41,Bullet for my Valentine,Taking Back Sunday 6.fave store idunno really 7.fave clothing brand Eh, don’t have one 8.animal BUNNIES 9.celeb Jack Black, Pink, Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoone 10.advisor none 11.fave tv show …a lot 12.fave actor Jack Black, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Will Smith,Adam Sandler 13.fave actress Reese Witherspoone, Meg Ryan, Eva Mendez 14.fave tv show character 15.grade your in 10th 16.fave hobby reading,sewing,creating stuff, jewelry, cooking 17.fave school subject art crap, science, business stuff 18.least fave school subject *math

..sorry I can’t pick one favourite

Answer #7
  1. allison (allie).
  2. 21 (22 in two days!!!).
  3. 5’ 8”.
  4. usually blonde …right now reddish brown.
  5. nirvana. all-time.
  6. ulta. I love makeup.
  7. american eagle.
  8. frog.
  9. reese whitherspoon
  10. editor
  11. house…or scrubs…
  12. jake gyllenhaal…or chace crawford…or joaquin phoenix…
  13. gwyneth paltrow.
  14. I don’t know…but I know it’s NOT HANNAH MONTANA.
  15. second semester junior in college.
  16. ha ha…sewing :)
  17. english
Answer #8 - Marian 2.age - 19 3.height- 172 centimeters colour - brown 5.fave band- Jeff Buckley / Coldplay / Muse / Radiohead 6.fave store- Hema 7.fave clothing brand- Levi’s 8.animal- Dog 9.celeb- Barack Obama 10.advisor- ? 11.fave tv show- Friends 12.fave actor- Gaël Garcia Bernal 13.fave actress- Alexandra Maria Lara 14.fave tv show character- Homer Simpson 15.grade your in- 2nd year of university 16.fave hobby - watching soccer :p 17.fave school subject- history 18.least fave school subject- Math

Answer #9 - leah beattie 2.age - 14 3.height - 5ft 2 color - blonde/brown 5.fave band - avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine 6.fave store - new look 7.fave clothing brand - duno 8.animal - dogs 9.celeb - billie joe armstrong 10.advisor - dunno 11.fave tv show - csi 12.fave actor - dunno too many to name 13.fave actress - jodie foster 14.fave tv show character - dunno 15.grade your in - yr 11 16.fave hobby - walkin my dogs going shoppin wit my mates 17.fave school subject - biology 18.least fave school subject- geog

Answer #10 Brittany 2.age- how ever old I feel 3.height- about 5’9” color- medium blond 5.fave band- Nightwish 6.fave store- Hollister 7.fave clothing brand- HOLLISTER 8.animal- wolf 9.celeb- ha…none of them really 10.advisor- I dont know? 11.fave tv show- eh…Family Guy or MADtv 12.fave actor- sponge bob 13.fave actress- me 14.fave tv show character- ah, Stewie Griffin 15.grade your in- 9 16.fave hobby- singing 17.fave school subject- yea were there any good ones? 18.least fave school subject- MATH…

Answer #11 Zoe 2.age- 16 3.height- 162 cm color - brown- 5.fave band- Stiff Dylans, Linkin Park, Blink 182 6.fave store- Diva
7.fave clothing brand- erm, gucci :D 8.animal- dog or cats 9.celeb- rob pattinson 10.advisor- ? 11.fave tv show- home and away, the bill, lots more… 12.fave actor- rob pattinson 13.fave actress- kisten stewart, Kimberley Nixion, Georgia Henshaw :D 14.fave tv show character- dunno 15.grade your in- 11 16.fave hobby- going on the computer, shopping or anything twilight related 17.fave school subject- drama 18.least fave school subject- math

Answer #12 - Miranda 2.age - 13 3.height- 5ft color- Dark brown 5.fave band- Can’t choose 6.fave store- DEB Payless… 7.fave clothing brand- Wet Paint 8.animal- Dog 9.celeb- Tyra Banks 10.advisor- ? 11.fave tv show- Lincoln Hieghts or Secret Life of the American Teenager 12.fave actor-Samuel L. Jackson 13.fave actress- Dont have one 14.fave tv show character- Dont have one 15.grade your in- 8th 16.fave hobby - Shopping 17.fave school subject- Math 18.least fave school subject- Math

Answer #13

1.JJ 2.13 3.averagee 4.brunette 5.ndubz + jb. 6.primark 7.abercrombie 8.dogs + cats 9.mitchell craske + aidan davis + shaheen + perri kiely from bgt x 10.dont knoww 11.eastenders + xfactor + bgt + waterloo roadd 12.person who playedd tonii in ee [even tho he played a peedo] 13.hayden from heroes 14.dunno 15.9 16.dancingg + swimming. 17.dramaa + pe 18.maths.

Answer #14
  1. sarah 2.13 3.5’2’ 4.dark blonde 5.dont have one 6.aeropostale 7.aeropostale 9.taylor swift 10.ellen deqenerise, I dunno 11.secret life of the american teenager. ahhh 12.too many to name 13.too many to name 14.cassie on lincoln heights 15.8th 16.swimming 17.everything 18.nothing
Answer #15 2.age-14 3.height-5’8 color-Blond/brown 5.fave band-escape the fate, alesana, nevershoutnever, black veil brides, and 6.fave store-Hot topic 7.fave clothing brand-I dont know 8.animal-tiger 9.celeb-ronnie radke 10.advisor-??? 11.fave tv show-??? 12.fave actor-Johnny Depp 13.fave actress-??? 14.fave tv show character- 15.grade your in-9 16.fave hobby- listening to music 17.fave school subject-art 18.least fave school subject-pe

Answer #16 - Aleisha 2.age - 19 3.height - 5’2 color - dark brown 5.fave band - jonas brothers 6.fave store - hot topic,h&m 7.fave clothing brand - don’t really know 8.animal - cat 9.celeb - plies ; ) 10.advisor - what? 11.fave tv show - house of Payne 12.fave actor - Will Smith 13.fave actress - don’t have one 14.fave tv show character - tinkerbell 15.grade your in - first year in cosmetology school 16.fave hobby - partying with friends 17.fave school subject - I like everything in school 18.least fave school subject - it was math when I was in high school

Answer #17
  1. julie 2.13
  2. 5ft2 5.metro station topic
  3. I don’t know
  4. emo penguin
  5. robert pattinson
  6. I don’t know 11.parental control
  7. robert pattinson
  8. I don’t know 14.bugs bunny 15.7th 16.writting,drawing
  9. art, cooking 18.math, life science
Answer #18
  1. Cassie
  2. 13 almost 14
  3. 5”2
  4. Black
  5. Dir en grey amd MCR and MSI
  6. Wet Seal
  7. Doesn’t matter
  8. Guinea piggys
  9. Alex Evans and the sunset triplets
  10. ?
  11. Degrassi
  12. Johnny Depp
  13. I dunno
  14. Spencer from Icarly
  15. 8th
  16. Listening to music and photography
  17. Nothing
  18. GYM D:
Answer #19 -Chantria 2.age -13 3.height -4’10 color ‘Black 5.fave band -the all american rejects or mcr 6.fave store -Mall? 7.fave clothing brand -I don’t know? 8.animal -Piggies&Doggies 9.celeb -Tyra 10.advisor -Stephanie 11.fave tv show -Drake&Josh 12.fave actor -Dakota Fanning 13.fave actress ^^^ 14.fave tv show character -Sokkha from Avatar 15.grade your in -7th 16.fave hobby -Skatin’ 17.fave school subject- Fitness lolzx or Science 18.least fave school subject- Language Arts or math

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