Are you supposed to flush tampons?

Answer #1

I think it’s best to bin ‘em :)

Answer #2

i always do hehe

Answer #3

I wouldn’t. It can be bad and plug up your toilet (it’s happened to a friend of mine). The rule in our house is to wrap them in toilet paper or something and throw them in the trash can

Answer #4

yea probly a better aproach.. i been flushin them tho hehe.. no clog yet

Answer #5

its biodegradable i believe, its like flush a little wad of toliet paper it will dissolve.

Answer #6

They actually make tampons that r flushable and the wrapper and the plastic thing r to, that’s wat I do cuz well I’m weird like that, I can’t put a nasty tampon in my trash can :-/

Answer #7

thank you lol even wrapped up its gross to me =)

Answer #8

ME TO!!!!!! :-)

Answer #9

Yeah Ive heard it can clog your toile and i just thought thats sooo gross hahha

Answer #10

Probably just throw them away but I’m not sure about this kinda subject for sure.

Answer #11

plus being the only girl other than my mom in the house with my dad and 2 brothers i think its respectable to them. when i lived my bf too haha

Answer #12

i agree if it does happen it would be gross. defiantly don’t flush a pad. at work some costumer tried flushing one and it over flowed the toliet everywhere. and one of our guy managers had to unclog the toliet =(

Answer #13

It’s not good to flush them, cause it can clog up in your toilet. Just wrap it in toilet paper and throw it in the garbage

Answer #14

you never wanna flush one(unless it is flushable). the best thing is to just throw it away

Answer #15

Bin em’ girl!

Answer #16

Look on the packaging, the ones I use say don’t flush.

Answer #17

No, they can clog up toilets and cause plumbing problems. It’s best to wrap them up in toilet paper and dispose them in a trash can! (:

Answer #18

yea i flush them… never have had any problems

Answer #19

No, tampons will clog ur toilett! wat u can do, is wen you take out the tampon, get a big wadd of toilet ppr, and just wrap it nd toss it in the trash.

Answer #20

Not a good idea if your on a septic system for sure. On city sewer, well the same but sometimes people do what they gotta do. Keep in mind that when it absorbs water, it swells up, and therefore can get stuck and clog the line going to the public sewer which is your responsibility to dig up and fix

Answer #21

pads and tampons can clog a toilet

Answer #22

I’ve always flushed them, neverh ad a problem.

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